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  1. I like how SY slowly gained YH's respect. When YH became SY's mentor, the dynamic was along the line of SY looking up to YH with admiration. By paying attention to the patient, SY was able to grasp clues before YH could think of. He started to see her in a different light. Then when he said "you and I can do this", it just means he saw her as an equal who could provide him with insightful discovery with her thinking. Meanwhile, the dynamic completely changed after SY found out about his illness. She started to wear the pants in the relationship. YH got whipped and must listen to his woman. I liked this a lot. And it's progressing to the point where he's fallen down (literally) and needs someone to rely on (which is what I was hoping to see). There's no superiority in their relationship. It's the relationship where they complement, support each other through hard times, deep trust and understanding. I like the fact that SY is a straight shooter and is a competent partner. While the title is Dr. John but the core of the drama is really about the dynamic between YH and SY. Their encounters and interactions prompt growth in their characters, creating a relationship in perfect harmony which is the essence that drives the show. I saw it I saw it, the protruding belly. Unless he'll take off his clothes again so I can confirm. I've been wondering about the translation of the song and if the trans on youtube is accurate.
  2. Lee Se Young has such unique haircut. I'm cool with it. I don't think any doctor would risk their future doing that. And I'm still thinking they'll have their coffee date in ep 12. It's hard waiting for the new ep. They really should have one ep per day. My addiction is killing me tenderly.
  3. The drug introduced possibly goes against YH's philosophy. It's probably some powerful pain killers. Regarding the most recent case, YH of course didn't do it. So the unexpected truth is... it was her sister. Furthermore, they found out YH was framed the first time around. And the culprits are... Dr. Stalkalot and his minion, 2 faced lawyer. The nurse also works for him. But wait, there's a great grand plot twist... Hey I tried.
  4. I need some crucial info. So, uh, who got egg mayo and who got bbq chicken? I couldn't help but replaying the part where Yo Han was staring intensely at Si Young while biting into the sub. Hmmmm... So what's sexy about Dr John? Yo Han and Si Young's mesmerizing gazes for each other. Their eyelocks are so seductive and can be deadly. I couldn't look away. I appreciate the director for exploring this thoroughly. Ji Sung met his match on the gazing battles. As far as I'm concerned, Lee Se Young is one of the most naturally beautiful actresses I come acress and I'm adding her to my list. Her face is versatile to portray different characters depending on how she carries herself. There's a feel of innocence in those clear eyes that's so endearing and sincere. She can be silly in the most innocent ways but still comes off a earnest and mature lady (like the cute car scene). I love to see both of them smiling more because Se Young has a very beautiful smile and Ji Sung, too. They match so well I don't see an age gap. Here's hoping my HanYoung can get a nice solid romance. (I have to confess when I ogled at Ji Sung in the shirt, I thought he looked pretty sexy but for some reasons I thought he may have developed a bit of a belly there. :p I may be wrong. Let me watch again.) I joke I joke. My bad. I forgot about Korea's different episodes system. I saw the blog on the coffee date and a big number 12. I guess it meant something else.
  5. I will be really mad if they will waste a ton of time on the investigation (taking precious time away from my romantic scenes. Time is of essence and we ain't have a whole lot of time left. It doesn't help that Yo Han is crawling an cm a day. We're more than half the drama away and he only bought subways for her. ) Aside from central point Yo Han/Si Young, everything else is in chaos and feels very messy right now. We only have 6 hours left to develop HanYoung romance, so they can together stop 2 medium evil stalkers from stalking and 2 other eviler stalkers from doing harm after the evildoers reveal their great grand plan to take over the world. But you know, I don't care if some other issues remain unresolved. Just give me full development of HanYoung romance and I'll be a happy camper. It would be too cruel to drag me through the path of thorns then left me bleeding in pain on the ground. Dr. Cha, you're about resolving pain, not inflicting it. And here I thought Yo Han was dying. He has options. He can quit being a doctor but of course he has to be a doctor and injects steroids and endangers his life. I'm so not totally moved with that idiot decision. Can we not go toward that so unnecessary direction? And that's why it's key he needs to fall in love so he values his life more since that he has someone special in his life. And they can be a husband and wife doctor team talking and understand themselves through telepathy like they did at the beginning of ep 10. (I'm not making that up.) The possibilities are endless. I don't see a bad end in this anywhere. When I saw the stalking prosecutor gulped down some pills, I was like oh ok he's sick for real. Then when the suspicious lawyer had this problem unbuckling the belt, I started laughing. So it seems quite a few people have serious illness, the prosecutor, the lawyer, and Dr. Stalkalot, etc... I imagine the next bad guy comes around and reveals the shocking truth about himself having cancer, the rest of the gang would say, "don't feel so special. We all do so get in line and stop acting like it's the end of the world, would ya?" *edit* So they were filming for ep 12 last week?
