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  1. Yeah @jongski . Trust @mslilith I'm at episode 3 and my mind blew up, came back and blew up again like 8 times lol. Crazy drama, this one. And I don't care what people say, Kim Ji Hoon is HOT!!!!!!
  2. Biggest shout out to JIS. Oh she's not just a pretty face. One of the underrated but super talented actresses. I loved loved loved her in Naked Fireman. She was so good in Waikiki. But Terius is her breakthrough. She cries right. She makes a believable single mother. Her emotion projections are spot on but effortless. I hope we get Season 2 so that we can see she explores romance further with SJS, because trust me, if this is Oh My Venus, she might be delivering it better than SMA (not to discredit SMA, she was fantastic) but even with ultra limited skinship, JIS chemistry with SJS is so natural, effortless., heart-fluttering
  3. I want season 2 I want season 2 I WANT season 2 !!!!!!! They are now spy couple lol. We really need season 2, guys! This time, they kick a$$ together as korean version of Mr & Mrs Smith
  4. Hubby :: I will not, in any universe, at any point of my life, even for the sake of Manchester United winning Champions League, have my nose rubbed against yours in public!!!! NO! Never! anyone wants to trade husband? Side note : I think JIS will make a terrific mother. She kisses the twins like her own. Love! And her natural, not-trying-too-hard-at-all chemistry with SJS, my heart . Can these 2 do another drama together? Make it super mellow, bucketloads-of -tears romance. I ship!
  5. Hubby got question. *I was in turtle-egg panic mode when I read the comment on "Uncle died" title on MBC page* Hubby :: Did it say "Uncle died" or "Ahjussi died"? Coz if it is Uncle, could be the fish? Hmmmmm
  6. Dear preview, You are sooo not helping I will continue to dislike you until Wednesday. ..That if my OTP reunited. If not, I will personally hunt you down and do whatever it is that is nasty but legal in your country. Regards. Hubby :: Do you even know who are you threatening? Me :: Shut up or NO CHICKEN for the whole week.
  7. Me :: I don't know, I just want them to kiss. Hubby :: So the past 10 min I explained to you how complicated Terius is, and how more complicated it would be with Ae Rin in the picture, led to "I just want them to kiss"? Me :: What? You don't want them to? You do, don't you? I know I do. Hubby :: Haha, Oh come on! It's So Ji Sub! There must some kissing right ? Right? The chemistry with the twins, oh my heart. Explosive! They'd make super handsome family.
  8. Yeay! Soo many skinships! Chae Soo-bin is always great with her leading man. This one might end up with me (if not all of us) shipping them for real. Good start btw. Now my Mon-Tue is meaningful again, after Life ended.
  9. Sorry to cut your post. If you watched Ep 15, during the meal, they talked about IMF and Peace Dam. Mr Gu said he was in 1st grade (6-7 years old) during the dam ie around 1987, so roughly he should be around 37-38 in 2018.
  10. Oh my heart. I never root for a couple this hard. So so happy He called her Lee NoEul-ssi. Awwww.. Btw what happened to Dr Transplant?
  11. I just finished watching ep14 with subs, with hubs. During LNE & Mr Gu scene Me : Urgh! LNE!!!! Yaaa!! Why can't you see that he cares! Wae? Come on, girl! We're only 2 episodes away! I can't turtle-egg watch this. It's too painful to be Mr Gu right now. Hubby :: Awww, their first fight. During LNE, YJW & Pretty Reporter scene Me : Ono ono ono. She's totally gonna think LNE with YJW. Why so many misunderstandings? First LNE and Mr Gu. Now this? Gosh! What is wrong with this writer? Why are you wrecking all my ships!!! Why?! Hubby : She's jealous lol. That's cute. I had a mental breakdown, Hubby : The end game is LNE-Mr Gu and YJW-Reporter, it's so obvious. Clearly Mr Gu likes LNE and LNE had her light-bulb moment tonight about her feelings towards Mr Gu. Your other ship, well, the only thing they need to do is to cut the sheepish-stolen-glances and just kiss already. So stop freaking out. Me : (50% calmed down) Hubby : Now can I re-watch the episode alone, please? I did not catch the whole joint-ownership thingy. That is actually very clever if he wanted to eliminate the corporation full control.. bla bla bla bla (This is where I walked away )
  12. Sorry to cut your post. I did not recall about the drama declaring the absolute loveline between LNE and YJW. I saw 1 relationship chart (at wiki.addicts) , where it says “friend”. Maybe it was stated in other sources. Anyway, after 13 episodes, we can safely confirmed that LNE and YJW are just friends.
  13. I hope they wont go to the path where LNE will accept YSW. For me, it's just an insult to be offered love out of pity. YSW is perfect, that he as a man, despite his disability is a accomplished man. He should be given the opportunity to be seen as such , competing fairly whether at work or for love. I hope YSW will find love. Oh both men, Mr Gu and YSW. why why why you have to fall for the same girl. Sorry YSW, I' m team Mr Gu all the way. One puppy is too lonely. Mr Gu needs a woman in his life.
  14. Oh dear. It’s Mr Gu against the world today. I wanttttt to hug him. I hope people soon realise he’s not evil. LNE girl, please don’t let me down. I’m rooting for you. Be useful, k?
  15. 9.15 pm local time. After dinner. Saw hubs walking across the hall. Me :: Hey hun, do you dislike LNE? Hubby :: *stopped walking* who? I need to pee. Me :: Cute peads, who I want to marry Mr Gu? Hubby :: Oh, her. Don’t dislike her. She’s ok. Me :: You think she’s a nuisance? Hubby :: No I don’t think she is. Still need to pee tho. Me :: But people keep saying that she’s useless. Be honest. Hubby :: Look, she’s a peads! 70% of her circle are kids. She’s cute, motherly, full of compassion. She sees things from different perspective. She is not useless, if anything, she could be a saviour. So can I pee now? Happy watching peeps!
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