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  1. I'm pleased to note that YM's relationship with his dad was still good despite his discovering about his parents' divorce.:P

    They obviously kept in touch as YM rushed home to China from UK when his dad had an operation.

    Then his dad had a meal with him and talked about his business problems. It is indeed  thoughtful of dad to have met him during such a difficult time. Unknowingly dad had slipped a credit card into the pocket of his jacket. Awww! So sweet of him!:lol:


    I love the touching scene when YM discovered the card in the pocket.:wub:


    Best of all, DAD did turn up at his wedding!:heart:

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  2. Missing Teddy Bear FDC!:dissapointed_relieved:

    He can be a girl's best friend too as he's the type of reliable guy whom a girl can easily develop a platonic friendship with.:wub:

    I'm certainly glad that FDC was added into the drama as he certainly add more depth to the plot with his friendship with QY and kinship with YM. He was the LINK between our OTP. :D


    Of course A LOVE SICK FDC brought comedic relief to the drama too. FDC is actually charismatic in his own way too!:love: 

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  3. I am

    still having withdrawal syndrome from this Gem of a drama.:dissapointed_relieved:


    I need to mention YM. She isn't the typical 3rd wheel who'd scheme and would do anything to break YM & QY up. 

    Yes! Initially she did look down on QY. But over time and with YM not giving her any hope, she relented and became their friends.

    Actually I can consider her as an integral portrayal of reliable friendship in the sub plot. I'm sure, YM being an introvert by nature and new to England depended a lot on her. And in business she is their largest investor.B)


    I also pity her as she is motherless since young. That scene when she overheard QY arguing with her mum on the phone was indeed poignant. Later she asked her dad how to make pickled vegetables. She confided in Da Chuan how she really missed her mum. To me she's actually quite a down to earth person.:P


    In the end, I love the scene of the 3 girls drinking and bonding together! :wub:



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  4. @themarchioness your 1st drabble is awesome! The way you wrote it is like you're the scriptwriter herself! Hope to see more of them.:wub:


    Like you I've loved this drama from the start till the end. I've already mentioned that it has 1 of the best endings in a drama whether it is a Cdrama or a Kdrama. And I'll be rewatching it many times again.:blush:


    By the way, from a special clip posted on youtube which I cant find anymore, it seems QY is working. In that clip they moved temporarily to a hotel room as QY needs to do some writing and was affected by the renovation at their upstairs neighbour. YM returned with food and QY commented that they looked like having an affair. :D YM implied that as his wife was working at 5  p.m he became horny and started to kiss her. :lol:

    I'm wondering if QY is working irregular hours at a TV station again.:glasses:



    @selen4everhappy to see here on this thread too!:D


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  5. I also love the reconciliation scene a lot!:lol:

    QY instantly ran out to meet YM with flour on her hands as she was in the midst of making tang yuan (rice balls). While hugging each other she confessed about the flour. :D


    She even stained his cheek with flour. Our OCD YM was initially shocked but continued hugging her tightly as he really missed her a lot. :P


    However it was PRICELESS to see him keep trying to remove her flour covered hands from hugging him back as his jacket was badly stained. It was super HILARIOUS!:blush:


    It was also funny to see Dad's reaction when he saw them hugging. Then mum had to retrain dad from interrupting their "too long" hugging session. Comedy overload!:D




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    Our couple's simple wedding (I read somewhere that it was held in their high school field) is one of the best I've seen in a drama. It is romantic yet heartwarming!:heart:

    QY's dad in his wheelchair holding her hand marching towards YM was indeed very heartwarming.:lol: Remember dad promising her that he'll hold her hand on her wedding day. :love:


    The dead pan YM for once showed his LOVE for his lovely beloved QY as she marched towards him. He also showed much conviction to QY's dad when he promised to take good care of her. I love the part where he professed his love for her publicly and asked her to marry him.:wub:


    Best of all, he threw ALL CAUTION TO THE WIND when he kissed QY so PASSIONATELY in front of many guests. He wasn't SHY for once!!!:kiss_wink:


    NB: Does anyone here knows the title of the song which was played during the wedding ceremony?:ph34r:



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  7. YM isn't as  boring as I've first thought. He really shows his quirky sense of humour with QY after they got married.:blush:

    When QY insisted they have to be thrifty in order to save money, he didn't show any emotion at all.

    But as soon as QY got into the bathroom to bathe, he barged in with her insisting that they should bathe together in order to save water.:lol:


    I was watching the final episode at the airport while waiting to board my plane. 

