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    I'm actually speechless after reading the news. And to think I was just planning to watch this again, as in today. I was so looking forward to Season 2. Yes, no one can replace Hong Sun Hee.
























































    I really don't know what to say, I just hope her kids will be able to survive through this eventually. And may CJS rest in peace.









  2. Hello! Glad to see other HJW fans here. I'm in a HJW withdrawal mode after watching H.I.T. and hoping to see more of him. Sometimes, I really wonder why i didn't notice him before when I've actually watched a number of his past works, though of course he was not the lead in them.

    I backtracked Madeleine and Lovers in Prague just to remember his role there :lol: And Satoshi Tsumabaki just happens to be my fave japanese actor so really looking forward to their film together.

    I also wish he's do another drama but yeah with the way things are going, it seems movies will be it for a while. *sigh* I hope he gives dramas another shot just to see more of him.








































































    Thank you WithS2 for subbing this great series! I finally watched the last two episodes and wow, I must say JJH was such a stand out in this drama. His childish ways came out adorable and not irritating! And he was really HOT all throughout :lol:
























































    I like it also that there wasn't much antagonist here (except maybe for the ex-husband) but they didn't go the route where JJH's hyung or Na Yoon will do something nasty against the couple.









































































    <The Last Scandal Of My Life> Part 2 is announced!!!

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I'm confused. The various news reports have different details on the cast, crew, broadcast schedule.































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Now I don't know if I'll be happy with this. It won't be the same for me if it won't be JJH or CJS! If only to see more of Dong Chul, lol!
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    JJH and Park Yong Ha are my revelations for this year. The fangirl in me hopes it's not true that JJH will get married soon, :P

































































































































    My apologies, stupidly :crazy: , I did not switch off my recorder last night. Hence I don't have episode 163. However, I'm now uploading the raw file on Veoh as you may not want to download a raw file. Will post the link later.

    Gracious are you still recording current episodes? - do help if you are. Thanks!
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    adikkeluangman looking forward to your commentary on today's episode.Thanks!































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    aida ~ uh-oh, is that today's episode? I also had a mishap with the scheduling of my vcr :( But here's the unedited episode 151, a bit blurry but I hope it will pass.








































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Thank you si much withS2 for deciding to sub this drama! I just finished watching all 10 episodes and enjoyed it immensely! :D Have to agree with what almost everyone says, it's the ahjumma version of Full House :lol: And the episodes keeps on getting better, the way they started bickering and then little by little rediscovering each other.
























































    JaeBin is just so hot in this drama. I must say he was perfectly casted in this one. A number of times, I almost forget that SH is beside here. Yeah, he's so goofy but adorable at the same time. DH is also good in here, while watching I forget he's the annoying husband in Rude Women. Are they best friends in real life? Coz it seems they always work together.
















































































    hello everyone! Seems I have a lot of catching up to do with the series. How many episodes do we still have left at KBS World?

    Another misadventure on the recording. :blush: This time the subbed portion is only up to 13.5min, just before the trailer break. The remaining half is merged with the raw version. Mianhaeyo. Gracious, can you help us with this if you have it recorded? Thank you.

    Epi 151















































































































    Hi aida! I think I was able to record this before my pc broke down, the one that has winTV on it. But then it's the unedited version coz I don't have the software here in my laptop. Just let me know if you still want me to upload it for you ;)
















































































    :lol: @ inez and exupery ganging up on Jinsol
























































    I guess what Jinbong said sums up what I feel towards Ilhong. She didn't realize that she was hurting SP by not wanting to marry him etc etc. You have to give it to SP for going all out for Ilhong.
























































    So it was still SP who initiated the kiss, hehehe. You're one lucky girl Ilhong!
























































    Here's episode 128. The screen's a bit small I dunno what happened when I converted it., for easier dl
























































































































    SORRY,SORRY,SORRY! My recorder went bonkers with the timing - switched off the player last night and forgot to reset date and time, so no recording today! :(
















































    I can upload the raw file though, unless Gracious can help - aida begging..... :blush:















































































































    No problem aida and gerryq . That's episode 128 right? I think I recorded, I'll upload it within the week., most likely by tomorrow. I'm actually taking a rest from watching and wait until thurs before watching it in one go :)

















    You're right. That head-gear looks like it belongs in a Mae West movie.

