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  1. I'm still seething with how they ended this show! Ugh! it got so dark, so quick! I was waiting for the comedy bit to re-surface but it never did! I had to re-watch something happy and fluffy to try to erase that waste of an ending from my head!
  2. I also hope to see her in a variety of roles and continue to develop her craft, she did say she really loves being an actress and wants to do well in it and I believe she will! Her next drama "Another Me" I think will air this July so I can't wait to see how she's gonna portray her role as AnSheng
  3. I'm currently loving this drama! I like the mix of horror, comedy, thriller, and the loveline in between. I also love the casting! I'm glad that they decided to cast Song Sae Byeok and not some typical pretty guy...I like the ruggedness he brings to the character. I'm looking forward to the next episodes and hoping that we get a good ending.
  4. I haven't been to soompi forums in forever, but i came back to show my support for Shen Yue! I discovered her in ALSB and became a fan then watched MG2018 for her and fell in love with her team up with Dylan Wang! She's beautiful and talented! I can't wait to see her in loads of projects! Definitely looking forward to "Another Me"
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