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  1. It has changed a lot for me also. I was such a fanatic every day I was constantly searching for news about kpop but now that I am quite older I listened less of it. I don't follow the fandom much except for 1 group that's grown big now which is BTS. I would say from 2006 till 2013 I was very active. I was in DBSK, Shinwha, Rain, Se7en, Wonder Girls, Fly to the sky, etc.Then most of the singers I fangirled started disbanding which made me quite upset. They don't last long but their songs do which I am happy about. My friends and I used to talk about new song releases and new mv releases every time we met but now it's all about work, family and friends. We don't even know the new groups nowadays. Kpop has really grown. It was so hard for me to find stores to buy albums and even eating at a Korean restaurant. I am proud to have been in the fandom way before it got so popular. BUT, a big but, I never quite left the fandom, I would say that I am a silent fan? Does that make sense? I watch them from a far like an adult watching their kids go to school.
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