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  1. https://weibointl.api.weibo.cn/share/116243235.html?weibo_id=4464768406753791


    Yes, she told him everything. He knows she’s Eun Bo now. She asked to see him one last time thinking he’s going to kick her out of the palace. He asks what he is to her and if she ever loved him and she said she did and she still does. He says he doesn’t believe her bc a woman who loves him wouldn’t try to poison him. She tells him then her cup of tea was also poisoned because if they can’t be together alive then she wanted to die with him. She says she doesn’t expect him to believe her now though. Then she goes to leave and he asks why she isn’t begging him for another chance and for him to believe her. Of course she feels she doesn’t deserve another chance and then he asks her what if I tell you that I want to try to believe you again? “Then I would love only you for the rest of my life.” 

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  2. @Greta Masalskyte Just like in Europe back in the day, marrying someone related on your mother’s side was okay. Yes, it’s yucky knowing what we know now but it was common practice back then, especially in court or among the aristocrats. 



    I forgot who mentioned here that it would be nice if the king had only woman- but I laughed when in the preview one of the other wives complained that king only sleeps with Eun Bo. Hahaha He did wait 10 years for her! Boy has to make up for lost time. Lol 


    @wizuwizu I think you meant why was he crying when he kissed her in the preview? There was an autocorrect so I think that’s what you meant. I’m trying to figure out the sequence of events in the preview. I think it’s an angry tear from finding out she’s been lying about who she is and possibly also finding out she’s plotting with people to kill him, but realizing he still loves her no matter what and hoping that despite all that, she does love him a little. That’s why the kiss is way more aggressive than the gentle one he tried in ep 10. I know he understands why she would want to avenge her sister and her father because he said so at the fabric place. I hope they resolve the storyline about her identity by the next episode because he really needs her on his side, not just because they love each other but because she’s the ONLY pawn both sides have been using this whole show. In the preview she says that she loves him in the past, the present, and for forever. Hopefully he will believe her. I wonder if he will have a dream that will prevent her from drinking the poison or if it will just not turn out to be deathly poison

    On a random note, I am totally here for Dimples but I couldn’t help but notice in so 10 when she was asleep on his shoulder, Jin Se Yeon is so pretty! No wonder he waited 10 years for her! But what if she had grown up to look like the rather large-boned candidate? Anyway, it’s rare now to see a face that’s pretty much natural.


    Like @razielaI can also spot plastic/fillers a mile away. I used to work at a children’s hospital plastic surgery clinic where our patients had plastic surgery mostly for congenital defects. Some of the surgeries they’re doing in Asia should not be done until kids have finished growing and we actually do hand xrays to confirm their bones are done growing.  In addition, they are followed closely by a psychologist to make sure they are in the right state of mind to make these decisions. I know that there is huge pressure to look perfect in the industry but it’s despicable of these money grubbing agencies and doctors to be doing this to teens and preteens who are too young to really know what they’ve signed up for. Besides the impact on their physical appearance, the need for repeat surgeries in the future because it was done before their faces were done growing/changing, they are also causing irreversible damage to their mental health. Anyway, excessive plastic surgery bothers me a lot, especially when it ruins an other use good actor’s ability to move his/her face and emote. Also, some of the nose jobs make their voices too nasally. 

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  3. 30 minutes ago, PrincessMe2515 said:

    Okay I need to wait for the subs...but I'm still wondering:-

    1. Why did Minister Jo want to put his daughter on the throne so badly?
    2. Why did he ask for the Prince to replace Kyung then never think much of him after that?
    3. Were all his elaborate plots JUST to make his daughter Queen? But whose Queen...? After all he did plot to kill Kyung too?
    4. What did EB's father write that was so damning?

    Seems like next week is going to be a bucket of tears...I JUST  hope that the kiss happens after the confrontation per the preview...:tears:^_^


    Also the Queen Mother, I've been thinking that I think strangely in her cold fish way she is VERY upset that someone tried to kill her grandson. Otherwise why would she would she NOT favour JYJ as Queen.....I mean aren't they from the same clan?

    1. In Asia, filial piety is common and expected so you’d have extra clout and influence with the king if you’re his father-in-law. Also, the king announced before the second selection that whoever is selected will be granted the right to bear arms. That’s one of the main reasons they sent Eun Bo. 

