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    wow, I will post a super late reply...lolz
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    But I think it's Dear Friends. Yep, that's the one!

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































  2. ^ prolly a lil too late but allkpop has an article on her convo w/ shin sekyung with all the translations and yup they're good friends. they've conversed on twitter before :)

    not at all, I've always been checking if anyone replied. lol

    Thank you so much! I'm going to look for it now

  3. hey guys, I posted this question to Onewthings, though I'm not sure if she'll answer because the main topic is minho and not onew.

    "What do you think of fans who make it seem like Onew is the most miserable member of shinee? As a fan of all with no individual bias I think Minho is the most pitiable. After hearing them sing Boowhal cover, the guy can actually sing with vibrato, and SM has been suppressing his chance to develop his ability by giving him rap lines, and Japanese music shows even edit it out. With the experience of other members, it will be difficult for him to catch up at this point, 4 years was taken away."

    For me, experience is the best way of learning and improving, but Minho has very little of that. The other 4 have had chances of singing ballad songs and other genres in live broadcasts like music shows and radio shows( and even musicals) that really bring out their talent and ability, but so far, all that Minho has ever shown is his rapping. I was really taken aback by his very very tiny part in Quasimodo and Something That I Love, I thought it was really good. But SM is SM, everyone has roles and no one can overlap. *sigh*

    and btw, I'm not talking about how many lines/parts they get to sing in a song, I'm talking about the experience of singing a ballad song or similar genre on a live stage.

  4. The first SHINee thread here was really nice (of course the second one too) and I wonder where are those Shawols now  who used to post there a lot. I hope to meet them too. 

    Soompi used to be so alive back then, it was nothing compared to what the other forums are now. Of course there were also a lot of fanwars and quite a few trolls, but the general soompi members were more mature especially in the things that we discussed, less spazzing and wasting of space and more into deep discussions about the artists. I really miss those days. I don't think people actually moved to other forums, I think most of the old soompi users simply outgrew kpop and quit the fandom altogether, and those in other forums are new to kpop and are somewhat less mature than the older kpop fan generations. It's kinda sad, I want to experience the vibrancy of old soompi again...

    don't mind me, this is just a rant. haha

    @xiam9 & vanillastarlight : i'm sorry but i don't really what happened to onewthing..  :sweatingbullets:

    She's an amazing onew fan who is willing to answer all questions and share info that international fans have no access to. Like what k-shawols discuss in their own forums, what the korean public thinks of onew and shinee and other stuff that i-fans seem to be in the dark. It's very interesting, you can google her, she has a tumblr.

  5. hi guys, just want to share my thoughts. I'm sure most of you are already familiar with Onewthings tumblr account, well I discovered it last night and I felt like I dug up gold. As a fan, I try to be the mature and open kind rather than the naive tantrum-throwing kind of fan that we often encounter on youtube and some forums as well so I get very angry and frustrated when I see those kinds of fans. Anyway, onewthings was exactly the kind of info-sharing fan that I needed.

    I always felt that international fandoms are slightly more rough and thoughtless about the things that they discuss in forums, and this idea of mine was confirmed through onewthings. Despite korean fandoms in general having a reputation for being crazy fangirl by international fans, because that's what we mostly see on videos, they are in fact much more organized and considerate of their idol's well being. I was really surprised by the difference between k-shawols and i-shawols as explained by onewthings. Now I have new found respect for them and less for international fans(but mostly just those in hallyu8 and 6theory)



    hello i-shawols. There's so much to say but I don't want to go into boring details of how I got there, well, maybe later.

    So I'll go straight to the point: I saw Shinee at the COEX fansign event, I had a good position and they were about 20 feet away from me, which is very near enough to bask in their wonerfulness! OMG! I still feel like it's not real...When they entered I just felt like I was watching a really Huge Hi-Def TV. They're so pretty. They look exactly like they are in videos and in pictures, except that you have to find the VERY BEST picture of SHinee that you can find and that's how they look like in real life. I'll describe one by one. Onew is slim, he's face is v-shaped, his eyes and his smile are pretty. Shawols got to see him the most because the order of the fan sign is from minho-jjong-taemin-onew(key was in his musical)...so all the fans would pile up on Minho's and jjong's line. Everytime Onew's line would get empty he all Onew-Sangtae, he mostly looked anywhere but us, he would wave and smile a little, then look somewhere else or talk to the manager or put his head down the table, which is all very cute, like he was so shy to look at the shawols in a teasing manner, but once he does, the fans would all scream. Then sometimes he would do cute things like, a fan gave him a heart card, so he showed it to us so that fans can a take a picture. The best way to describe him is that he's just so Sangtae, or weird, but in a very cute way, not in a snobbish way. Next is Taemin, I also got to see him the least because he was exactly in front of me, and tha fans lining up in front of him would block my view completely. Taemin, I cannot even begin to describe how pretty he is, pictures don't do him justice. He looks super feminine. When he walked onto he stage he was so beautiful and glowing and radiant and youthful, lol, that's really the only way to describe him. Reallu his looks, I cannot explain in words. When his line gets empty, like Onew he usually would look elsewhere, but most of the time he would wave at the fans and even point to them while smiling and do the v sign a lot. Next is Jjong. Of course, first thing he did when he got to his char was to take off his jacket so we can all see his arms, lol. Jjong's face is super small. While signing he would look and talk to the fan in front of him straight in the eye until he finishes writing his signature(will not even look at the paper he's signing, just stare the fan in the eye for a good 10 seconds!) I don't know how the fans managed to stay alive after that, he's definitely the king of fanservice.lol. He's very very handsome. When his line gets empty he's all waving and smiling and super friendly to the fans. Lastly Minho, of course the usual, small face and all that. His arms are really nice, super handsome as well. He looked super duper friendly, and he was, he's the one that waved the most. He looks exactly like in the picture only a million times more awesome, same with Jjong, their presence was very strong. SO that's pretty much it.