  6. The biggest mystery of this drama may be Si Young's haircut. I joked about how Yo Han got a text from Si Young and he had to run get food for his babe. And it really happened. I think her food preference is due to her consideration for him not being able to eat hot food maybe? Can I see my lovebirds a whole lot longer? Can they be in another drama together again? I want to watch a romantic drama with Ji Sung and Lee Se Young so bad.
  7. I haven't yet watched the episode but I've already watched those uploaded clips on youtube 100x especially their sweet moments. Si Young is good. So Yo Han spent some time to prepare for his presentation. She just came right in and took over like that. He was all starry eyed, now that's my woman. There's a reason why he trusts her. She understands him just as he understands her. She knows exactly when he needs help and comes right in wearing her shining armor rescuing him. Furthermore, she's more than capable to help him. Next ep probably will be about her clearing his name. So just sit tight Yo Han, your woman will come in her shining armor on a horse and sweep you off your feet for sure. I really love their sweet moments this time. They're what dreams are made of. I joked about it but Si Young is really taking over the wheel and drive her Romeo, literally. That's our heroine.
  8. Come on Dr. Cha, you make lots of money, why did you get sandwiches from the local subway joint for your first date? :p
  9. He's a competent doctor who knows about his illness and others and what has to be done but at the same time is also another human living in fear of his illness. So the defense mechanism is to believe things are still okay hence grab anything positive and run, so that he can live another day. And I think that's why he needs Si Young because though he thinks he can handle, he can't. He's just another human.
  10. Possibly because his tests from the hospital came back normal and that was enough to convince himself that he was okay for the time being and that was a fluke. From my pov, generally people are in denial of their illnesses regardless of how aware they think they are.
  11. So in the red corner, we have our golden couple, Yo Han and Si Young going against in the blue corner, team medium boss consists of obsessive prosecutor and creepy nurse, plus team ultimate mastermind aka the evildoer, Dr. Stalkalot and his minion, 2 faced lawyer. I almost laughed out loud when Dr. Stalkalot started this almost evil laugh. Things are converging maybe to a climax. We have our heroine's confession pending on our Romeo's ultimate confession but at the same time his illness is on active mode. Meanwhile team medium boss believes "it's time" for revenge and the mastermind Dr. Stalkalot says stuff like, "he's ready" before letting out an almost evil laugh. Our golden couple is being attacked on all fronts. One can only hope love conquers them all and I get to see my ultimate confession, then hopefully some sweet time together, being lovers, being husband and wife. That's all I care about. I think I've been saying that like 100x already and I'll continue to whine until the cows come home. It is really time that Yo Han should rely on his woman and she's more than capable to support him. The hero is down so naturally, his woman should take over the wheel and drives the course. "Buckle your seat belt, I'm driving", Si Young said. I expect some major @$$ kicking. *edit* 2 moments of teleportation: 1. Yo Han and Si Young flew into the elevator safely before the reporter found them. 2. Yo Han suddenly came out of nowhere and appeared right in front of Si Young's house just seconds after the lawyer took off. I was trying to find out where he was hiding in the shadows but failed. Jokes aside, there was so much yearning and long, so much so that I would have titled the first part, longing and yearning. Yo Han didn't respond but at the same time kept looking at Si Young with those yearning lovers eyes when she's looking and not looking. He tried to keep himself from running to her. Then after he found he was sick, he completely distanced himself from her. This is giving my heart a lot of pain. I was squirming in pain. I hope next ep will give me something real good to keep me survive until next round. Can Dr. Cha see me squirming and crawling in pain on the ground? You're killing me here.
  12. Thanks for all the spoilers. I need to go to Dr. Cha's pain central. Dr. Cha, you have to stop my pain. Please go confess to Si Young and get married or something. My pain only increases every episode seeing your longing and yearning eyes for each other. I'm not sure I can handle this torture anymore.
  13. Yes. I like your thinking. Besides more of worried Yo Han, I also like to see jealous Yo Han. He needs to crack that nonchalant facade. I'm looking forward to spoilers so whoever can watch please do post. Appreciate much. Thanks a bunch.
  14. Actually I think she should have done it twice just to double check. His ogles, I mean his health is super important. I was hoping she would be whole lot more thorough and took her sweet time checking everything on him so I could savor those ogles longer. The flirting was too good and that was the sexiest part of the show.
  15. Was there a need to do both ears but hey I'm not complaining. I was roaming around reading comments about the dramas as a desperate attempt to lessen my addiction and I saw some comments like that but luckily, they're in the minority. I'm not a medical dramas fan because medical stuff goes right over my head. If there's no romance to munch on, I ain't watch it. It's not the same as detective or cop shows where at least you can follow the clues and guess who the culprit is. As for Doctor John, I wouldn't be able to tell accuracy for the medical part among other things but that's not important, visual standard (as in eye candies) is high and the chemistry is off the chart. That's all I ask in a drama really.
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