    2. At the time they thought the king was dead. To get involved with the prince now would be treason. 

    3. He didn’t try to kill Kyung until after his daughter lost in the first selection. His original goal would have been to have his daughter be queen and then his grandson become the crown prince. That is likely still his current plan. Prob he would have married his daughter to the replacement king, that’s why he made sure the queen to be was killed in the first assassination. 

    4. His father gathered scholars of the time and preached democracy. If he motivated and mobilized enough people, it would lead to a revolution as the people would rise and try to overturn the king and his regime. That is why writing and sharing the book was considered an act of treason. 


    I decided not to watch this week’s eps and will wait until the end to marathon.  I never watch dramas live and it was a mistake to do it with this drama. @diane90 I know what you wrote is true but it’s frustrating. I just want an episode with no tears. I usually stick to rom coms but the leads are so beautiful I couldn’t help myself and once I saw his dimples I was lost. 

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  4. I know what you are saying but the problem is that the villains’ moves and tactics are so obvious that it just makes him seem kind of stupid to not see what’s coming a mile away. It feels like they’re half trying to make a serious drama but at the same time the court politics is just nonsense. I’ve watched a lot of court dramas and been appropriately upset on behalf of the main characters but here I just feel like if he chopped off the evil minister’s head he’d be all set. It’s so easy to set someone up, I feel like they could all just frame each other back and forth. Even the extra prince is a silly caricature of a lost prince who feels wronged. I see no reason why anyone would support him to replace the king. They should focus more on the OTP because I think that’s their strongest point. She’s fully in love with the king now, as she should be. How could anyone resist those dimples? Maybe he should try smiling at the evil ministers. 

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  5. I’m getting annoyed with the king for being useless. I know he’s young and new but how does he have NO allies? He’s always 10 steps behind the villains and running around making promises he cannot keep. Yes, it’s good to be honorable but sometimes you need to play dirty to win. He’s lucky these villains are so simple-minded. It’s also a good thing he’s so gorgeous because at this point I’m not sure I’d want to be his queen if I were Eun Bo. You’d end up dead before you get a chance to enjoy your handsome husband. 

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  6. Preview 10



    LK: You must bring back Kang Yi Soo’s wife safely. 

    Eunuch: May I ask if the dream didn’t happen this time?
    LK: I seem to have changed the dream. 
    EB: Don’t trouble yourself?? for me. I’m already the King’s woman. This will just make the situation between you and the king difficult. 
    Then the rest is the prince (is he really a prince?) handing over some drug that paralyzes you and then the other guy saying you want to send EB to secretly assassinate.... Prince says to EB you want to avenge your father right? She asks how he knows and he says that the person her father supported to be king is him. 




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  7. I feel the same way- looking forward to more eps but dreading when the show will end. This is why I never watch live dramas. I don’t have the patience. I wake up at crack of dawn just to peek at bits of the ep while waiting for the subs to come out. 



    Re: the preview for ep 10, if that kiss doesn’t happen tomorrow I’m going to explode! Also, I’m sad for her that it appears she won’t be queen but at this point, they’d just poison or shoot her (again) if she becomes queen. I’m curious about her referring to herself as the king’s woman. In Chinese dramas you only say that after you’ve slept together but I’m guessing korean sageuks are diff. 


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  8. 3 hours ago, PrincessMe2515 said:

    Wow that text preview basically translates entire eppie

    It sure does. I think it’s supposed to be hidden under the spoiler function so we don’t get in trouble. 


    @PrincessMe2515 @raziela

    I agree that the king’s mom is a terrible actress and her plastic surgery face is scary to me, especially with the too wide eyes. 


    I know that both of the other two candidates would not be compatible with the king’s personality but realistically it’s unlikely the king would have only one wife anyway. I appreciate how he respects and goes along with Eun Bo’s choices even if he doesn’t agree. I really hope they get a happy ending. I also can’t decide what his grandmother is up to too. I hope she is on his side. She didn’t seem as upset as she should have been when he died at the beginning. 

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  9. @PrincessMe2515He did mention that something about her eyes/gaze is different but considering the ban on twins due to the prophecy, I’m sure he couldn’t imagine that they are different people. Luckily he has shown he can and will forgive Eun Bo for everything so I hope the angst will be minimal and we will see more dimples. They did say they have a lot of scenes together in later eps. 


