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  1. Yes, YYS needs more help with the toasts orders. They need another grill, or have an assistant take care of the plate presentation and/or help with cooking. Poor guy. I felt sorry for him when the group of young ladies had to leave for work before their order was ready.
  2. I agree with previous posters. I'm sure the production/TV company is helping with the expenses (ingredients, rental, etc), and all donations would strictly be for charity. If not, I doubt we would have any money left to donate, after covering all expenses... And we would not have a show... I'm thinking they should include an introduction to the charity(ies) for the customers to read on the menu or on the table. Not only it might interest the customers, but it might encourage them to be fair/donate more, or even for them to discover/learn more about the organizations and causes.
  3. They should use that song for the show, when SHJ is making his cups of coffee!
  4. I am like Yuhno : I prefer to wash dishes without gloves, even though that's not good for the hands... I know it's for fun, but I see some customers overpacking the boxes of tangerines, with two layers of fruits and additional ones in their pockets. I hope they do appreciate all the staff's efforts and work and remember this is all for a good cause/charity... Episode 5 was fun but I wonder if there weren't too many part timers at once. It would have been good if YYS had some help cooking the toasts dishes. I'm not sure about having a professional chef as a guest. On one hand, it might be entertaining. On the hand, it might just be additional pressure to YYS to cook well and quickly. I know I'd be a bit intimidated! But from the preview, it seems it'll work out. I can't wait to watch that episode !
  5. I wonder if they will keep adding new meals while the part-timers will each slowly help with cooking -- and any new one doing the dishes...
  6. I'm loving this new show so far ! Listening to the customers has been interesting... Son Ho Jun waiting for customers reminded me of his character at the end of Terrius Behind Me. Running Yang Se Jong keeps reminding me of his character in 30but17. Questions: How long will the part-timers stay ? Is it just depending on themselves and their schedule? How do you feel about bringing more part-timers? Looks like they would need the help, but will it not get too crowded? If you were there, where would you want to be seated? By the window to admire the tangerine trees? Or in the tent for the fun? Or at the counter to see the behind the scenes? Or at a table? I'd pick the counter!
  7. What I didn't understand in episode 15 was -- because of all the flashbacks within flashbacks... did JW return HJ's car (i.e. the ending scenes of episode 15) before or after SJ was back into the real world ? I don't know where in time we are now, at the end of episode 15. And can HJ's "almost like family" friend just shut up? Is he a actually living with them? Can we have more JW & Min-joo time (even through a phone call) instead ?
  8. I don't think the servers were completely down at that time: they were still in the process of being shut down. This seems to be what happened: Professor Cha called to request the servers to be down. He was too eager and got out of the bathroom right away. The servers were probably being shut down: we still saw the dead NPC on the floor (in process of disappearing). Dr Cha appeared and killed Professor Cha. Dr Cha was going to go for JW when the servers completely shut down by then.
  9. I don't think JW is now the master of the game. He has, however, reached (and surpassed?) the level of the user "Master" (HJ's brother). I think Emma is treating JW as a bug because he was one of the players who wanted to "kill' another -- or for whatever reason that is not too clear yet. Also, Professor Cha didn't destroy his confession paper. I'm pretty sure JW would cleared with that piece of paper.
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