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  1. Song Ji Hyo: 'I Become Very Competitive Both in Acting and Entertaining'


    Actress Song Ji Hyo (31), who is gaining huge popularity for her appearance on the entertainment program "Running Man," is one of the most popular stars these days. Her straightforward appearance is one of the most important reasons why the SBS TV variety program "Running Man" is gaining popularity, recording over 20 percent viewer ratings.


    She is an actress, but she never emphasizes her appearance and presents genuine and friendly behavior every time on the program, which definitely contributes to her popularity. There is another reason she is popular. She recently appeared on a TV commercial with her popular comment, "No doubt," and this TV commercial helped her to gain more popularity. Her appearance on the commercial does not look like that of a typical actress, but she presents a cute and friendly appearance, which makes her approach the public closer. Does she want to be in the spotlight only because of her appearance, as she is one of the actresses who usually wants to attract attention with her beauty? Song answered, "I do not think so. Any drama and entertainment program are all the same to me because I am in it. I become very competitive regardless of the genre no matter whether it is acting as an actress, hosting as the MC, or appearing on a variety program. If I had ever wanted to look beautiful, I should not have appeared on 'Running Man' from the beginning."


    Song Ji Hyo recently came to Uljiro to give an interview that the interviewer had originally planned a long time ago when Song Ji Hyo appeared in the MBC drama "Gyebaek." At that time, Song Ji Hyo was often hospitalized due to fatigue and a breathing disorder from her tight schedule while filming "Gyebaek" and "Running Man" at the same time and she could not attend the interview. She finally came to give an interview three months later after she finished filming "Gyebaek," and she said, "I feel very good now as I have taken enough rest after finishing the drama. I consumed herbal medicine and healthy food which are reportedly good for my health, so now I can film any other additional work at this moment even while filming 'Running Man' at the same time. I failed to take care of my health before because I had just thought that I could do anything only with my strong will, but it was physically very hard while filming two works without taking care of my health."


    Song Ji Hyo garnered great popularity for her appearance in the very popular drama "Jumong" from 2006 to 2007 by playing the character named "Yesoya," and she has been rated an actress well suited for historical works with her appearances in the movies "Ssanghwajeom" and "Gyebaek" after "Jumong." But she did not receive a favorable response in the beginning. Song said, "At first, people criticized me, saying that I was not an appropriate actress for 'Jumong' (laugh), but usually acting is something that an actor has to try to perfectly fit to the character even though the actor does not seem to be well matched to the character. It was a natural process." Yesoya has an image of a representative female character who is obedient, but the character Eungo whom she played in "Gyebaek" is an ambitious woman who is waiting for the right time for revenge, and Song Ji Hyo perfectly presented those two opposite characters. Song said, "I was attracted to Eungo's ambition from the beginning. Usually a female character in a historical drama is very supportive of a male character, but she is a very active character. I heard that the real Eungo in history was a wicked woman. As she was a very active character in the drama, I was very busy while playing her. I had to move from here to there and underwent diverse experiences such as torture and imprisonment. She was such a dynamic character and I had to film more scenes compared to Yesoya before."


    "Gyebaek" could not become a remarkable achievement until the last episode, but Song Ji Hyo was still very busy while filming "Running Man" and still gained more popularity. Song Ji Hyo said, "I really enjoy filming 'Running Man' as it was like playing games. I became completely immersed in the filming while enjoying the filming (laugh). In addition, the cast members formed an excellent harmony." People referred to her and singer Gary as a couple in "Running Man," who is another actor on the variety program. Song explained, "Gary and I are both the rookies who first appeared on the variety program, so we depended on each other. The other cast members are all quick-witted experts in filming variety programs except me and Gary, so the two of us seem to feel sympathy for each other (laugh)."