    I really had a HARD TIME trying to control my laughter.:glasses:


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  8. YM will be a very filial son-in-law.:)


    When QY's parents lamented that now that she has grown up, she doesn't need their simple vinegar cure for hangover whenever she gets drunk. Instead she prefers her own husband's hangover pills.

    YM who had gone to buy them felt bad when he overheard  their touching  conversation. He hid them in his pocket and told them a white lie that he couldn't get them.:P


    That scene is very poignant indeed.:ph34r:

    It is the COUNTLESS LITTLE SCENES like that which make this drama so down to earth, realistic and relatable.:blush:

    Come on, everybody here! Let's keep this thread alive by bringing up more talking points for this superb drama! :wub:



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  9. :star::star::star:

    What can I say? I'm lost for words how to describe this GEM of a drama.

    LCDF is a perfect down to earth yet entertaining romance drama with characters who are normal and not too perfect. The scenerios are realistic and relatable. Every kinds of emotions are well balanced portrayed be it fluff and fun or angst. :wub:


    BEST of all, the ending is carthartic! The BEST ending for a drama for me. LOVE it that the whole final ep was devoted to YM and QY! To some YM may be dull but this chapter really portrayed him in a different light! Simply LOVE him to bits. How can QY ever get angry with this adorable guy? They compliment each other so well.:love:

    I'm at the airport going for a vacation so wont be able to comment much. Will do so once I arrive at my destination and I hope we can still keep this thread alive as there are so many points to discuss!:D

    To me LCDF is THE BEST CDRAMA for me! :heart::kiss_wink:



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  10. How do you not love all the characters in this gem of a drama?:wub:


    I hope I'm not the only one who thinks that they are integral characters who added substance to this drama. I got bored with PYHOMS which got too cringy and way too much ML & FL moments. All the characters here are inter related  & well flashed out to portray realistically the aspects on family life ( Guan Chao,  step dad and DC the uncle) and friendship (Wuyi & YM).

    The family dynamic is one of the strongest in a drama I've watched.:love:


    I haven't read the novel and I wont as I dont have the time to do so. Anyway, I'm absolutely obsessed with this GEM as it is simple yet heartwarming!:blush:



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  11. No wonder YM is an odd ball. Even if he's a student in the early 2000, I find it odd that he loved the Beatles instead of Jay Chou! Even my ex-students (in their 50s) and daughters (in their 30s) dont listen to their songs. :P


    I thought only a grandmum like me would love the Beatles because they were at the peak of their popularity during my high school days.:lol:


    Then again only YM would choose a simple T-shirt and masquerade as John Lennon for the party! :blush:


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  12. 1 hour ago, mizv said:

    DaChaun is an awesome.  

    He should get more credit

    its so funny watching him in love 



    AGREE! Da Chuan is as cute as a Teddy Bear!:lol:


    He's like a dork when in love and looks  super adorable. 

    I laughed like a lunatic when he exclaimed gleefully to YM, "It's about time you 2 get together. Otherwise I'll abandon the Drama!" YM as usual showed his deadpan face but was obviously very pleased!:blush:


    NB: Yeah! We're having more Newbies here! WELCOME to the newbies!:wub:

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  13. Our cold and tsundere YM tries very hard to act and show indifferent towards QY when she showed up in Beijing. But there are countless ways he subtlely shows that he still loves and cares for her. And the writer tackles them hilariously much to our delight!:blush:


    When DC informed him that QY has arrived in Beijing he showed indifference and replied that he didn't want to see her. But quickly objected strongly when was told QY would be staying with DC!:D

    On QY's 1st day at work he followed her home in her bus fearing she'd get lost. Then on the bus he protected her from a potential  molester!:D


    The next morning he woke up early and drove long distance just to pick her up for work. He even bought her breakfast. Awwwwww! Clueless QY was super pleased and gave him a lollipop. :P


    Best of all he stayed behind in his car secretly after work waiting for her while sucking on that lollipop and wondering why he was doing that. Earlier he had declined her request to send her home.   The long wait resulted in a 100 reminbi car park fees. To cover up for his SECRET of waiting, he mentioned that the  car park attendent has problem with his memory! LOLOL!:D:D:lol:


    Aiyoh! These 2 playing cat and mouse with their feelings are a delight to watch indeed!:glasses:




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  14. 17 hours ago, jadore1 said:

    How did i forget to mention in ep 21   that German lesson scene ...our YM is really a genius :naughty: ...what a good and totally practical lol way to teach  Ich liebe dich:heart:

    Subs up to 24 ... Ba has not lost his police training whatsoever , still very observant . 


