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  1. I haven't moved on to anything yet. Still feeling sad about how this drama that looked so nice till over 90 episodes had to crash and burn like this. To think that I was even doing all those full-length daily recaps and all that for so many episodes at first when the drama was smoothly moving along and felt refreshingly different!... Oh well. The ratings were 24 and above for 12 of the 14 episodes from Ep 85 to Ep 98. Since then, it has not crossed 24 in 13 of 16 episodes, and has been mostly in the 22s. Quite a few viewers left. Had it finished in 100 or 104 episodes, it would have been a really nice drama. I haven't stopped watching but I still have to watch 2-3 episodes from last week. Just waiting for it to mercifully end somehow, to move on to something else. I also miss the daily conversation. Anything good that any of you are seeing?
  2. We are more sorry than you. Wish you were right, and the drama were ending next week. Heck, this week would be better! Just for the record, nothing happened yesterday in E106. Absolutely nothing. On to watching today's E107. Expecting absolutely nothing today as well. Edit: Okay, watched E107. As expected, nothing happened. The same old same old. SJ is still continuing her ridiculous breakup, but she agreed to work for her dad. SH seems to be not faking the memory loss, and was like a zombie at the meeting with the Italian company. YJ, DS, and his parents use up some screen time. BCS uses up some. JA's mom is there to kill some screen time too. Old people trying to act funny and all that too. Even the actors must be finding it hard to be in a drama that has become so ridiculous. How will they continue for 17 episodes more???
  3. Absolutely nothing happened in today's episode either. Well, at least nothing more than what was in the 2 lines of preview on Friday that I posted above. YSJ talked to SJ and nothing changed. SJ is continuing with her ridiculous breakup with NJ. I'm not even posting the preview translation for E106. Lately, the episodes only have the couple of items that they write in these previews, and nothing much else. So, let us not even look at the previews and make the episode even more boring! What a waste of a drama.
  4. So what happens now? Nothing? For 20 episodes? NJ ditches HyunKang and takes off to Oepo, so that he can marry SJ? Then SH disappears, wanting NJ to get back to HyunKang? Time advance till NJ and SJ have a baby and SH comes back to see the grandchild? Pretty uninteresting story angles but anything is better than the current episodes which are like seeing paint dry. The drama needs to something and create a story line. There is hardly any twist possible for suspense at this time. It's becoming quite boring right now. ----------------- Preview for E105 - http://program.kbs.co.kr/1tv/drama/mylife/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2018-0557-01-871110,read,,106,791806 Blurb: 현강을 찾은 진아(진예솔)의 어머니는 수희(김혜리)가 시우(강태성)의 친모가 아니라는 사실을 듣고 놀란다. 순자(이종남)는 남진(박윤재)과 헤어진 승주(서효림)를 만나 결혼 뒤에 분가해도 된다며 마음을 돌리려 애쓰는데... Translation: JA's mom who visits HyunKang is shocked to hear that SH is not SU's real mother. YSJ tries hard to get SJ, who broke up with NJ, to change her mind, saying they can leave home after marriage. Like, who cares if JA's mom gets shocked or not? Just going through the motions of different useless people getting shocked and all that is not going to help the ratings that have started to tank in the last few episodes, after a good run with very good ratings around 25 till then. I don't think anybody has anything much to look forward to, at this point. Or is there? If there is, the drama had better start doing something soon, because we may all up and leave soon, rather than waste time for 20 episodes to see if SH is actually having mental issues or is faking it. Again, who cares! If she goes to jail, that would be nice. If BCS joins her, that would be fun to see too. But alas, none of that is going to happen either.