    What I would really like to talk about are the Shawols. No wonder Shinee adores them so much! They are all so pretty and super duper cute! A lot of them are very young, teenagers so I guess that's why, they're so youthful and broght. It's like shawols and shinee reflect each other. After the fan sign, I reall cannot imagine that Saesaeng fans exists, all the shawols were pretty chill with the occational "oppa I love you" here and there. But they're so so so cute! Anyway, the reason why I was able to go the the fansign was because, yesterday sunday morning I went to SBS hoping to get tickets for Inki, but sadly, I came there at 8 am which is very bad idea because the line was long. I was sitting on abench at 2 shawols sat beside me, so I asked them in english if they have tiks for inki, and they're SUPER john teshIN nice! they said, no need for ticket they just waited in line and singed a paper or something. I told them I can't get in because I was late, 6 years of watching kdrama I was able to pick out some of thei korean words and they kept saying "how sad, how sad" to each other. Then they kept looking at their phone hoping they can find a way to let me in, but sadly, still can't. So the Shawol officer was rounding up the fans so the two cute shawols had to go, I said bye bye and they even apologized because they couldn't help. Then suddenly after that a throng of shawols surrounded me, I was sitting on the baech and they were all around me because the officer stood on the bench and did a roll call for the shawols who were able to sign up for inki.It was the most awkward scene. So I mamanged to sqeeze myself out of the shawol mob and went to eat at Kopi roti, there I met 2 SUPER cute and nice shawols again, they're Japanese and told me about the fansign. Finally I can see SHinee! So after that I went out again and sat on a far bench, then someone was tapping me, when I turned it was the two kwhaols from early, they tried to find me to aks how I was, SOOOO SWEET! then I told them about the two japanese fans and the fan sign, then they gave me the exact details of the location and stuff, they even wrote it on my map. Then we said goodbye gain. So cute and sweet, that's the only way to describe the shawols. Not just shawols actually all the koreans we met so far are super unbelievably nice.

    sorry for the long account. I hope I didn't bore you guys!

    CREDIT: me

  7. Does anyone have updates on Shinee's sched nest week, I'll be in Korea, and I just checked some websites and it sayd that M!Countdown and Music Core doesn't have any ticket registration wo if you line up they might just let you in...

    I'm not putting all my hopes up for this, but who knows, maybe I'll be really lucky and see shinee...if not, I'll just buy their albums and visit SM building.

  8. I just want to spazz. So I was browsing thru tumblr and saw fan-taken pic of Shinee and the caption says that they're filming TVN's TAXI!

    That's like one of my favorite talk shows ever! The two MC are so fun and all the interview questions are always very interesting and really brings out the true feelings of the guests.

    I'm so excited!

    Next time I hope they'll be Invited to Idol's Parallel theory. That show is hilarious.

  9. Honestly, I don't want to hurt other fandoms feelings, but the popular ones in korea are the "beastly" manly idols and heavily autuned singers...(I'm not talking about B2ST, they're a pretty good group) which in terms of actual talent Shinee surpasses them by a huge margin.

    But I think a lot of people from the entertainment industry itself recognizes shinee's skills.

    Anyway, I don't want to delve too much on whose more popular or what because it gives me a bit of a heartache, shinee deserves more, I hope this year will be their year.

    AND!!! Speaking of their Arena Tour in Japan, not only did they add a lot of additional dates, but they're all sold out so they added additional SEATS just to accommodate the demand. That's amazing right! If Shinee doesn't get enough love in Korea, then I hope Korea recognizes them as a big contributor to the Hallyu wave and give them a lot of media exposure just like what they do with SNSD.


    thanks again for updating the sales!

    They sold more on the 4th day than on the 3rd, that's great.

    And they sold in 4 days what lucifer was able to achieve in a month!

  10. I'm not active here at all, but I'd like to join the discussion!

    1. What is your biggest worry regarding SHINee?

    -- Shinee losing fans, which they already are, and also, people are saying that they've already reached their peak, and for this I hope that Shinee, with their next comeback will get a second wind. Their talent is just too good for people to not take notice of, it would be a shame and a waste. I don't want to name this other group who is more popular than Shinee, but compare them with Shinee's talent is nothing, and it's a shame.

