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  1. hi snowprincess..thanks for the pixs!...think the first 2 pixs were from a music video or smthg..where she played a student...ya..think the rest was from "All In"....

    hi jimin fans!!

    The first 2 pictures are from All In also... her very first scene in the drama.

    I started to notice her because of All In, I remember being shocked when I found out her age when she was doing the drama. She can easily pass off as 16 there, looked so young and innocent! I actually prefer her in the drama than er... someone else. :sweatingbullets:

  2. This thread sure is moving fast now, compared to when I first started posting here, it barely moved! Good to see more fans of her showing up! :sweatingbullets:

    I'm so happy that she is finally being recognized for her hard work, been watching almost all her dramas. And yes I'm a jiji shipper as well. :P

    Disappointed that she didn't attend the awards show, but she looks great as usual at PEH's wedding.

  3. I'm so happy to see more people joining in her thread, it is so quiet until recently.

    Just my two cents, I think that poster overreacted. I know LSJ is attached to KJE so maybe that's the reason why, and that poster is a very huge fan of KJE. Oh well... I hope there won't be a fight or anything, let's just keep the posts to someone we all like. :)

    Thanks for all the interview translations. It is pretty hard to find news on her in english.

  4. The drama that she did with Eric is Invincible Parachute Agent (I don't know why they always change the title to a completely different one):


    I like her ever since she appeared in All In (as the younger version of Song Hye Gyo), she is very versatile, not sticking to the same roles like some actresses.












    What is with all the MR hate? Granted, I only watched until episode 11 so far. SM is the one starting to annoy me. She knows MR's heart is not with her anymore, and yet she suggested marriage to him. In that scene you can feel that MR wanted to break up with her, but she stopped him and told him not to say anymore. In episode 12 she can be seen approaching JH and MR's family. Looks like she will turn 'evil' because of MR.








    Won't be surprised if they start episode 13 '2 years later.' Everything is just so messed up right now.














    SnowApple, I was talking about those intro pics in an earlier post! They are all so funny, I noticed that it is different for every episode, some are so cute! Hopefully someone can cap all of them. :blush:








    Johnny's hands on YH's stomach... maybe it means he has been feeding her good food? She does go to his restaurant quite often... :P








    Notice the team leader holding up the noodles he loves, and the secretary with those cosmetics beside her. LOL!








    Does anyone have the lyrics translation for the Bin song?














    Is anyone watching this drama from YT? The uploader I watch from have problems with episode 10 so she's not going to upload that episode. I can't run the subs thing on my comp so I can't d/l it. Help please?








    Anyway YT is giving problems. Sometimes when someone uploaded new videos, it wouldn't show on the uploader's page until many hours later. I also noticed even when the uploaders make their videos private, there will ALWAYS be a part or two of that episode that YT removed. Very annoying!!!














    Ya! That last scene of episode 10 totally reminded me of wolf in sheep's clothing! YH's big round eyes and JH's devilish look. :sweatingbullets:








    Episode 9 and 10 were nice to watch, especially those moments between MR and YH. I think both of them know they have feelings for each other, but don't want to push ahead with it. Maybe because of SM? And JH coming back in the picture makes YH busy... :P That scene when YH brought JH to a room (episode 9) made me laugh so hard, she looked like she was moving an object instead of JH... all the pulling! LOL!








    As for SM, it looked like she dumped MR since she was ignoring him and all, but from the synposis of episode 11 that is not going to happen. Anyone noticed how Johnny is bring pushed behind after JH came back? Johnny also sensed that things are not so simple between MR and YH now, maybe he will start to encourage them to be together?








    I can't stand YH's secretary, her role is supposed to be funny but she is quite an airhead. I'm surprised YH hasn't fired her yet. Whenever she offends YH the screen will turn black and white... haha.








    Anyone also noticed the stills they show before each episode starts? I hope someone can make screencaps of them! It's different for every episode and they always look nice! Episode 9 was of YH, she had angel wings on one side and devil's horns on another. Episode 10 was of most of the cast with their heads pasted over some cartoon drawings.














    I only watched the first 10 mins of episode 10 so far. I am feeling kind of angry. Sorry to CM-SH shippers here but I hate him now. Just what was he thinking of doing in the room??? He removed her outer layer of chiffon dress (there was a belt on that dress too) and unbuttoned her top. When she was calling DG he just kissed her like this, taking advantage of her while she was drunk. Was he trying to rape her or something? I despise and hate people like him! And judging from the previous posts, it looks like he is trying to turn the situation to his advantage now. ARGH! Didn't he say in an earlier episode to his mother that 'he will win this game'????????








    In my opinion he doesn't love her, he is a player and is used to winning. He can't stomach the fact that SH likes DG instead of him so he is trying to get her. WTH. <_< Stop brainwashing SH!!!



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