  5. The drama is just meandering on. Nothing interesting happening, except this rather exaggerated (and somewhat unrealistic) agony in SJ about SH. She told NJ that they should split up. Because when one is in love, one is supposed to like everything about him. To hate his birth mom and still love him, is not right. So break up. What kind of cooked up logic is that? I liked the little originality in showing her sitting at a bus stop later and crying loudly. Never seen such a scene before. But that doesn't mean that I am buying that she has reason to be in that kind of agony. The preview seems to suggest that SH is on to the next conflict. Coming back from the glamping trip and causing ruckus about the family doing the memorial for (NJ's dad and mom) without involving her. ------------ Preview of E104: http://program.kbs.co.kr/1tv/drama/mylife/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2018-0557-01-871110,read,,105,791753 Blurb: 글램핑을 즐기던 수희(김혜리)는 오늘이 시우(강태성) 아버지의 기일이란 사실을 깨닫지만, 시우가 일부러 제사에 부르지 않았다는 얘기에 충격받는다. 남진(박윤재)은 승주(서효림)의 마음을 돌리기 위해 백방으로 뛰어다니는데... Translation: While enjoying "glamping", SH realizes that it is the death anniversary of SU's dad, and is shocked that SU had deliberately not called her to the ceremony. NJ is doing all he can to get SJ to change her mind.
  6. Possible, but I wonder if this isn't a real mental problem. SH looked genuine when she went and slept beside YSJ and requested her to ask SJ and NJ not to move out after their wedding (so that she can at least see NJ from now on). Is she putting on a serious act?... As always, we can never put it past her, but I tend to think it may not be an act. Anyway it is working on SJ. After NJ begged SJ to stay on as the designer in the Italian collaboration work and SJ finally agreed to join a meeting with SH, it was another act from SH (but it looking quite real again) of being totally nervous and scared of SJ. Now it seems like SJ has had it and the preview shows her giving her resignation to NJ and saying they should break up. This is a mess again. ------------ In other updates today from E102, though SH pleaded with YSJ to not allow NJ and SJ to move out after the wedding, YSJ calmly told SJ when they met at the cafe, that they can move out - though without herself joining them. That made SJ think of working things out with NJ, but the meeting at the end of the episode seemed to totally shake SJ again. Ajussi explained to SJ's dad and stepmom what is giving SJ mental agony. Maybe they will get involved. We will see what happens in the next episode, but I assume NJ will not accept the resignation and any thought on breaking up. Meanwhile, SU told the lawyer that he would rather just keep the last name Choe rather than change it to An. He admitted that he still has way too many good memories with SH and that she is still the mother that raised him. The death anniversary ritual for his parents is coming up, and he said he would just ask his parents for forgiveness. By the way, NJ, YSJ and Mrs. Heo want SJ at the memorial and expect SH to be out on a "glamping" trip with Mr. Jang and Ajussi, which should avoid another occasion for SH to see SJ. But this whole thing is kinda interesting. I don't remember a drama with a villain going into such a scared mental funk (or acting it) about a good person - that too, a fairly harmless lady like SJ!! Funny, actually. ------------ Preview for E103 - http://program.kbs.co.kr/1tv/drama/mylife/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2018-0557-01-871110,read,,104,791701 Blurb: 최근에 혹시 자신이 이상한 언행을 하지 않았냐며 묻는 수희(김혜리)에게 순자(이종남)는 고개를 젓고, 상현(조덕현)과 희철(이정훈)은 수희를 위해 글램핑을 준비한다. 승주(서효림)는 남진(박윤재)에게 사직서를 건네는데... Translation: YSJ shakes her head as SH asks her if she has been acting weird lately, but Mr. Jang and Ajussi are prepared for some "glamping" for SH's sake. SJ brings up her resignation to NJ.
  7. Nothing much happened today. SJ is seriously shaken, as SH seems to have now got selective amnesia and is showing that she is scared of SJ, who blames herself for being too harsh on SH. It was sad to see SJ sitting in her bed and saying she was anyway planning to do her best to change her mind on SH for NJ's sake. The half-brothers are in sync with the lawyer on not splitting the company, and NJ is proceeding with taking over SH's Italian collaboration. Smart idea by the lawyer, as SH gladly accepts NJ taking over. SH is so mentally screwed up that she even goes and sleeps in YSJ's room, as she is scared. She also asks YSJ if they can't all live together after the NJ-SJ marriage. So where is this drama going? The writer has written her(him)self into a corner. Any further twists possible in the story? Without that, how can they keep viewer interest going? All I can think of is that SH truly wants to pay for her crimes and decides to go to jail and rot for attempted murder. Of course she will need to find some proof of asking Mr. Bang to kill the baby. I don't know what happens to the statute of limitations on attempted murder, but if the criminal brings proof and says she tried to get a baby murdered, I guess the state cannot prevent her from taking punishment. Unfortunately, Bang will still go scot-free on the kidnapping, thanks to that unacceptable lie from NJ to the prosecutors. Bang can't be charged on the attempted murder case, as he didn't follow up on what SH asked. -------------------- Preview for E102 - http://program.kbs.co.kr/1tv/drama/mylife/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2018-0557-01-871110,read,,103,791670 Blurb: 승주(서효림)는 순자(이종남)와 만나 남진(박윤재)과 결혼한 뒤에 함께 나가 살자고 제안한다. 허청산(강신일) 변호사는 시우(강태성)에게 성을 최 씨에서 안 씨로 돌리자고 하는데... Translation: SJ meets YSJ and proposes to leave home and live elsewhere after marrying NJ. Lawyer Heo tells SU that they should change his name from Mr. Choi to Mr. An.