    I want them to gain not only recognition form Shawols, but also by the general public, by music lovers, but people who really knows how to appreciate great talent especially Onew's and Jonghyun's.

    2. What do you want their comeback concept to be?

    Something similar to Ring Ding Dong or Lucifer. I'm a huge sone, but oh gosh, The Boys is by far their worst comeback song, in my opinion. So another worry of mine is if Teddy Riley will write their title track. I will really throw a tantrum. PLEASE!

    3. Despite SHINee's long hiatus (almost two years T_T), what made you continue being a Shawol?

    Actually I followed Shinee when they debut, thanks to soompi, then I lost interest in kpop for awhile, like the whole 2010,april 2011 that I got into it again, so I guess I'm a RE-newed Shawol. To me they're still so fresh..and I love them for their talent so yeah, I think I'll stay in this fandom for a long time, also I've been a sone since 2007, and I still love them after all this time I tend to be loyal to SMtown fan.

  11. This difference by 15,000 seems to indicate that he has good public appeal and is held in high esteem.

    Our girls must be really have such mass appeal with the Korean public because the 150,000 difference is just mind-boggling to think about. I remember some SONEs were thinking why were the sales for their 3rd album not "exploding" like some fans or detractors thought it would since they came back after releasing a new full album since a year ago. The sales of The Boys vs Oh on Hanteo were slightly better, but people expect the "Nation's Girl Group" to just destroy their previous album numbers as usual. I guess this time around, we didn't need SONEs to do that all the lifting, just the korean public to help out.

    What you wrote gave me chills, every single word, especially the one I highlighted. The korean public is really there to support them.

    And I also love how SNSD never ever fail to amaze us...a lot of sones weren't expecting this kind of number, since they're still testing the waters with a new song concept, but once again we were proven wrong.

    I'd rather never overestimate SNSD, because the shock and surprise always feels amazing!

    I think iSONEs need to take a step back and understand that the girls are doing really well in Korea...

     Media is literally tripping over themselves stalking them and a single sentence is enough to spawn like 100 articles. 

    (just joking but you get my point..) 

    The attention on the girls is huge... and it isn't going to go away as the girls intend re-establish themselves after being away for a year.

    Be careful and examine if you want the girls to win because you want them to be happy knowing they won or you want yourself to be happy and have bragging rights. 

    Stay humble :)

    yes! So much...

    and about MAMA, don't worry about it too much guys...for me it's definitely lost its prestige(if it ever had one) long time ago.

  12. HI ALL SONES!!!!

    I love Girls Generation

    I got to know  them from my friend 3 years ago,

    when we were just surfing in the internet and all of a sudden my friend said

    that she found some of the Asian girl group called Girls Generation,

    and then she showed me into the New World, Snsd, and gee I liked the songs a lot

    and I started to listen to  theirs songs  and ever since I became a big fan of them.

    I hope of going to SNSD concert at least once in my life ( I live in Finland )

    I love  their songs, especially the boys,

    every day I sing it and dance it around the school

    my friends say that I'm completely insane,

    but I can not do anything about it

    the boys  is really catchy.

    so I decided to do a cover and put it on YouTube

    I hope that you listen to it and tell me what do you think

    here's the link  


    P.S: sorry for my bad english

    That's a very cute fan story...its always interesting to know how fans were introduced to SOshiworld. I discovered them here in soompi!

    You're voice is very cute and sounds fresh...


    you should also try in 6theory, because that thread is more active than soompi

































































































































































































    I've been checking this thread everyday....I've probably watched Ikemen like over 10 times now. lols
































































    anyway....I was reading Kismyft2 mag trans...Popolo...or some other idol mag.....Tama-chan's ideal girl is someone with short hair! He even said that it doesn't matter if its crew cut.lol....remember that behind the scene clip when mio cut her hair and showed it to the boys afterwards....I wonder if tama-chan was just trying to hold back his smile or something....must've thought how pretty mio looked.
































































































































    poor tamamori...he had to eat curry again.lol
































































































































































































































































































































    Thank you so much for explaining...now I understand. I thought they were trying to get the heart-rate for different outfits...the lady was a little funny looking....is that why Tama looked so bored? because he's not attracted to the lady?
































































    omygawd, tama is so different from REn, lol, especially in the one where he was eating that bee.
































































    I hope the mods won't come here and close this thread because of off-topic convos.... :wub:
























































































    I hope it is what I think it is!








    I don't want a movie though because it will take a long time for us international fans to be able to see it....I'd rather they have an SP...maybe they asked permission from the Hong Sisters so that Ikemen story can be extended a bit...








    or maybe a tour?...








    anyway...I thought you guys might want to see this....just in case you haven't yet...It's our Shu and Ren-san, they're like doing experiments on them, I don't really know, but its pretty funny

































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