    Song Ji Hyo debuted nine years ago with her appearance in the movie "Wishing Stairs" in 2003, but she has not appeared in many works up to now. She said, "I have not appeared in many works because things did not go well as I had planned. While going through many difficulties, I cried and I felt agony. My feelings were hurt during that process, but I did not give up and continued to work after overcoming those difficult situations until today. I thought that the entertainment industry was still very attractive to me despite any difficult moment. As I mentioned, I have not appeared in many works up to now, but I wondered whether I could be very good if I had appeared in more works at that time because I basically think that I became more mature after going though all those difficulties in the past. I still have more things to learn, and I was not a good actress in the past. I reached my current state because I have entered my thirties and I have nine years of experience. I will continue my acting career because my acting has not yet been perfected. I will keep trying until I can satisfy myself. I am a person with a strong will." She smiled while making her last comment, saying, "I want to live while doing what I want to do, and this is my dream."



  2. from Soompi News

    Song Ji Hyo Is Dating the CEO of her Agency Baek Chang Joo?

    by: jbarky on Jan 31, 2012

    Dispatch reported that Song Ji Hyo is dating “Baek Chang Joo” who is the CEO of her agency C-JES Entertainment. They reported that the two have been meeting since December 2011 and have continued meeting throughout the New Year.

    Dispatch found that the two would meet outside of Seoul. Mostly, the CEO Baek Chang Joo would go to Song Ji Hyo’s Ilsan apartment. It is being said that the very detail-oriented, delicate, and gentleman side of Baek Chang Joo had charmed Song Ji Hyo.

    A representative of the agency is supposed to have said, “It is a meeting between the CEO of an agency and also a celebrity that is a part of the agency. That is why the two are being extra careful. The two are meeting with interest for each other. The rest is about their private life and we cannot say more.”

    Currently as of 9:30am on February 1, Song Ji Hyo’s manager, Baek Chang Joo, and the PR team of C-JES Entertainment is not picking up any phone calls. It appears that they are planning on how to deal with the situation.


    C-Jes Entertainment Confirms Song Ji Hyo and Baek Chang Joo's Relationship

    by: hotshotlover30 on Jan 31, 2012

    We recently reported that actress Song Ji Hyo was caught on a date with the CEO of her management agency Baek Chang Joo. Just moments ago, C-Jes Entertainment has come forward and confirmed that the two were indeed in a relationship.

    A representative of C-Jes Entertainment carefully stated, “Song Ji Hyo and Baek Chang Joo are dating, but they are still in the early stages of their relationship. Because this is a private personal matter, we have no way of knowing when and how they started dating.” The representative then declined to discuss the matter further.

    Song Ji Hyo became labelmates with JYJ by joining C-Jes Entertainment in July 2011, becoming the first actress to be recruited by C-Jes Entertainment.

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    new poster stills/character stills
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    By sassygirl17 at 2011-07-05
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    By sassygirl17 at 2011-07-05
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    src: MBC

































































  4. via Dramabeans


    Indie film I Love You sweeps the nation

    by girlfriday | April 2, 2011 | 75 Comments


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    Lately, the talk of the town in Korean cinema isn’t a huge blockbuster with megastars or even a Hollywood import, but a little indie film that could, about finding love and happiness even at the tail end of your life. The heartwarming romantic comedy I Love You [그대를 사랑합니다] opened six weeks ago without much ado, but has slowly spread by word of mouth and critical praise, becoming a box office success and cultural darling among industry peers.

    The small story about the inevitability of the things we face at the ends of our lives and the choices we make in spite of (or maybe because of) them has caught the best kind of buzz an indie film could get, shooting it up the box office ranks past big-budget fare. A film that once couldn’t secure financing to be made is now recouping four times its cost in just a few weeks.

    The film stars the always fantastic Lee Soon-jae (My Princess, every drama ever) as a grandpa who falls in love for the first time in a long time, and finds himself out of sorts in the dating game. His character is a milkman with a stubborn streak, who swears a lot. I already love him. Yoon So-jung (I’ll Give You Everything) plays his love interest, Song Ee-peun, whose name literally means “pretty.” Much of their courtship is light and funny, and full of heart.

