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  1. Hello, I don't know if this topic has come up before. I haven't had time to backtrack the thread. I'm interested in some books that appear on this drama...have someone made the list already? Joining the discussion, I feel Dan-i's and Eunho's frustration regarding the job seeking. Everyone keeps giving them "There's no solution for this/no answer for this," or that "the system/rule does not work like that!" I encountered a similar situation here in Seoul not too long ago (currently studying in Seoul). I feel so frustrated receiving a similar answer from everyone. "I understand, but nothing we can do." It's like those people forget that behind those rules, systems, or whatever it is, there are PEOPLE who can actually make some changes! I mean, Dan-i is proven to be competent and hard worker...why couldn't she be an exception to the rule? EDIT: I only found these...are there more? Particularly the books that were read by Seojun and Dan-i
  2. I agree that it doesn't hv to be exact imitation. But for me, it disrupts the feel that the scenes are supposed to have. For instance, when Sanchai was kicked out of the house and Si looked for her frantically. When he finally found her (she didn't even know he looked for him until she heard his message on her phone) and they hug each other, you can feel that Sanchai was truly grateful for what he did..that he found her despite her not telling him her whereabouts..that you can feel that she really falls for him at this point. While I don't feel the same in this new version..esp when Sanchai was like "What u doing here?" when Si appears.. U.U Also that bus scene..it marks how Sanchai made up her mind to be with A Si despite the obstacles..that she only wants to be with him and stops lying to herself. In this new version, the police appearance disrupts that whole touching flow. Sure. They'll hug after she comes out of the station..but it doesn't have the same impact and feel... Ah for the 48 eps..there are lots of filler, ofc. But I think the producers make it to 48 eps to include MG season 1 and 2 together.. It won't only comprise of MG2001 only (as it didn't cover amnesia trope). I only hope they handle amnesia trope as beautifully as HanaDan. MG2 version was too painful to watch.
  3. Thankfully it didn't ruin the original version haha. Though I hve some complaints about some scenes which were touching in the original version, but it was made funny here.. The scenes when A Si looks for Sanchai frantically when he heard she was kicked out of her house, then the hugging scenes after Sanchai got off the bus.. Something are missing in the remake of those scenes.
  4. Hi everyone. This is my first post here.. I've always loved MG since the Taiwan version in 2001 and watched all versions beside Chinese one (Meteor Shower)..this remake made me anxious at first but fortunately it's good hehe
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