    About the German lesson, only YM could pull off such a tease without QY's suspicion.:lol: He was obviously LOVING IT when QY repeated the phrase with good pronunciation. He was actually controlling himself and his expression was PRICELESS.:lol:


    YM and his dead pan expression is really KILLING ME in this amazing drama.:love:

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  15. On 5/18/2019 at 7:21 AM, jadore1 said:

    Ep 21 subbed :tounge_wink:   The story of boyfriend came to light aw aw aw .... and our poor baby YM .."I was cold in England too"  i just want to hug him . 

    GC you are officially invited to my place and you can clean all you want...you are so good at it too  . 

    Glad to see parents working on their independence ..Ma getting a drivers licence at that age i really have to hand it to this woman, she is so typical Ma and yet so exceptional . Our Ba lost a bit of weight but has adjusted to his BMW and knowing him he would probably want to race if his wife ever gets a car lol.  



    The story of the boyfriend is both heartwrenching and cute! LOL!:lol:


    The flashback scene of drunkard YM crying in England was so heartwrenching. Then at his office the scene when his housemate in England made fun of him infront of him , QY and others was hilarious. YM even admitted he cried and stormed off!:)


    The BIG REVEAL about the boyfriend totally caught him by surprise but  YM being who he is, hid his RELIEF with his poker face!:ph34r:


    I cracked up when QY chided him for reading her blog without leaving his name. Which made him stormed off in pretence of going to the gents probably to hid his embarassment!:lol:


    The BEST part is when he returned home and gave a GRIN of  complete relief & satisfaction! I went bonkers over this scene!:D


    Oh! This drama is really driving me crazy!:blush:




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  16. Besides the cuteness overload moments between our OTP, there are many moments which resonate with real life. :P

    I love the "small tiff" QY had with her mum over her constant calling her reminding her about having proper food and rest and the weather. After consulting QC, she apologised to her mum while being caught in the rain. She was crying in the rain while feeling apologetic for being upset with her mum! That really had me crying too. In reality, we do sometimes have little tiffs with our mums.:sweatingbullets:

    Our YM came over to return a CD. QY mentioned to him she missed her mum and home and wished she hadn't come to Beijing. YM agreed that she shouldn't come before going off to buy medicine. Poor QY cried pitifully after him, "I came because of you!" I teared again.:sweatingbullets:

    QY and QC conversation about their mum really touched my heart.:wub:


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  17. 6 hours ago, themarchioness said:

    @celebrianna, love all the moments you highlighted.  So heart felt.  It's moments like those that make this drama such a gem of a show to watch.  (I'd probably have cried except I just don't cry over dramas anymore.  It now takes a lot for me to cry... :lol:)


    @gladys57, I am also in love with the Zhang Yu Jian's expressions -- especially those deadpan ones.  His acting in this drama really makes me want to check out some of his other works so I can properly differentiate between those mannerisms that are just him and those that he's affecting to play this role of YM.  Whether they're him or his acting skills, either way, I think he's perfect as YM!  I spent my morning commute reliving that whole scene where he interrupts QY's blind date in my head, and I'm sure I looked like a crazy loon to others with the way I was chuckling to myself on the street.  But seriously!  I laugh when I think about how he "smiled" when he realized QY was there in WY's stead, how he mischievously let out the secret by telling the other guy she was once pregnant and abused by her husband, and then the way he says, "Oh!  Wu Yi's a writer!"  I was doubled over from laughter by the time they reached that point where QY was flailing over the place trying to explain and make things right, while the other guy was obviously upset, and YM just says in the calmest of ways while drinking his water (something along the lines of), "Don't panic.  Just keep lying."  Hahaha!  And of course, there's that final brilliant moment where QY asks him if he's satisfied and he says not until the door slams, and then it does, and so he stands up at last and says, "Now I'm satisfied."  Oh, YM.  You really are something else!  


    I also feel like the show gets better with each episode and can't wait to go home and watch more!!


    That blind date scene is pure gold indeed! I was like a lunatic while watching it! I watched it raw and kept rewatching it with Eng subs late at night not to disturb or get scolded by family members! ZYJ's acting is amazing!:star:

    Being retired I'm glad I've the whole day to watch this drama at home without disturbing anyone. If I do watch it in public I had to control myself whenever there are comical scenes. :lol:


    Of course, there are countless touching scenes which make this drama so realistic and  relatable (being Chinese and coming from similiar background) that it is such a GEM to watch. And I simply dont have the time to high light all the touching moments which are really heartwrenching or heartwarming.


    @celebrianna, yes, I also share the same sentiments as you regarding those scenes too. Thanks for mentioning.