  8. Thanks @stroppyse for catching the bug. It was a typo. Yes, nothing to do with SJ. Only NJ and SU. I think of something and type something else sometimes! Ep 101 preview - http://program.kbs.co.kr/1tv/drama/mylife/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2018-0557-01-871110,read,,102,791622 Blurb: 허청산(강신일) 변호사는 남진(박윤재)에게 현강의 분리를 막기 위해 수희(김혜리)가 추진 중인 이태리 브랜드 콜라보 사업을 맡아달라 제안한다. 승주(서효림)는 망가지는 수희를 보며 죄책감을 느끼는데... Translation: To prevent the splitting of the company, Lawyer Heo requests NJ to take over the Italian collaboration brand that SH was pushing ahead with. SJ feels guilty conscience on seeing SH who is falling apart.
  9. Preview for Ep 100 - http://program.kbs.co.kr/1tv/drama/mylife/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2018-0557-01-871110,read,,101,791543 Blurb: 남진(박윤재)과 승주(서효림)는 돌아가신 승주의 어머니를 만나러 수목장으로 향한다. 남진과 시우(강태성)의 외면 속에서 극심한 스트레스에 시달리던 수희(김혜리)는 급기야 공황발작을 일으키는데... Translation: NJ and SJ head to the woodland burial site of SJ's mom. Suffering serious stress from being ignored by SJ and SU, SH is in the grips of a panic disorder. ------------- Thanks, @msmy and @shamrockmom for pointing out the nun's reaction. I had missed it the first time I watched the scene in E99. Yes, it is seriously hilarious! I was a bit surprised that everybody just went with SU's plan to keep SH out and nobody tried to rationalize that it is actually very cruel to SH who raised the guy for 30 years, though she fully deserves such cruelty. Nobody tried to be too nice, and they all seemed to feel that the woman deserved it. I liked SU's rationale for it - that it would not be fair to his dead parents, especially his birth mom, to have SH at the wedding. But he had not conveyed it to any of them except JA. But they didn't even need to be told, for them to go along with the plan. For once, the drama didn't show anybody being too nice. On a different matter, am I the only one who feels that some of the supporting cast women are quite good-looking in this drama? I think both the older women in NJ's team are good looking. Also, the Yeon Ji actress is a very pretty lady. Serious dimples! And a good actress too. She has potential to do a lead role in a daily drama or something down the line.
  10. Looks like more trouble, and everybody will be upset at SH and nobody will care for her, just as @msmy just said, looking at the preview of the next episode (E98/ Thursday). http://program.kbs.co.kr/1tv/drama/mylife/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2018-0557-01-871110,read,,99,791465 Blurb: 성당에서 스몰 웨딩을 준비하는 시우(강태성)와 진아(진예솔). 수희(김혜리)를 초대하지 않겠다는 시우를 보며 진아는 걱정에 잠긴다. 허청산(강신일) 변호사는 현강을 둘로 쪼개려는 수희의 앞을 막아서는데... Translation: SU and JA prepare for a small wedding at a church. JA is left worried about SU who says he won't invite SH. Lawyer Heo tries to prevent SH's plan to split HyunKang into two. Jeez, why can't this woman SH just give up, rather than continue this scheming that in the end is not at all in her own interest?