    I guess Il Hong is a homely character through and through :D















































































































    :lol: @ Mae West movie
























































    re: homely, But lets not forget she gave in too to Namgi ... hahaha!
























































    The wedding picture was perfect with the groom (yes, I melting too with that smile!), the 3 adorable girls ... errh ... except for the bride's dress? But then I guess it won't be Baek Ilhong anymore if it ws otherwise.
























































    *Sigh* SP looked better then. I remember that episode when Ayeong was forced to meet him up in the airport when he came back. I noticed him already but at that time I was pretty much confused on who's gonna pair up with Ilhong. Namgi wasn't that sleezy yet and Junman was her "run to" guy and still is.
























































    At least we have 2 months two at KBSW. But still it makes me already sad just thinking that it's gonna end soon. Hope we will see again SP in another drama soon!








































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Thanks adikkeluangman for the pic! They really look like a happy family there :D
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I saw the thread of drama replacing this series and it says there it's going to start airing on the 21st ... So I guess wrap up time this week? I sure hope they do end it well!
































































































    aida ~ here's the MU link. (ep120part1)
































    adikkeluangman ~ that's why, I feel hurt for SP. I know she does not want to add burden anymore to SP but the way it comes off to SP, she does not need him or it's not sponatneous for her to seek comfort from him. Little things like after the accident she didn't call him and yet Junman had the time to call Ayeong and inform them.
















    So its an uphill climb from now on? Uh-oh! Has it already finished airing in Korea?

















    And the other bad news is I missed recording the 1st 10 mins of epi 120! And its a crucial 10 mins. If anybody had it recorded, please, please help - a transcript of the dialogue will be most, most apreciated. Also there's slight audio-sync problem in these continuing epis :sweatingbullets: I'm giving links to epis 119 and 120 - there seems to be a problem with 118 so will have to reupload it.
















    I ripped the first 10 minutes of episode 120 from my tape but the quality is not so good and some parts where the audio does not sync but I guess better than a transcript. I also missed the start. Here's the link
























































    And I thought I was the only one wishing they would be a couple in real life ... I mean LSG and JJR :D
















    Does anybody know how they become close friends? I just remember he helped her in that game show wherein JJR was against Minwoo.
















    I hope he she gets casted in a drama again with a meatier role (unlike in Pure 19) :)








































    aida_ladida: thanks so much for all the links! Episode 120 was the one shown today right? I'll check if my vcr recorded it. I just have to catch up on watching this over the weekend. No need to be sorry, as it is we are indebted to you for your consistent efforts in uploading the episodes. :)
















    adikkeluangman: Hay hay hay ... such a nice sight all those pics. Seems like a fairy tale ang then we have all the wolves surrounding them except for Jinbong and Junman. Addik, by any chance do you have caps of the pic they took in that episode? I think it was with Hyunmeong's digicam.
















    I'm still disappointed with Ilhong ... unknowingly she does so many things that hurt Seungpyo ... huhuhuhu.








































    I just love this drama, at times the lines are so witty but there are so many episodes where I can't help but emphatize with the characters esp the 2 sisters.

    Speaking of which ... Lee Yuri must have put herself very much into her role. Her eyes actually looked so puffed up from all the crying she did over her break up with JH instead of looking pretty even after crying like most actresses. :lol: I just usually skip the part of the brother.

    And methinks that Yeong-su tried to be too cool & nonchalant at times with her relationship with Jong-won. And Jong-won is too uptight whenever talk about his ex comes up. Which usually is not a good thing because if he hates her that much then obviously he still has feelings of some sort for her or he must have loved her that deeply before? Other than that ... such a dream man ... yummy looking, he's so tall, he cooks & he skips desserts to bring you some among other sweet things that he do ~ :wub: I'm not sure I would want to marry him either if I'm Yeong-su though ... seems like he has too much baggage with regards to his daughter & ex-wife plus he gets into this huffy & puffy mode so easily~ haha. If you live in the same house, then he can't huff & puff back to his own space to cool down & then have fun making up much later (vice versa). But the good thing about him is he always make up with her in the sweetest way later on~































    Hi exupery! yes, Lee Yuri is such a revelation to me here. The only drama of hers that I got to watch is yellow handkerchief and her character here is the complete opposite. I was watching the episode where they were talking in the car and she was saying she wants to be respected as a person ... Wow, such strong words from a very quiet girl espescially in the contex of their culture. And JH's conversation with his dad when he saying he wanted to die, Hahaha, he was so dead pan in dishing out his lines which makes it more funny to me.
















    RyuJin is at his best in this series. I just like the two of them together. And I really pity Yeong-su when she admitted she likes him already, not only physically (lol!) and then how she can't erase his happy pictures with him and his ex-wife. And when she was about to go home, the daughter comes in with the ex-wife. Awww, that scene I really pity YS coz she knows she can;t compete with the daughter. Yeah, I guess that's the deepest fear of YS that he really loved or Still loves her deeply and that's why he reacts that why whenever she brings up that subject.

















    Deokhui agreed to donate bone marrow to Sarang on the proviso that SeungPyo marries Ah Yeong.
















    So that's why!