    @raziela You’re right, she has an irrational crush on him because he helped her when she was little and also because he’s handsome probably. It’s similar to

    The prince’s reaction to/feelings for Eun Bo. He really knows nothing about her other than that she’s the prettiest woman he has ever met. At least for Kyung and Eun Bo the day they spent together as children revealed quite a lot about themselves to each other. He knows she’s a little wild but brave and loyal. I do wonder if she had grown up to be ugly if he’d still love her. Hahahah


    Eun Ki definitely knew that the king was referring to Eun Bo because she had the jade flower thing and I’m sure her twin told her about the meeting. She didn’t love the king. She barely knew him. 

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  10. @razielaI would rather it be Young Ji because at least she loves him. With Eun Bo positioned to crush his heart it would be sad to have him marry someone who only wants to use him. I’m hoping that for the last test, Eun Bo will put in her box that what she’s willing to give up is the military power being offered to the chosen queen and then with that she will win and he can just marry her and they can kiss and cuddle for the remaining 6 eps. 


    I am happy that Eun Bo is finally falling for the king. I don’t think Eun Ki had any feelings for him. 

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  11. Spoiler

    I saw a post that the wedding will be ep 10 but the photo they posted is so far out you can’t see who the bride is  :cry: There are also photos of them on a date outside the castle, riding a horse together and going to the beach. Looks like they were out all night. I hope this doesn’t mean someone else becomes the queen  


    1 hour ago, joccu said:

    I been thinking about queen selection and what if the fourh lady is picked as queen? not Jo lady, not kim lady and not eunbo but the fourth who´s name I can´t remember.

    There’s no way that 4th candidate who is a nobody and poor as well will be selected to be queen. It’s either the horrible Kim one or it will be Eun Bo. 

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  12. 16 hours ago, imgreatgal said:



    I didn't get that part in the second round of the selection. The girls were grouped in pairs and each pair have the same task. I thought the Queen Mother was suppose to make her choice without seeing their faces. YeSil and EunBo both presented their dish first. Didn;t Queen Mother saw EunBo then?

    ps. Oh yes it just crossed my mind about the SALT. Apparently the maid hired by Queen Mother was ordered to put salt in EunBo's dish that was how she would flung her. 

    King and his grandmother allowed his (stupid, annoying, unattractive, meddling) mother to be the judge but they thwarted her plans to remove Eun Bo by adding rules. She has to blind judge by tasting the food without knowing who made it. They made 3 question options instead of 6 because it would be very easy to figure out which one Eun Bo made if each lady had a diff question. By making 2 have the same one, his mother would know which pair Eun Bo is in but not which dish was hers. Her friend helped out by adding the salt. 


    Ep 8 was sweet but also sad. It was heartbreaking when he told her he knows she is lying/not telling the full truth but he chooses to believe her because the fact that she’s alive and admitting she’s Eun Ki is enough for him. It took 8 episodes to see his dimpled smile come out. I fear with  his overactive tear ducts that when he finds out who she really is and what she’s up to he’s going to drown the whole country with beautiful tears. 

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  13. 10 hours ago, NhicarT said:

    Dere s anyone know wh

    Does anyone know where else to buy the DVd? Its alteady out of stock at ktown4u T_T

    You will have to keep an eye out on the Cafe Daum site to see if they open another pre-order period. Right now is the second payment period for people who only paid half of the full cost previously. I think they might open another preorder period after that but   I am not sure. You can join the cafe and post and ask them. They will answer questions posted in English. 

    If you miss the preorder period entirely then the only other option is to buy it later- sometimes they will sell the DVD later but without special preorder goods. Or, some sites like yesasia will buy extra copies to sell on their website but usually for a much higher price. It may or may not come with the special goods. 

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  14. 6 hours ago, yjspanda said:

    What region is the DVD? I want to order it but I want to make sure I can play it in the USA. 

    I don't know for sure on this one but it's usually Region 3. I bought a cheap DVD player from Walmart that I hacked to play all regions and I use it for all my DVDs I buy from Asia. There is a website that lists all the hacks. I can send you the link if you PM me. I'm not sure if I can post it here. I've also bought and hacked DVDs and given them as gifts to my sister and friends and they all loved it. :D

  15. 8 hours ago, darcydevenus said:

    I hope so.  I ordered the DVD cut from a Korean site.  I ordered via my korean friend.  Anyways, I am expecting it any time..... It is my christmas present. :'(  I am waiting very... impatiently.  I did get the OST.  I haven't listened to it yet, but it is adorable.  Will post when I get the package together.  I am waiting.  It'll come to my work, so as soon as I get it, I'll post on here, so that people know to start keeping their eyes open. ^^  Here's to waiting even longer......