  11. Looks like SJ was right in thinking that people don't change overnight, when everybody else was in way too much of hurry to believe SH's transformation as a kind and gentler person. In today's Ep 97, it became pretty clear that she is still the same SH, who keeps on making life tough for others with devious and divisive plans that are so selfishness-based. She assumes that she is doing a big favor for NJ by splitting up the company, while he repeatedly tells that he is happy in his life with all the people he has around him and that he has no interest in the company. This has been SH's problem. She is so selfish that she assumes everybody else is. Even when she wants to do good things (and I believe she is genuine in wanting to "do something good" towards NJ), all she can think of are divisive things that will only pit NJ against SU and create more and more troubles, while the half-brothers understand and trust each other and get along very well right now. This kind of negative energy around SH is precisely what SJ sees, and that is why she said people don't change. At a fundamental level, they rarely do. At least not that fast. SJ was right. It seems further shenanigans from a (somewhat) "kinder, gentler" but still very negative SH is what is in store for the rest of the drama. Now she is into interfering in the NJ-SJ wedding matter, again making things difficult for everybody. What a character! In other updates from today, the lawyer did not announce a winner for the contest. He said that the SU also had told him that he was giving up being the successor, just as NJ had done earlier. So he said no decision can be made on the successor and that they would wait for a couple of years now. He made the members of both teams permanent though, so everybody is happy. The scenes between JA and SU were quite nice today, as he goes to the beach with her. She felt bad and finally called SH to tell her that they are fine, and SH was blaming her for making him drive. SU grabs the phone and hangs up on SH. Meanwhile, SH tells YSJ not to worry about the wedding plans that YSJ was thinking of, saying she will give it to a wedding planner. That woman SH wants to interfere and screw things up all the time. SJ's dad wanted to meet YSJ to discuss the NJ-SJ wedding, and SH hears from SG about it (after she bought some jewelry for the same purpose, thinking she will be the one playing the "mother" in this). Yikes...
  12. Looks like SH is going border-line insane! It was kinda eerie to see her sitting and rocking and back and forth, twiddling her fingers and talking to NJ's dead dad. Now what will she do? SJ is still not budging on her view of SH, though her dad and stepmom tried to push her to think of NJ's future and to not move away from SH and the family house. Meanwhile, SU is reacting in a pretty realistic way. He seems to be leaving the house with JA, who herself has no choice in influencing any outcome. NJ is in a no-win situation too. Oh, what a glorious mess!... Why don't they just make SH go fully crazy and put her in a mental sanatorium? ---------- Preview of Ep 96 - http://program.kbs.co.kr/1tv/drama/mylife/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2018-0557-01-871110,read,,97,791359 Blurb: 남진(박윤재)과 승주(서효림)는 뒤늦게 순자(이종남)가 외포로 내려갔다는 얘기를 듣고 버스 터미널로 향한다. 수희(김혜리)는 승주에게 앞으로의 시간을 남진과 함께 하고 싶다는 마음을 털어놓는데... Translation: NJ and SJ head to the bus terminal, having heard a bit late that YSJ had left for Oepo. SH tells SJ her wish to spend her own future time with NJ.
  13. I think it is the timing of the two sons' birth that caused the dad to keep who he thought was SH's son pretty much hidden. He didn't want people to think like we all did - that he should've at least used protection if he was sleeping with his GF right after his marriage to another lady. It was embarrassing for him. I think he didnt even tell his dad, as it seems it was at age 10 that the grandpa even saw SU. If the grandpa had heard there was another grandson, he would've certainly looked for him earlier. But it seems the boys' dad was often in touch with SH. But he was not meeting her, again to avoid the story coming out and even the grandpa knowing it; and because SH also didnt want the grandpa to know, as she feared he would take SU away. But SH knew that the dad cared enough to rush out like he did on the day of his death, if the boy was ever badly sick. And his wife knew about the mistress and perhaps the son too, which we heard. I dont think he was staying away from SU because he didnt care for him, but for a bunch of fairly logical reasons. In fact, it doesnt look like he was searching much for NJ like the grandpa did. At least we didn't hear anybody say that he searched hard - just that he was in grief about the missing son. That's because he knew he had another son doing just fine with SH. But yeah, the dad doesn't come out like a saint. He was two-timing, and covering things up even from the grandpa for his own selfish reasons. ------------------- Preview of Ep. 95 - http://program.kbs.co.kr/1tv/drama/mylife/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2018-0557-01-871110,read,,96,791039 Blurb: 시우(강태성)는 허청산(강신일) 변호사를 찾아가 진실을 확인하고, 모든 사실을 알게 된 시우 앞에 수희(김혜리)가 모습을 드러낸다. 남진(박윤재)과 승주(서효림) 사이에는 결혼 문제로 냉랭한 기류가 흐르는데... Translation: SU confirms the facts from Lawyer Heo, and SU shows up in front of him after he knew all of the truth. A chilly breeze descends into the relationship between SU and NJ on account of the marriage issue.