    After reading the spoiler, I was disappointed with SP as I was hoping he will hold it through til the end but it seems he was doing it willingly. Deokhui is rteally despicable until the end
















    My favorite character in this series is really Seungpyo. He really loves Ilhong so much he's willing to do everything, even though Ilhong seems to have too much in her hand to reciprocate as much.
















    hahaha! There's really something about daily series. It's addicting even though it takes weeks before something happens and alot of rhe characters makes you go :crazy: I keep on complaining and yet it has been a daily habit to watch it or download what aida has uploaded, lol!
















    I really pity SP. He's trying his best to be a good father to her kids but how can you compete with the natural bond between a dad and child? I know it's not Ilhong's fault but sometimes she's just too gullible! Like in today's episode, how can she believe what Namgi told her and go with him??? Duh???
















    And yes the kids, why is it that they keep on going with Namgi without even calling their mom first to ask permission???
















    As for the adults, I've given up already. The writer must have some twisted view on them. I just cringe when I see scenes between Okbun and the grandpa ( I even forgot already his name) so i don't bother watching them anymore. One of the rare episodes wherein I liked Okbun was when she was commenting on the hair of SP's mom. But in general, the elders were depicted as selfish beings. the writer did not spare anyone.
















    As for Junman, I'm curious to see how big a role he will play in the coming episodes. I just don't understand how a soft spoken person who seems to be loved by almost anyone does not have much influence or connection with his daughter.








































    Thanks for the nth time aida for the uploads and the spoiler! I really hope we get to see a wedding, Seungpyo deserves it after going through so much.
















    Okbun is really double-faced! After everything Ilhong has done for her, that's the way she repays her! Grrrrrr!!!! And Namgi, I hope Junman knocks some sense into him, so as Ayeong. He's just so laidback, just watching everything happen under his nose.








































































































































































































































































    My heart breaks watching Seungpyo for the past few episodes. He's like a lost little boy, I hope Ilhong shows more of her feelings in the coming episode.
































































































































    Poor seungpyo ...

    Ilhong finally tells him that Namgi is Jinsol's father at the end of today's episode
































































































































    adikkeluangman: Yeah, I miss the "half-naked" Seungpyo days!
































































































    hello everyone! I just started to watch this on KBS World over the weekend and so far I'm liking! I liked how the storytelling goes, espescially with the mom narrating and somehow puts it all together according to her views.
















    And I have to agree, Ryu Jin and SEK are oozing with chemistry! Looking forward to coming episodes. Got surprised that the ex-wife is Ajummah of "Here Comes Ajumma"! She looks sophisticated now, :lol:

















    anyway ... the old adulterous couple is seriously seriously screwed up in the head ... don't they think of anything else other than getting into each other's pants and at their age??? SERIOUSLY? can't they even see what they are doing wrong to the little innocent girl who other than having to face the shock that the mother she thought is her mom is actually not & that old granny & perverted gramps is her actual parents? not to mention they are happy with being adulterous & seems to think there's nothing wrong with that? both of them should like drop dead NOW!!
















    Grrrr.... and until now the're acting that way. What really turns me off is how they're trying to make it seem trivial by trying to come off as funny when in reality it is really distasteful. Poor Sarang, she hasn't recovered yet from the shock of knowing her real identity and she has to be the one adjusting to Okbun etc. If I were Ilhong, I would have left Okbun in the jail ... hahaha!
















    adik: thanks for the spoiler. Something to look forward to but my gosh, we have to wait for months at KBS World to get there, lol! If only we can fast forward the episodes at KBS World.
















    aida: thanks so much for uploading! I already watched the drama city episode and it turns out I actually watched parts of that episode, lol! It didn't even register to me that it was him!
















    Seungpyo is really adorable, almost too good to be true. He's willing to do everything just to help Ilhong. I wonder how he's going to take it when he learns about Namgi and Jinsol. I just feel bad sometimes watching his character coz it seems he's the only one giving so far in their relationship. Can't blame Ilhong though with so many problems esp Sarang, and then Jinsol.
















    Did he really promise to the witches that he will marry Ayeong or did they assume that it goes with buying Furniture Master? i was wondering why were the witches saying tehy should have made him sign so that he won't break it off again?








































































































































































































































































    This was posted by kdramafanusa at the news thread. hahaha, I have the same feelings as the writer!
































































































































    February 20, 2008






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































    [TV Review]‘A Good-hearted Woman’ proves a hypnotic diversion





























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    “A Good-hearted Woman, Baek Il-hong,” is one of the popular TV dramas that is a morning treat for housewives ― as well as younger audiences. [KBS-TV]






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































    The life of an English newspaper reporter is far from fancy. Wait, let me correct myself. Everyone’s life, in reality, is far from fancy. From a pouting bus driver to an overworked cleaner in my neighborhood, life often seems to be a roaring monster with pointed fangs. I guess it would not be so different for the president-elect or for Bill Gates, after all, because they are only human, too.