    Song Jae-ho (Believe in Love, Sign) and Kim Sumi (Dangerous Meeting) play a married couple who face new challenges in their growing age, and their journey is basically going to make me cry buckets, I can tell. Song Ji-hyo (Crime Squad) also stars as Lee Soon-jae’s granddaughter, who advises him in the ways of love.

    The average age of the main cast is 69, which you can imagine is extremely rare. These actors have been relegated to playing other actors’ grandparents for a good portion of their careers now, but are experiencing a revival with these roles that have put them back in the spotlight. For example leading man Lee Soon-jae, 76, has been in…wait for it…176 dramas and films in his career. I mean, WUT. Do you also bend space and time?

    At the helm is writer-director Chu Chang-min (Lost in Love, The End of April) who is earning much of the praise for his delicate and humorous touch. The tone is something I can already tell that I like, because it isn’t sad for the sake of sad. It’s funny and poignant, which are the kind of tears that I don’t feel cheated out of. In the trailer below, Lee Soon-jae asks his granddaughter if Grandma Ee-peun will like his romantic overture, and she answers, “Yes, because she’s a woman too.” Movie, can I hug you?

    The film opened quietly in mid-February, but has steadily been gaining praise from critics and celebrities alike. In six weeks’ time, it shot all the way up to number two at the box office last weekend, making the total audience count over 1.2 million people. But the reason it’s of particular interest is the relative scale of the production, which was initially very difficult to finance (because nobody thought it’d do well, hur). It was shot with a 1-billion-won budget, and then marketed with another 1.1 billion won (Point of contrast: Sector 7‘s budget is ten times that amount.)

    To put it in relative terms, it cost a little over $900,000 to produce (and another $900,000 to market), and the film has grossed $8,189,246 (US dollars) to date, just domestically. So…if something cost 2 million to make but makes 8 million in six weeks, that’s a helluva movie, math-wise.

    Am so looking forward to a sweet, life-affirming movie with humor and heart. And NO, I totally did NOT cry, just from watching the one-minute trailer!

    Via Joongang, Osen
















































































































    Yoo Gun will enter Military Service tomorrow, March 2nd. He Tweeted this pic a few hours ago with his new haircut saying that he wlll be back.
















































































    29-30 대한민국 남자라면 모두 다녀왔을 군대를 이제야 가게 되었습니다. 너무 늦게 가서 죄송합니다. 더 멋있는 조정익,유건이 되어 돌아오겠습니다. 그동안 너무 고마웠습니다. 충성!!!
































































































































































    src: http://twitter.com/#!/iggiegun
















































































    it's so sad to see another good looking man go off to the military but I hope he will be back as a good man and a better actor :)

















  6. from AllKPop

    Actress Song Ji Hyo appointed as DHC’s new exclusive model

    by VITALWARNING on February 21, 2011 at 4:30 pm


    By sassygirl17 at 2011-02-21


    By sassygirl17 at 2011-02-21

    It was recently revealed that actress Song Ji Hyo penned a contract with health food brand DHC as their new exclusive model and finished the shoot for her first magazine advertisement on February 16th.

    A representative of DHC KOREA stated, “With her clean and clear skin, Song Ji Hyo has recently been showcasing her friendly and healthy image through variety show programs. We believed her image was well suited for DHC, and appointed her as the company’s new model.”

    Song Ji Hyo will begin her active promotions as a model for DHC this coming April through various CFs.

    Source: BNT News via Nate


  7. from AllKPop

    Song Ji Hyo steps down from ‘One Night of Entertainment TV’ due to her drama

    by Denouement on February 19, 2011 at 1:33 am

    SBS’s ‘One Night of Entertainment TV’ MC Song Ji Hyo will be stepping off the program.