  14. ... And the preview video shows NJ asking SJ, "what do you mean? Are you saying we should break up or something?"... It looks like SJ is not budging just yet. Something will need to happen for SH to prove to SJ and NJ that she has fully transformed, and SJ may want to see her get her punishment too. What would that be? I felt real pity for SH when YSJ asked her about joining for the picnic. SH had such a hopeful look on her face, but SJ would not even respond to what YSJ said. The camera shot of SH's sad face then, was great. Very subtle expressions but it said a lot about what SH has turned into. The SH actress has owned the show with her acting. Really good! And where is the drama taking this hallucination thing? They seem to be continuing it. Not sure what they want to do with that. We heard SH say that she is planning to tell SU sometime soon about the baby switch (or he would hear it from somebody else anyway, because everybody else but him knows it). So what relevance do these hallucinations have?
  15. Preview for Ep 93: http://program.kbs.co.kr/1tv/drama/mylife/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2018-0557-01-871110,read,,94,790915 Blurb: 허청산(강신일) 변호사와 희철(이정훈)은 시우(강태성)를 만나 후계권 경쟁을 포기 말라고 설득한다. 승주(서효림)는 남진(박윤재)과의 결혼을 수희(김혜리) 때문에 망설이고, 수희에게 남진과의 인연을 끊어달라 하는데... Translation: Lawyer Heo and Mr. Jang meet SU to convince him not to give up on the successor-competition. SU is in two minds about a marriage with NJ due to SH, and asks SH to end her ties with NJ. Looks like SJ is in no mood to accept SH yet, and it is bringing fissures in her own relation with NJ. I can see why, but this is pretty unproductive. How can a mother end her relationship to her son? And I wonder where NJ is taking SJ, at the end of the preview. To the cafe for a proposal, I suppose? Maybe she will temporarily refuse, to make him cut his ties with his birth mother. SJ is certainly not making it easy for everybody else to just forgive SH. I like her standing up on principle here, but I don't think she will win this battle, as SH will get forgiven. It is more like, nobody has a choice to do anything else, without creating hell for themselves and others. That includes SH, lawyer Heo, etc, too. I am still impressed with the writer for bringing the story to that kind of a situation. SH has no choice but to turn nice and give up her greed. NJ had almost no choice but to give up a bit on his integrity and lie to save his mom (I didn't like it, but could see that he realizes that being truthful will help nobody and only hurt his company, its employees, his half-brother, his birth mother, best friend, etc).... Similarly SJ will also have no choice but to give in and accept SH in the end. But how soon she will do that, will be interesting to see. She needs to hold strong till iit is very clear that SH as no iota of greed left and suffers as much as she can. Maybe seeing her son agonize over losing such a great woman, would also be punishment for SH for a while. Having to get on her knees and beg SJ to marry NJ and allow herself to be in NJ's life, would be some bit of punishment for SH. Looks like she does the begging in E93 itself, as per the preview video. ---------- Actually we don't know if Lawyer Heo would necessarily disagree with splitting the company, but right now he does not seem to know about the equal-splitting plan. He was a bit misled by that director dude who said SH wants to "reorganize the company". That made him think that SH is scheming to turn the company over to NJ and leave SU empty-handed. The preview shows him directly ask SU if SH has asked him to get out of the race in favor of NJ. Lawyer Heo may disagree with a splitting plan too though, as the grandpa was once against it. SH may have to prove to the lawyer too, that she has only noble plans right now, and that she is not thinking anything evil. We will see..... Maybe showing a villain being in a pathetic situation of having no way out, and thus making her completely eat her pride for 25 episodes and beg people to believe her sincerity, is what the writer has in mind as punishment!
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