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Me? Well, I am of course no exception. I get obsessed with saving money to face the unkind nature of life in a world ruled by money. A taxi in the morning is a luxury for me. Still, these days, my life has not been what it used to be. I am splurging on taxis almost every day, despite my lack of cash. I blame it all on the TV drama, “A Good-hearted Woman, Baek Il-hong” on KBS-TV. Airing at 9 a.m. from Mondays to Saturdays, this half-hour TV drama transfixes me before I take a bullet taxi to work. Talk about a guilty pleasure.






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































    My mother does not get my recent craze. In Korea, the audience for a morning TV drama usually comprises housewives. After packing off her husband and children to work and school, 9 a.m. brings a much-needed break for the average ajumma, or middle-aged women. Fatigued by their busy morning routine, these women want fantasy, not grim reality.






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































    This is the typical plot: a girl (or ajumma) falls in love with a (usually younger) man born with a silver spoon in his mouth. In 99 out of 100 cases, these dramas feature evil characters who torture the good guys. But in the end, evil is punished and good prevails. A Good-hearted Woman is no exception to this cliche. There is Baek Il-hong, who manages a small furniture company and raises three children as a single mother. She has tasted all the bitterness in life. One day, however, a ray of hope sheds a light on her life: A rich, young bachelor, Cha Seung-pyo, falls in love with her. She tries everything to thwart his love, though, because she is not used to such luck. However, Cha woos her persistently and finally wins her heart. But this budding love leads to another set of problems, as the bachelor’s family members ― the evil characters ― do everything to get in the couple’s way.






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I admit that this is a juvenile plot that the world has already seen too much of. The truth is nobody expects to see an Emmy-worthy plot in the morning dramas aired on all three mainstream TV networks. These programs serve to hypnotize the viewer and distract her from reality. We don’t need great lines or philosophical characters. After all, I am not the only one who’s a big fan of the morning drama. My boyfriend’s best friend also counts himself a faithful viewer.






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































    “That girl is completely evil,” he said, pointing at a character during one episode. Well, maybe he and I should indulge in some ajumma-kind of fun next time we meet. That’s life, after all, making time (or spending money) to enjoy the things that we like. If I have the morning TV dramas to hypnotize me, life is not so bad, I guess. Life is too short and I am not a great enough a person to change the world. All I can do for now is tune in to my favorite morning drama and take a bullet taxi to work.






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Source: JoongAng Daily
































































































































    aida thanks for regulary posting the links!
































































































































    Seems this thread has been quiet lately. I was able to watch today's episode and Uh-oh, seems Sarang overheard Okbun and Ilhong's conversation. It seems the drama will focus on this subplot for the coming episodes. Okbun really has lots of moments of insanity here. I remember a few episodes back, she was angry at Ilhong because she learned about her relationship with Seungpyo. How can she compare her affair with Young-Chan to that of Ihong and Seungpyo when the big difference is both are single! She really is crazy!
































































































































    And Ayeong, oh my, she really has become one of the witches. Need I say more?








































































    Happy Hearts day to eveyrone! (It's 14th already here in the Phils :D)




    Seems it's still Christmas in today's episode (I thought it was during the Christmas tree episode), but it was also apt for Valentine's day! It was so sweet the family (I'm including the daddy already here) having a good time at the ice rink, and to cap it all with that sweet kiss ... awww but as expected not a passionate one, lol! And yes, Namgi was the witness!




    Ayeong is really going to the bonkers. What daughter would insinuate to his dad to go after another woman when a few months ago she seemed affected by the divorce, just to get a man! If only her mom knew what she was doing, that's karma for you!




    adikkeluangman: As I remember, Sarang was insinuating or wishing for Seungpyo and her their mom to be together that's why Hyeunmyong and Namgi vilently protested. At Hyeonmyong was still infatuated with Seungpyo.







    aida: why? what's happening in the recent episodes?


















    aida - you're on a roll! Today's episode was episode 70 ryt? You're uploads are such a gem :D I just watched the clip on showbiz extra and have to agree, he sounds so meek and gentle. How old is he btw? I'm just so happy he's done with his military service, hehehe. One thing I noticed, he's such a chameleon, his looks can change from one mv to another. I didn't realize he was that cute guy in that Jang Nara's mv! And it seems he's done a lot of mv's already plus short dramas. But I must say I like him best as Seungpyo! And yeah, why does Ayeong have to be there? Sorry, I just don't like her even when I was seeing her first from the variety shows.








    As for today's episode, hehehe, such a turn around. Now we have allies in Jinbong, Hyunmoung and Sarang. Seems Hyunmyoung also have our battlecry!








    Hope to see a kiss soon!





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