    An official of SBS said in a call with Sports Chosun on February 18th, “Song Ji Hyo has stepped off the program with her appearance in KBS’s drama, ‘Crime Squad’. We’re currently searching for a new MC.”

    Song Ji Hyo had been known to have difficulties doing all of her ‘Running Man’ and ‘One Night of Entertainment TV’ schedules ever since her casting on ‘Crime Squad’. Because of this, the staff and Song Ji Hyo’s side has been known to have carried out meetings on the possibility of her getting off the program.

    Another official of SBS explained, “Drama schedules are known to be fluid, so it was naturally hard to keep appearing on ‘One Night of Entertainment TV’, which is live. However, she will continue starring on ‘Running Man’, though she will be quitting ‘One Night of Entertainment TV’.”

    Song Ji Hyo has emceed ‘One Night of Entertainment TV’ since April of last year. ‘One Night of Entertainment TV’ had their MCs, chosen from actresses, changed frequently due to their drama castings. Song Ji Hyo’s predecessors, Jang Suh Hee and Um Ji Won, had also stepped down after their own drama castings.

    On the other hand, Song Ji Hyo will be starring on ‘Crime Squad’, which will be first airing on the coming March 7th. She will play an enthusiastic intern journalist, Jo Min Joo, that will go to great lengths to get exclusives on-site.

    Source: Sports Chosun via Nate


    I'm happy that she chose to stay in Running Man.I really like her in that show :)

  8. from AllKpop

    Song Yun Ah performs ‘Genie’ with SNSD

    by VITALSIGN on November 18, 2010 at 8:26 pm


    By sassygirl17 at 2010-11-18

    Actress Song Yun Ah impressed everyone with her impressive dance skills at the ‘8th Korean Film Awards‘ held in Seoul on November 18th.

    After giving birth to her first baby this past August, the ‘8th Korean Film Awards’ marked her first public appearance as a mother, and quite the busy one too since she participated as an MC and performed for the opening stages.

    Song Yun Ah performed SNSD’s ‘Genie‘ alongside the girls, and even dressed up in their exact outfit. Although she messed up the choreography at first, she quickly caught on and became a good replacement for the missing Tiffany (who is currently recovering from an injury).

    Other actresses sent their support by reacting warmly to their performance.

    After the opening stages, Song Yun Ah commented,

    “I was glad when I first heard that the ‘Korean Film Awards’ would be coming back this year. It’s an honor to be able to MC for this event and I’m extremely thankful. I did wonder what they would do to make me suffer, and as if reacting to my anticipation, they put me up on stage with SNSD.’ I’m so extremely sorry to SNSD, the stars of Asia, but also thankful. I’d also like to thank my choreographer for teaching me the dance despite the condition my body is in!“

    src: http://www.allkpop.com/2010/11/song-yun-ah-performs-genie-with-snsd

  9. LOL! Still looking for something to wear to the Style Icon awards.. but he simply can't miss accepting the biggest award of the night, right? :P We definitely missed out not seeing Byunghun at the Red Carpet but he's there in the end, all that matters. blush.gif Oh gosh.. I kept seeing the O'live TV link at BH's media pages before this but I was so clueless on what it's all about (and now couldn't find it anymore).. and there's even live streaming(?) I think last night that we're not aware of. I'm such a blurr blurpanda sometimes. But really glad that you managed to watch the awards as it airs to share the tidbits with us here. Mwaaah koala-ssi!

