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  1. 5 hours ago, -Love Blossom- said:

    If they collab again then it will surely be written in history (:lol:) since kdramas don't really repeat couples. 


    There are few exceptions. Not many but there are some. Like Jang Hyuk and Lee Dae Hee.. worked 3 times in dramas as couple lol. And Gong Yoo and Jung Yumi.. soon to be 4x with their upcoming movie :)

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  2. 2 hours ago, Jillia said:

    I definitely don't find it funny. :) They look exhausted and yes, they might ignore eachother. It actually looks like a new low for their marriage. I mean in the end Hyun Soo forced Ji Won to leave by holding a knife to her throat.


    2 hours ago, violina said:

    Them having a squabble is very realistic thats why people are laughing. Married people fight and makeup alot. Maybe some are thinking of their own partners while watching these two. 


    Yes, @violina. That's exactly what I was thinking when I see the still. Actually many got similar reactions simply because it's very realistic. Everything just on point there.. like married couple who're fighting. Looks very real/natural.


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  3. Has anyone posted this?



    5 hours ago, violina said:

    It even manifests itself in her acting too. This drama is the one I have seen her act and emote with more intensity than usual.On the other hand, MCW is the one who tempers his energy before he completely burns himself out and lose focus. This again ive seen in the bts:D. I think its because MCW's acting is so detailed, it has helped LJK in the melo/romance scenes.There is a depth and realness in those scenes that I really like.


    LJG has mentioned about it several times too (above clip - she made him noticed things that he overlook etc) and also on his live about their acting. And I have to agree with on that. 

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    1 hour ago, Jillia said:

    I knew they were far ahead with filming, so I didn't worry much about the lockdown. But so glad they don't have any pressure and can film safely and without any rush.



    No problem @Jillia-chingu

    If they still have another 2 weeks to shoot, that means they only have a week to do the editing for the final ep.. but that shouldn't be a problem. I remember The Princess' Man's last scene was shoot on the same day of the final ep was aired. Just a few hours earlier and the result was fine.


    By the way, the schedule for next week is out. They will air ep. 12 and 13 as usual on Wed & Thur

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  5. 14 hours ago, joybran said:

    Did anybody watch the special broadcast that aired instead of Episode 12? If so, what was it like? Is there any place to watch it with English subtitles?


    VIU has the whole special with Eng sub.


    5 hours ago, Jillia said:

    Oh so they back to filming, @mulberry9-chingu? :D That's good to know and also good to know they don't have much more filming to do.


    Yes, chingu. They have resumed shooting from this Monday. I think they are shooting ep 15 right now as JHJ posted this 2 days before they stopped filming for a week (see script for ep 14)




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  6. According to a fan-account of Moon Chae-won's DC fan who met her on set this week, they will be filming for another 2 weeks.


    Hope they will be able to keep the quality of this drama till the very end



    On 9/4/2020 at 4:49 PM, violina said:

    So funny:D. "38 Year Old LJK" was trending on real rime search - weibo(China) some days back too. Ji won has us covered.She knows whats up...


    I the age topics still trended till yesterday evening and one of the reasons..probably due to a post like this. People got curious and check out both their age due to the King & Clown talk lol

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  7. Will share it here since I found this funny. 

    Knetz were searching for our leads' age.


    A few hours ago.. trended real time at #11 and #13



    And not long ago



    38 minutes ago, Jillia said:

    @mulberry9-chingu, I like the article a lot. I think it's good to see they know people are tuning in and appreciating the hard work cast and crew are putting into this drama. :D



    Chingu, it's hard for them not to notice since they keep trending and their data are all high. I think tvN didn't put much expectation on this drama (hence the poor slot)..so it's really nice to see.

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    No. 2 & 3 are from Alice which just aired last Friday-Saturday. 


    3 hours ago, -Love Blossom- said:

    Moon Chaewoon is popular in Korea (though not as much as she deserves to be) but I don't think she is well known outside of Korea. This could have helped her to gain international fandom. Netflix is weird. Sometimes they buy questionable or sugary dramas instead of quality dramas like FOE. 


    Agree about Netflix choices. Some are o.O. it also didn't buy Alice.


    As for Moon Chae-won, that's purely her own doing/choice (e.g. attended Baeksang through back door). She's simply too laid back and doesn't care :sweatingbullets:. She'll go into hibernation mode once she's done with FOE. Total ninja. Until her next drama/movie. 


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  9. 2 hours ago, Pikachu92 said:

    Anyone here please tell me if this week episode will be airing or not?


    Ep 11 will air as usual. Ep 12 will be replaced with a special





    One interesting thing.. both JG and CW were under IMX Japan. 2011-2014 for JG and 2011-2016 for CW. They were in that stars managament together with the other 2 MS Team actresses (Son Ye Jin & Lee Min Jung), Lee Min Hoo and Yeo Jin Goo (joined in 2013). 


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  10. 19 hours ago, lightbringer06 said:

     I just wanna thank whoever casted them to work together again.


    Let's thank the Chief Producer of Studio Dragon, Yoo Sang-won for that. FOE is jointly produced by Monster Union and Studio Dragon. Before Yoo Sang-won became a Studio Dragon CP, he was with Monster Union. This is the same company that produced KBS The Princess' Man 2011 (Chaewon's) and KBS Joseon Gunman 2014 (Joongi's) 


    P.S these two dramas have the same team. Even the same director, Kim Jung-min PD.

    Monster Union's site http://monsterunion.co.kr


    The CP did an interview with OSEN last August where he mentioned that he met with Chaewon again after The Princess' Man 2011 and Joongi after Joseon Gunman 2014. He talked about FOE in his interview


    Here's the article




    2 hours ago, Cindy Tjioe said:

    most of the awards are given to dramas with high ratings... so FOE has very little chance to snatch awards... 


    'Mother' which was directed by the same PD as FOE won had similar ratings as FOE and it won Best Drama at Baeksang and several other awards and nominations :)


    With FOE, many know the reason why the ratings aren't high is due to the timeslot but it is very well received and popular in and out Korea. They wouldn't be on top 5 brand reputation for drama actors if the drama doesn't do well in S.K. So I think there are still chances for them. If not for the actors, at least for the drama.

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