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  1. YEAYYYY HAPPY 1000 PAGES ! (I hope this is not too late to wish) Thanks so much everyone for keep active sharing and discussing about our PPC. Thanks too for always made my days by reading all your opinions, delulus and sharing about PPC. I really enjoyed and appreciated every single words of it. I am a person who not good in expressing my words & don't know how to add too because you guys had said what I want to say Let's keep being a supportive shippers toward PPC & continue spreading positive vibes and loves to this thread. Let's keep rooting for PPC till the end, wish and pray the best for both of them PPC shippers are AWESOME! Love you guys! <333 AND Happy 8th Debut Anniversary to the Korean's hottest actor, Park Seo Joon \(^-^)/ Hope he will continue being a hard working, passionate & dedicate guy in everything he did & make us here proud of him. Stay beautiful inside and out Pray for his best of health as well as luck & happiness (professionally and personally) .
  2. Thanks so much dear @twoparkcouple for translating this and making PPC shippers heart flutter with this interview from our PPC
  3. Thanks so much @twoparkcouple for taking your time and sharing all these with all of us here. We really appreciate you kind sharing. Love youuuu
  4. what! neck kiss?!! Kyaaaaaaa *fainted* I am about to fall asleep but reading this made my imagination run wild
  5. Thanks @twoparkcouple for sharing this with us I grinning from ear to ear reading this and re-watching this scene now. I can see there are something so sweet and interesting happened during this time
  6. Hello everyone! I've been a silent lurker in Soompi for years and enjoyed read this PPC shipper thread since last year and ended up rooting for PPC. Since today is exactly a year as a PPC shipper , I've finally decided to post something (hope it's not too late to post/greet you all for now) I would like to give my recognition to all PPC shippers in this thread for being such an amazing shippers in this KDrama/KShipper World who rooting our PPC professionally with positive comments, vibes and being such a supportive shipper toward PPC. I really love and enjoyed reading all your opinions, delulu, sharing about PPC, and how you guys defend this ship, and etc. So happy to meet you all here thru WWWSK and PPC. Love you guys! Even the drama is already end a year ago but it still alive in my heart and I will remember WWWSK for a long time ~ Last but not least, to PMY and PSJ, both of you will always have my bless. If they're close friends for now, I hope they give each other a chance to become someone more special in their lives. If they are dating, please think about getting married soon Cheers! xoxo
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