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  1. I actually think that Chen Yu 'dying' will be good for our OTP - there might be a possibility that he will finally be able to leave behind his title and be Lian Yi Ke. In which case, our OTP will be able to have a happy ending. That's my two cents.
  2. @themarchioness sorry, i am not sure which episode it was...i think it was soon after Yao Ling Manor was taken over. @AChng seems to have answered the question for you though - thanks! Haha.
  3. @themarchioness I think that Dong Fang Shi (2nd male lead) is linked to the mysterious man who came to Zhu Manor many years back (loaned them money in exchange for Xue Fei hand in marriage). If I am not mistaken the girl servant who was following Dong Fang Shi who calls him "Xiao Ye" is also the same girl I saw a few episodes back talking to the mysterious man. Mysterious man is also someone who Liu Ming Yue works for. So I think Dong Fang Shi is linked to Ming Yue Manor. That's my guess...
  4. @Katrina Abdul Talib ok so, her late beggar uncle aka jiu shu/9th uncle is NOT her father. He is her uncle. Him and her mum are brother-sister. Mo Bai Xing is Mo Ruo Fei's dad. Mo Ruo Fei is her god brother. Mo Bai Xing apparently got drunk and took advantage of Bu Qi's mother when she was staying with them him. So Bu Qi and Mo Ruo Fei are half siblings. Yun Lang is her cousin. Hope that clarifies things a little for you.
  5. I appreciate that this drama is moving at such a fast pace! Hopefully it continues to the very end. I always hate it when they stretch things out unnecessarily. Aaannnndddd here comes second male lead! Can't wait to find out more about him. Also saw the new previews just now...they (HBQ and CY) JUST miss each other. Can't wait for the reunion.
  6. @Helene Tian that clarifies a lot of things!! Thanks for replying and letting me know! Can't wait to see how the rest of the drama plays out, with the progression of the plot and introduction of more characters.
  7. Hi friends! So glad I have found this thread to discuss this drama - it's practically impossible to find a non-chinese website to discuss thoughts etc for this drama! So my Mandarin is super limited - only learnt it during high school and that was MANY MANY moons ago...anyway, I am still watching the raw episodes and then rewatching the subbed episodes to fill me in on what I didn't understand. So, the ball is finally rolling and Bu Qi and that is the end of episode 17....what a cliff hanger!! It looks like Chen Yu spends the next couple of episodes mourning her loss, wondering when and how he finds out they aren't related and that she isn't really dead....
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