    Wow.. that is so cool to catch BH live on tv.. the best surprise is always the least expected ones, huh. :wub: So good to see you posting, too.. hug.gif

    These days we can't really be sure if we'll actually see BH at award events, etc (as we usually do previously) due to his packed undisclosed schedule. So.. every Hunnie-sighting is even more special obviously. blush.gif The Andre Kim Tribute & Charity Fashion Show is scheduled tomorrow with Byunghun (and KHS) being the main model in the event. Hopefully, we will definitely see him then. :wub:

    same here. surprised but happy to see LBH win the award. I actually knew the event before hand but I was not aware of the nominees/winners. So watching it last night was really a blast and to see those stylish celebrities attending is a plus. I think it will have a re-run on tvN Asia but not sure of the date. will post it here as soon as I get more info :)

    EDIT: it will be aired again on Saturday, November 20 2:30 PM/HK on Star World and on Sunday, November 21st, 7 PM HK/6PM Thai on tvN Asia

    and here is my post about the event


  10. Behold.. what a Hunnie surprise! :w00t:

    Thanks koala for the cool update & highlight.. there hasn't been arrival pics of Byunghun-ssi at the Style Icon Awards tonight, not that he didn't attend but probably did not pose for the media. Ohh.. I didn't see the post before me.. gracias the girl who!

    November 17, 2010

    Winners at the 2010 Style Icon Awards

    by VITALWARNING allkpop.com

    Various top stars attended the "2010 Style Icon Awards” at the CJ E&M Center in Seoul on November 17th, which is an events show that awards celebrities who are considered to be one of Korea’s representative ‘Style Icons’ for 2010.

    Winners on the night are as follows:

    Style Icon of the Year: Lee Byung Hun rbhcool.gif

    you're welcome Rubie. I actually got to watch it live last night on TV so I was able to see LBH accept the award. He was not in the red carpet earlier (I think he explained it in his acceptance speech). According to him he almost didn't attend the ceremony since he was still looking for something to wear, and I'm glad he did come since he got the highest award. Most of the winners last night were seasoned actors/actresses so I really enjoyed watching the ceremony :) congratulations to him and to all the winners last night :)

  11. from allkpop

    “Bohemian” Song Ji Hyo for Marie Claire

    by nanunmaro on October 20, 2010 at 2:07 am

    Actress Song Ji Hyo has been winning the hearts of viewers with her “Clueless Ji Hyo” character on the Sunday variety show, “Running Man“. Nonetheless, she showed her professionalism and style with contemporary brand Hanii Y’s 2010 F/W collection in Marie Claire magazine.

    Instead of captivating the audience with feminine appeal, she let the cloth shine with inspiration from the avant garde movement.

    The full collection will be included in the November issue of Marie Claire.


    here are the photos


    By sassygirl17 at 2010-10-19


    By sassygirl17 at 2010-10-19


    By sassygirl17 at 2010-10-19

    src: Naver/on image
















    Due to my internet issues -














    I been locked out from Soompi World & the days i 've been away from here














    much as i dreaded is driving me totally insane !!














    Not sure what my fate would be like ..after this :(














    Hiya back WILLENETTE














    there's still very little news bout U Gun in entertainment scene.














    I'd echo autuymnrain -














    " Let's cross our fingers and hope to see him more in the future! :w00t:



























    AS A MAIN LEADING MAN! I want to see him in some k drama romance story or something."














    Umm .. make it a 'passionate' love story hehehe ~~




























    Thank you KOALA for reliving us with younger U Gun (aka GukCheol)..














    Although UGun wasnt in that music video














    I say I still cant get enough of this cute- catchy song














    * WA YO WA YO *














    ( Hey ~ this reminds me so much of our good ole posting days ^^ )














    * YAK SOK (Promise) * @2:12mins














    U Gun is the one with the white cap .














    More excitement awaits :o FFW >> @ 3:50mins :P














    OK I hope to be back soon !!














    Any updates pls feed yourself (ves) to my blog on UGun :D



























    hi Pup..nice to see you back and I do understand you since sometimes I don"t log-in too much here but lately I've been trying to go to Soompi in my spare time. anyway we'll do our best to look out for YG news here, and yup I think I just recognized Yoo Gun from the Yak Sok Performance rather than the first 2 videos but still the songs were nice and brings us back to old school K-pop



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