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  1. Name: Katarina

    Age: 20

    Nationality: Filipino

    What company you want to audition for: Any, really.

    What you talent is: Mostly dancing. i've been dancing since i was little, but never had any lessons. basically, self-taught by watching music videos. I can sing, but not sure if it's good enough. lol. My dad used to be in a band (drummer and vocal) back in the day and he was a pretty good singer. idk if the blood runs through me but i play violin and piano.

    How your parents feel: Not sure what they think. I mean, i sing or hum in front of them almost every day, so its not like i hide the fact i like to sing. i remember when i was a little kid, my parents would make me practice singing to Britney Spears so i can train my voice or whatever. i remember hated singing in front of them. haha totally regret it now. My dad LOVES to watch singing shows on tv like American Idol and The Voice. Sometimes when i watch with him, he tells me that he wished for me to be a singer. LOL xDD

    but i remember i auditioned for SM's Global Audition in Chicago. i know my parents most likely wouldn't let me go. So, i drove there (6 hours from where i live) with my friends and auditioned without my parents knowing. i think that was one of the biggest secret i've kept from my parents as of late.

    What had been holding me back: Honestly, i think it's myself. i'm so indecisive when it comes to what i really want to do and what will ultimately make me happy. I'm having a hard time in college and choosing what i really want to do. And my parents are constantly drilling me about it. I know i'll always love to sing and dance because it makes me feel happy, but will doing that for a career make me ultimately happy. Sometimes, i just want to say it to my dad that i want to take a year off of college and take lessons on singing and dancing. One day, i will.
























    ^ I'm sorry to hear you got sick on the day of the second round D: it's good to know someone from Chicago got a callback though. I also went to Chicago.
































    ^where did you audition at? because if they really wanted to see you again, they would have told you the info the day of or the day after you auditioned.
































    ^ hm.. not really sure. But i just got my rejection letter today around 2 AM. i went to the chicago audition and it's been about over a month since then. i never got to the second round or was held back.
























    Yep I couldn't agree more. Open calls are so RARE and it's what we usually call a "cattle call" because it's so chaotic. So be on time with everything registration, everything! I got my first agent by waiting six hours in one of those ridiculous casting calls. But I was on time and patient. When the time came I did my thing and that's what they wanted.








    However I'm sure people are going to be receiving emails till the day before. So I wouldn't freak out just yet. Just be prepared. There's no such thing as luck, it's when preparation meets opportunity.








    And yes this is contradictory to what I just said but good luck to everyone XD















    Im sad to see ppl freaking out about not getting their time to audition. But, I agree with you and Luka. People sending their email like a week before the audition is cutting it really close. It's gonna be harder for them to reply to all the last-minute applications.








    Must stress to send your applications early. Especially in a global audition like this because who knows how "organized" they really are. And I'm not speaking for just SM, but JYP, YG, etc. first come, first serve.








    Hope everything works out for everyone.
























    im going to the NY one which is on Saturday. It is Friday already and i still haven't receive back an email. I sent it this Tuesday with gmail and I tried sending another email w/ hotmail email just now. What to do if they don't reply back because the audition is tomorrow?








    btw, i thought we do not need to introduce ourselves in the audition cuz it waste time.








    I have some questions. so, the song we sing is 2 minutes long rite? DO they stop you half way or let you sing for whole 2 min?








    Also, does anyone remember which song or type of song SM played for the freestyle dance thats 30 seconds long?















    For singing, it depends how much time each group has. Just sing what you practiced, and if they stop you, you stop.








    As far as I know, the dance test WILL NOT HAPPEN for singers. Only those who try out for dancing will.
























    I'm making my sister take me... I'd love to meet you guys :D








    btw, I made a Chicago thread ^_^















    yeah! it should be fun! :D

    ohh it was youu ?! i thought it was you.. but then i wasnt suree. hehe gahh hopefully i cannn. but i didnt practice or even pick a songg. i'll just embarress myselff. xD








    yeah! it's cool that you and i are going! duudde, don't worry, i haven't practiced enough! it sucks trying to juggle practicing and studying for mid-terms right now D:








    mann, i keep changing my song i want to sing xD i need to pickk! xD

















    ^ i sent it january 6th and got it feburary 7th. :P idk if any of my friends are goingg. hehe and their times will probably be different :( hopefully it wont snow..








    ohh, i didn't know you're auditioning! i talked to you on kakaotalk! keke~








    you should totally go, cuz i am and we can meet up with sam xD








    besides, i think my friend is bailing out on me D: FOREVER ALONE.
































