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  1. @shhai @Cecentre haha I did skip some scenes in Pots of Gold especially when the main couple appeared Definitely love seeing PSJ's evolution as an actor over the years. I do miss the boyish, goofy PSJ. But then again he's 30 (31 korean age) now, not to mention a top actor too so his image has become more mature. Still, hope he's getting the rest he needs! He still has those eye bags.
  2. It's okay, @ixora6! I'm sorry too for being away for quite some time..got caught up with work and then I did an "'I Summon You Gold"/"Pots of Gold" marathon (omg 50 episodes LOL) Agree with @Cecentre that PSJ was really cute with BJH! Would've loved it more if there was more skinship but since it's a family drama I cannot complain Regarding his wardrobe these days, I do agree that he can do better. I agree that he looked more stylish before? I think the office slacks with white sneakers have to go for now hahaha *peace* Now I plan on watching Kill Me, Heal Me...
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