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  1. Yes for no 3 & 4, especially for the kiss lol. Compared to 2018 ver, Jerry and Barbie don't have a lot of kiss scene but yeah I agree that they did great in the kiss scene. 5. Vic Zhou did great job playing the cool Hua Ze Lei here. One of my fave scene is when SC woke up after Lei saved her from sauna and then she found out that Ah Si will spend the night with XZ. She couldn't sleep so she asked if she can hold Lei's hand, and Lei said okay. It's just simple but so sweet of Lei because he knew why exactly SC did that. Too bad they didn't recreate this scene in 2018 ver. 6. I also think that SY is pretty and cute girl. Haters are just gonna hate and that's what they will always do :). 7. Abouy the accent, it maybe seems different because they're using Taiwanese accent?? Talking about the undub version, I want to see it too! Is it possible that they would also release the dvd with undub version? DyShen have a nice voice, it would be great to rewatch it with their original voice
  2. The bts wedding kiss scene is too sweet, really made my day lol. Happy Dao Ming Si really can't wait to kiss his new wife
  3. Hahahahaa.... Oh my, that Humming Yay scene was soooooo funny lol. And so was all his bad Japanese scene hahaha. Said NBA instead of DNA . Don't forget also the funny backhug scene in S2 that ended with Makino had to move in to his house and became his personal maid. I laugh really hard everytime I watch this scene Who the hell is this Peter Kavinsky by the way? Already saw the Yakult scene in twitter. It was so sweet. Can't wait to watch the whole eps
  4. This!! This is happen to me as well when I saw MatsuJun in HYD lol . At first I keep wondering why they cast him as Tsukasa but then I can't think of another actor who play Tsukasa than him since he played the character very very well; childish, arrogant and I find his bad English is amusing. I love him in season 1 and love him even more in season 2 and the final movie . I agree with you that all actor that played the role of Dao Ming Si/ Doumyoji Tsukasa have their own way and their own charm to play the character that make us love them for it. To be honest I didn't have any expectation when watched this new version for the first time. I was watching another remake by Kdrama based on my fave US series but the story was dissapointed and I actually was a bit afraid I will feel the same way with MG2018. The reason I watched it was because I loved TW, JP and KR version. I was surprised that after watched the first 3 eps for the 2nd time (yes, 2nd time lol) I became addicted to this drama. Dylan really portrait the role of Dao Ming Si flawlessly, especially in the forced-kiss scene on the rooftop. I can feel Shancai's fear when angry Ah Si confront her. His acting was really good there that made me think, wow, this is really a Dao Ming Si. His acting is getting better after that, and I'm happy that he was chosen as Dao Ming Si. Angie sure made a right decision
  5. Does anyone know what is Didi's next drama project? Really looking forward to see him playing a different character
  6. Just saw in twitter about the amnesia thing...... Like, really, seriously? Do not open if you don't want any spoiler
  7. The Japanese version has the best ending so far. In the end of season 1 Makino finally confess to Doumyoji, in season 2 he propose to her after her graduation and in the final movie they got married. So maybe you can try watching it . The elevator scene in season 1 is one of the best scene, it was done very beautifully. Also I really like Makino character in this version, such a tough girl. By the way I'm really curious about something. Is Doumyoji Tsukasa's name in Chinese language character is Daoming Si? Or it's just created by Angie Chai and her team? Because Shancai's name means weed too, like Makino Tsukushi's.
  8. Whoa, thank you!!! Keep watching this for hours! Si's staring at her is so intense lol . It seems like they're in SC's house (???). The kiss kinda reminds me of Jerry and Barbie's kiss after he gave her the meteor necklace....
  9. I remember the scene where Xiao Zi hugged Ah Si after he broke up with Shancai in 2001 version (just rewatched it a month ago). She did that purely just to comfort him as a friend when Ah Si told her about his feelings after the break up. In the original version after the hug scene, when Xiao Zi left we can see that she still have feelings for Ah Si but she decided just to be his friend because she knows how Ah Si really love Shancai. Someone in twitter have posted this scene in English sub, and it seems like the dialog is similar with the 2001 version, cmiiw
  10. As far as I remember, the song is from Meteor Rain, a short spin-off story of Meizuo and Ximen-XiaoYou. Also included in special episode of Meteor Garden 2001. In this 2018 version only the instrumental appears in some scenes I think
  11. Talking about the soundtrack, yeah it's good that they keep the original songs here, even make another remake of Ni Yao De Ai. Unfortunately the iconic instrumental music that used to be played in sad/mellow scenes is not included in this version. You know, that iconic guitar/violin instrumental song. Btw is anyone know if any of the original F4 will make a cameo in this series?
  12. Wow, so you watch Sawan Biang too? Hahahaha.... it's still the craziest lakorn Thai I ever watched, with the best chemistry of Ken and Ann. I think Dylan could be the perfect Kawee for Chinese version LOL Dylan really love to tease Shen Yue that make me want ship them more. They both are so cute.
  13. Hello all. Always been a silent reader here and now I want to join and share my opinion about this MG remake . To be honest, I actually started to like this drama after watching it for the second time. I didn't want to have too much expectation before watch it, maybe because it's another remake and I already know the story very well, plus I really really love the Taiwanese and Japanese version. It's the trailer and the bts videos that make me getting more curious about MG 2018. Dylan and Shen Yue look really close and like to tease each other, hahahaha. In the beginning eps F4 don't look like they're close friend but then they can show us how close they are, especially when A Shi came back from London and formally apologized to Lei while Xi Men and Mei Zuo recorded it. It's one of my fave scene :). So far I enjoy the story even though the bullying, red card to joker card and the Li Zhen part are different compared to the original version, but I can understand that. Dylan is the perfect Dao Ming Shi, so is Shen Yue as Shancai. Can't wait for the next episode, and I really hope that this new Shancai doesn't have to wait until the final episode just to tell A Shi that she likes him
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