    I am simply bouncing off walls. Every day, I go to work, wondering, 'Is THIS the day?'  Now that they've put up the new tidbits... I'm off my rocker!  I want my drama!!! :'(  I'll keep waiting.  What else can I do?!  SIGH!!! :'( 

    I'm not sure why fans think the DVD is arriving any time soon? They just opened another round of preorders. It's probably going to be months before it's released. 

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  16. 43 minutes ago, seasonsoftheheart32 said:

    Woah it's been a while since I've been here. The timing of this drama meant that I asked my mom for the Bluray Dcut as my birthday present, and she made the order (on the condition that I share it with her, LOL). Considering how many times I've watched it (raw and with multiple versions of English and Chinee subtitles), I think the subtitles don't matter. Also, we won't be able to guarantee the quality of the subtitles they include.

    Just wondering though, for those who have already bought Dcuts before, how good are the official subtitles usually?

    Time to start learning Korean. Does anyone have recommended websites/courses? Preferably free:lol:

    I'm taking this beginner course:


    It is free unless you want to pay for a certificate at the end. It's a really good class with video lessons, practice worksheets, forum with teacher posting and replying to lesson questions, flash card links, and quizzes with each section. I took a class before so I know some of this already but it's for beginners. 

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  17. 3 hours ago, NhicarT said:

    This is kinda sad...I am not a native Korean speajer and so I really heavily on Google Chrome auto translating the web pages or me cutting and pasting to google translate to understand what is posted. There is a new notice about links (I assume to the boars and also to yes24 being distributed in other sites so they restricted access to associate members (re: new members). It's kinda stupid, shouldnt this team be marketing the DCut more so that there will be more sales/more profit. But no it seems that they want it to be exclusive. What's up with that. Is the DCut team different from the production team? I agree with some of the posts here, there has never been a problem with other DVD boxed sets (DCut or not) with English subs. Heck, they can even partner with sites who already offer translation. Do they seriously really want to make money out this merchandise or not?

    In that case, here is the sales link:


    Feel free to share it. Maybe they'll really up their game and ask yes24 to change this too! :D


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  18. Just now, raks86 said:

    I'm so excited that I can't fall asleep ! How long do we have to wait now ? I know chingu you ordered dcut dvds before .. Any idea on how long it takes ? 

    It varies so much that it's impossible to say. Descendants aired in Feb, I paid in early Aug, and it's only just shipping this week. W is supposedly going to ship end of March to early April and that finished airing in November. I would say 4 to 6 months usually.

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  19. 3 hours ago, janeeta said:


    This is so disgusting. If it weren't for the international involvement, there's would not have been the success that happened. If English fans were sooooo bad, then why did they film in Quebec? Have they not seen the int'l demand and media coverage? Goblin is popular BECAUSE of the int'l fanbase, otherwise it would just be a kdrama that only Koreans would know about. I was speaking to the brand manager at Stylus (the company that makes the Destin necklace) the other day and she was telling me about how majority of their online sales is through Lotte.com (which they use for int'l shipping). That majority of fans who buy it are from OUTSIDE of Korean and even Asian countries. What a rude and selfish thing to say, like seriously. If there's so much of a budget problem with the extras, why don't THEY order more dvds to create a bigger budget. Adding subs wont cost nearly as much and it's just BS.

    Honestly, I've been less than impressed by both the team handling the orders and the commenters. There's strong feelings of foreign resentment and exclusion and its ridiculous that they're alienating such a large audience.

    I got into a long exchange with them last night during which I politely tried to explain our position (more sales = more money = more special goods for everyone) but it deteriorated and I just deleted my messages because the replies were getting out of hand. This morning I saw the admin had removed my post in which I replied to some English fans saying that I don't think an English link is coming and we will need to help each other. She also deleted the replies to my post because they were rude. I never saw them and I don't care to. 

    I've been watching dramas for many years and I was around to see dramabeans.com start up and help provide the subtitles for Dramafever when they were just a startup. I remember a time before torrents when the only way to access dramas was by sharing them with each other. I feel like dramas bring people together and I've met so many wonderful friends through a shared love for dramas. I am way too old to be engaging in these kinds of battles. It makes me sad to see this recent trend of exclusion and exclusivity. It is not only the Daum Cafe for this drama, it's also happening in other Cafe sites. Regardless, I hope that fans of this drama will continue to be supportive and also order the DCut if you are interested. 

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