    I'd give at least two more days to wait, and if they don't you one by then try to email them 2012uhelp@smtown.com an ask them about your confirmation time








































    yeah, i'm pretty psyched to go since it will be my first time. i've never been to chicago, so i hope i won't get lost on the way xD








    i'm thinking about preparing two english songs and one korean song for my audition.








    i'll be singing "I will survive". Backup song will be "it will rain."








    my korean song will be "lonely."

















    I'm coming from the city city itself. I'll be on public the entire way, so I'm not really looking forward to the trek... [Forever Alone] I just have to make sure I'm over this cold in enough time to practice. Where are you coming from?








    i'm coming from MI. i hope the drive wont be too bad xD
































    ^ haha my worst fears has been confirmed xD i'm kinda sad now since i'm more confident in my dancing than singing. looks like i have to work EXTRA hard now with singing @.@








    Got mine today too for 1:30 as well. Looks like I'll see you there hon!








    I should make a thread for Chicago auditions...















    oh really?! awesome! we should meet up there! we can be the oldies at the audition! keke~








    i was thinking about making a thread since there's already a NYC thread...

    Hi! I am just wondering when you sent your application and when did they email you the confirmation? I sent my application last Jan. 10 and received my email confirmation last Jan. 11. But I they did not email me yet the time...I heard that many got there time today for chicago auditions...I am sooo worried right now...








    Are you going to chicago for the audition? if you are, you should get it within a week.








    let's see, if i remember correctly, i sent in my application on Jan. 5th. i got my email confirmation on Jan. 10th. and then i got my letter of confirmed time today jan. 7th. hmm..Kiseki no BoA no Fan got her confirmation yesterday. so maybe they're still sending out the emails this week. give them a week cuz im sure there's a lot of ppl waiting still.
































    Haha I'm trying to get my friend to come with me to keep me company on the drive xD Good thing it's on my break from school!








    Where are you coming from?








































    So I received my confirmation letter this morning around 5am. I'll be going to Chicago's audition and my time is 1:30pm.
















    Did anyone get his or her's yet?
















    Ugh, I'm not looking forward for this 5hr drive =.=








































































































































































































































































































































    Haha I know how it feels! I'm not sure if one of the songs suit my range. They are more English Artists and one korean artist i want to sing. I'm thinking about doing Gloria Gaynor, Bruno Mars, and/or Adele. Ahh, I need to really practice them!
































































































    Ok so this is a little bit out there and a little bit off topic in a way but when you mentioned the "or maybe they are just looking for someone who can just sing but dancing is not important?" it got me thinking of another idea that has come up on some other forums I've been reading. So as you all might already know, SM plans on debuting their new boy group EXO very very soon but Jino, one of the members of SM the Ballad and someone who was predicted to have been a member of EXO, is not going to be a member of EXO the group. Alot of people are saying that when SM announced that they had plans on debuting two boy groups that were, at the time, named M1 and M2 (who people are now assuming were Exo-K and Exo-M), they had also announced a third boy group to debut called M3. Alot of people were saying that M3 was supposed to be a vocal based group and that Jino would be debuting in this group. So where exactly am I going with this idea? Maybe this year they are looking for strong singers because they need more members for this third vocal group that people are saying SM will debut. I don't know. I just thought I'd share my ideas on this topic. LOL....Ok I'm done. 
























    Anyways, to make things more relevant, does anyone have the 2:30 time slot for the NY audition? I can't find anyone else who has this time :3















































    that's really interesting...i've always wondered about Jino for SM Ballad. so maybe this year, they will carefully look at the boys while auditioning.
























    anyway, has everyone thought about what song they're going to sing? i can't decided between two xD but i'll probably practice both just in case of back up xD
















































    ^ I was wondering about that also. I hope singers can still do the rythm test!
























    I feel as though the ppl who are auditioning for dancing might have to dance to music provided by sm and maybe make up something on the spot.
















































    ^ I'm going to Chicago too! and I have not gotten the email yet. I feel old going to the audition xD
















































    so is anyone going to the chicago audition this year from soompi?
























    i feel like i might be the only one coming from MI... it would be nice to meet up with someone there^^









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