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  1. Welcome, again, @justamom! I’m sure many have missed you here in this thread, I’m really glad that you decided to pop by, and I’m secretly hoping that you might write something about MA, here or in the fanfic ah, it’s almost the end of the year, time for contemplating and reflecting and as I’m counting the blessing I’ve received for the year, My Ahjusshi would be one of the best gifts of the year of 2018 has given me, not only the drama itself but also this community,, so I thank you all, for sharing the fun, and thoughtful analysis (which is fun too!), and really, it was such a great time for me watching My Ahjusshi acoompanied by this thread, what a combo! It’s festive season, I hope everyone have a fun and wonderful time, let’s be happy!
  2. Goodness me, is that the elusive My Ajusshi script?? I swiped and seen the hanja I couldn’t read at all, agghh! what does the one page script say? anyone?? I mean, I really really want to know what the script said about EVERYTHING, I admit I even care less that it could bring trouble to the poster if PD KWS knows it has been posted without his approval, hahaa.. *waiting for another post on the script
  3. I’m so happy to see all this award’s recognition to the beloved drama,,the latest this AAA for Lee Ji Eun, congratz! and now I see that even more actors/actress recognized My Ajusshi as the best drama (the latest, SooYoung SNSD), that is something I found as interesting..remember when during the airing there was an actor got backlash just because he praised My Ajusshi?? Somehow I was a bit upset that my beloved drama only now is fully praised, while during its airing got many negative comments and reactions from knetz, since I couldn’t help thinking what could have been, if there was no negative reactions during its airing, we might get the *obvious* happy ending for Dong Hoon and Ji An, dang it! hahaa,,sorry for my rant, well I guess better late than never for more people to recognize and love this drama, I should be grateful still, right? anyway, this year I’m grateful for having My Ajusshi, what a drama-watching experience, but even more, what a slice of life lesson it was! I fully agreed with @justamom in her note for her last update in the fanfic, because for me too the slice of life lesson in My Ajusshi kept giving me strength, and warmth, during my own ups and downs lately, and not many drama I would give such credits. The drama’s lasting impression has also affected me on seeing some location as a possible alternate for My Ajusshi’s, couple weeks ago I was in Sydney, and one evening I walked through Pyrmont Bridge near the Darling Harbour, and I really see the bridge as the place of JiAn crying while listening to Dong Hoon fight with Kwang Il, oh my mind messed with my heart! Right, I’m leaving for now, back to gazing that scene where Dong Hoon slowly walk beside Ji An after she praised him as a truly good person, with the OST in the background,,aaghh, I miss you two!
  4. our beloved drama won!!! and my goodness, @widala that post of LSK in tuxedooo,, thank youuu,,serious handsomeness overloaaddd thankss @sadiesmith for the video with the shot of LSK during the Million Roses song, oh my heaartt,,soo many feeelllss watching LSK who was watching the giant screening of him as Park Dong Hoon, how did it feel for him?? I guess without shame I would say that I shed a bit of tears watching the video,,felt surreal watching the giant screening, the OST sung live, LSK looking to the stage and the giant screen, scene by scene of Park Dong Hoon and Lee Ji An screened, and in one scene when he blushes like a school boy after hearing Ji An called him “a good person indeed”,,my heart couldn’t take it anymooooree,,.this drama seriously, what’ve you done to me, My Ajusshi?? And finally The Seoul Award, congratulation for the win, My Ajusshi!!
  5. fangirling time! many many thanks to you all who provided my fangirling materials! I am soo happy that our beloved show is recognized and awarded, and even pleasantly surprise to see that during the acceptance speech LSK brought the issue of the controversies surrounding the drama, the ups and downs of the production, as if he wanted to say how people who might have criticized the show without watching it, now with this award recognized the show, these people should really give it a try, watch it! It’s a really good drama! And the ups and downs during the production mentioned by LSK, with that I could only imagine how the cast and crew worked really hard to present us the viewers with such a great great drama. I love them!
  6. My Ajusshi is -APAN award Congratz to everyone, the crew for their hard work and us the fans who are very happyyy to see the beloved drama getting recognition such recognition in a ceremony in South Korea, after all the ‘unpleasant’ reactions and controversies, pre and during the drama airing, to say the least..I’m so happy that the crew’s great work has been granted awards. LJE, KWS, JKY, congratz! buuuuut LSK, my dear dear LSK , I would put him as the best among the three of nominees for their respectives roles this year,, I like CSW in Life, but I would say that was not his best performance,, while LBH is only decent in Mr.Sunshine (I only watch episode 10-23 and not finishing it, because I really lost interest before the final episode), so it could be because the story is not there for LBH character, however his acting in Mr.Sunshine compare to LSK in My Ajusshi? oh come on! I guess LSK is really underrated as the others here said,, -Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards Finally the news that can make some amend!! He did win, right? please don’t give me false hope guys!! Congrats, LSK! Now I’m eagerly waiting to see the video for him getting the award and giving speech! and to everyone here, happy 300 pages!! Thank you all for being in this wonderful community and discussion forum, I really appreciate it
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