    I also LOVE the scene whereby QY told her stepdad the reason why she didn't go to England. Their relationship is such a joy to watch.:wub:


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  18. Tsundere and Cold YM is the death of me!:D His expressions are to die for! He and QY are a match made in heaven indeed! I'm now a fan of Zhang Yu Jian!:wub:


    I love our OTP's interraction during high school days but I'm loving their presnt days moment more and more. That "pig" moment is priceless indeed! Only the now more outspoken QY can force the tsundere YM to react in such a way. :P


    So now YM is going to realise that his quiet and demure QY has changed. I simply love their cute confrontations! There's so much cuteness overload!:wub:


    The scriptwriter is doing an awesome job as I'm loving every minute and conversation of this GEM of a drama. Every episode is getting better and better and the whole cast is doing an awesome job!:love:

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  19. Generally the Chinese are more

    apathetic in nature. Being a Chinese myself I understand how QY felt and why the others also didn't react. However where were Dachuan and QY's bro?  :D


    I dont know where you viewers come from. B) Probably we're too used to watching recent Kdramas whereby the girls are super sassy. :)


    As a teacher myself, my students (mostly Chinese) would react similiarly as the drama depicted. Someone would run to report to me.:o


    To me this scene and many others are very relatable and realistic. 

    Which is why I love this drama to bits!:wub:





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  20. 12 hours ago, kokodus said:

    Yep that scene in ep 12 where all kids watched when the arrogant bastard ridiculed the new girl's father was so hard to watch. One would think that school is the place where equality is profound. Once you step out of the school and enter the real world, you would start being conscious of all the disparities between people in terms of wealth, status and so on...But when you are in school, you don't even think much about how rich or poor your friends are. Everyone wears the same uniform, studies the same books and are treated equally. Actually in my school, we even ought to wear same kind of shoes and socks to school. And all kinds of expensive jewelry or accessories or strictly prohibited from wearing. Seeing Qiao Yi feeling down for not having that expensive pair of shoes or the goddess getting mocked for coming from a poor family is all making me worried high time. Luckily for Qiao Yi, she has her brother who could buy her the shoes she wanted, but not all kids have that kind of fortune. Sighhh. And I want to believe that this is not how all the kids behave these days, not standing up for what they feel is wrong. Or worse they don't even know that it is wrong.....


    Which is why I find this gem of a drama very realistic and relatable!:wub:


    As a retired teacher who taught for 39years, I can find all the characters here in my teaching career. :lol:


    And those so called bullies characters are actually redeemable later on.:D


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  21. :love: Who else but our green horn Yan Mo who would confess to Qiao Yi by saying, "But you're not an outsider!" and then shyly ran off. :P


    Aiyoh! (Chinese expression  similiar to Aigoo in Korean.) This grandma was giggling like crazy that her daughter asked her if she's now hooked onto Cdramas. My Chinese has improved a lot since then.:D


    Also giggling like a teenager when stoic YM showed his dimply laughter when QY addressed his mum as "mum". I was floored by it as it was the 1st time he'd really laughed!:P


    I'm really loving every minute and character of this drama. Oh DRAMA! What have you done to me? :wub:


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  22. I'm new to Cdramas (only started this Feb) so I'm not familiar with their actors.:D


    I'm totally smitten by the actor acting as YM. He may not be as eye candy as Yang Yang of Love 020, Linyi of PYHOMS or Yan Xi of AIL but he is charismatic in his own way. His acting as the nerdy, tsundere & lovelorn character in this drama had me giggling like a teenager again although I'm a grandma of 2!:blush:


    I just cant get enough of this gem of a drama!:love: 

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  23. @gracebkk it was mentioned in an earlier page that our drama garnered 100 million views within 13 h for its 1st episode. However Alice from Soompi who posted a special about this drama (8 things which will make us fall in love with this drama) also mentioned that viewvership hit 100 million within 13 hour on its premier episode.:star:


    This drama is really a gem. The plot and setting are really realistic and relatable indeed.:blush:

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  24. Hooray! I've found this thread at last. Thanks to @sugarplum892 again!

    A big wave to @pad-hari again. :D


    I'm crazy over this drama. IMO I think it is even better than the current popular PYHOMS even though I also love it.:P


    The lead guy isnt as eye candy as Linyi of PYHOMS but his "dead pan" face as the blur YM is super cute! The lesd girl is sweet and natural. I simply love all the side characters especially Dachuan & QY's brother. In fact every character has his/her own good quality. 

    BEST of all, unlike PYHOMS the OTP here is already married!:wub:


    Oh! I need to stop gushing over them now as it is bedtime here. To think that I felt like a lovelorn teenager while watching Kdrama School 2017 is embarrassing enough. Now this drama is making me into another giggling teenager again.:sweatingbullets:


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