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  1. Welcome, again, @justamom! I’m sure many have missed you here in this thread, I’m really glad that you decided to pop by, and I’m secretly hoping that you might write something about MA, here or in the fanfic ah, it’s almost the end of the year, time for contemplating and reflecting and as I’m counting the blessing I’ve received for the year, My Ahjusshi would be one of the best gifts of the year of 2018 has given me, not only the drama itself but also this community,, so I thank you all, for sharing the fun, and thoughtful analysis (which is fun too!), and really, it was such a great time for me watching My Ahjusshi acoompanied by this thread, what a combo! It’s festive season, I hope everyone have a fun and wonderful time, let’s be happy!
  2. Goodness me, is that the elusive My Ajusshi script?? I swiped and seen the hanja I couldn’t read at all, agghh! what does the one page script say? anyone?? I mean, I really really want to know what the script said about EVERYTHING, I admit I even care less that it could bring trouble to the poster if PD KWS knows it has been posted without his approval, hahaa.. *waiting for another post on the script
  3. I’m so happy to see all this award’s recognition to the beloved drama,,the latest this AAA for Lee Ji Eun, congratz! and now I see that even more actors/actress recognized My Ajusshi as the best drama (the latest, SooYoung SNSD), that is something I found as interesting..remember when during the airing there was an actor got backlash just because he praised My Ajusshi?? Somehow I was a bit upset that my beloved drama only now is fully praised, while during its airing got many negative comments and reactions from knetz, since I couldn’t help thinking what could have been, if there was no negative reactions during its airing, we might get the *obvious* happy ending for Dong Hoon and Ji An, dang it! hahaa,,sorry for my rant, well I guess better late than never for more people to recognize and love this drama, I should be grateful still, right? anyway, this year I’m grateful for having My Ajusshi, what a drama-watching experience, but even more, what a slice of life lesson it was! I fully agreed with @justamom in her note for her last update in the fanfic, because for me too the slice of life lesson in My Ajusshi kept giving me strength, and warmth, during my own ups and downs lately, and not many drama I would give such credits. The drama’s lasting impression has also affected me on seeing some location as a possible alternate for My Ajusshi’s, couple weeks ago I was in Sydney, and one evening I walked through Pyrmont Bridge near the Darling Harbour, and I really see the bridge as the place of JiAn crying while listening to Dong Hoon fight with Kwang Il, oh my mind messed with my heart! Right, I’m leaving for now, back to gazing that scene where Dong Hoon slowly walk beside Ji An after she praised him as a truly good person, with the OST in the background,,aaghh, I miss you two!
  4. our beloved drama won!!! and my goodness, @widala that post of LSK in tuxedooo,, thank youuu,,serious handsomeness overloaaddd thankss @sadiesmith for the video with the shot of LSK during the Million Roses song, oh my heaartt,,soo many feeelllss watching LSK who was watching the giant screening of him as Park Dong Hoon, how did it feel for him?? I guess without shame I would say that I shed a bit of tears watching the video,,felt surreal watching the giant screening, the OST sung live, LSK looking to the stage and the giant screen, scene by scene of Park Dong Hoon and Lee Ji An screened, and in one scene when he blushes like a school boy after hearing Ji An called him “a good person indeed”,,my heart couldn’t take it anymooooree,,.this drama seriously, what’ve you done to me, My Ajusshi?? And finally The Seoul Award, congratulation for the win, My Ajusshi!!
  5. fangirling time! many many thanks to you all who provided my fangirling materials! I am soo happy that our beloved show is recognized and awarded, and even pleasantly surprise to see that during the acceptance speech LSK brought the issue of the controversies surrounding the drama, the ups and downs of the production, as if he wanted to say how people who might have criticized the show without watching it, now with this award recognized the show, these people should really give it a try, watch it! It’s a really good drama! And the ups and downs during the production mentioned by LSK, with that I could only imagine how the cast and crew worked really hard to present us the viewers with such a great great drama. I love them!
  6. My Ajusshi is -APAN award Congratz to everyone, the crew for their hard work and us the fans who are very happyyy to see the beloved drama getting recognition such recognition in a ceremony in South Korea, after all the ‘unpleasant’ reactions and controversies, pre and during the drama airing, to say the least..I’m so happy that the crew’s great work has been granted awards. LJE, KWS, JKY, congratz! buuuuut LSK, my dear dear LSK , I would put him as the best among the three of nominees for their respectives roles this year,, I like CSW in Life, but I would say that was not his best performance,, while LBH is only decent in Mr.Sunshine (I only watch episode 10-23 and not finishing it, because I really lost interest before the final episode), so it could be because the story is not there for LBH character, however his acting in Mr.Sunshine compare to LSK in My Ajusshi? oh come on! I guess LSK is really underrated as the others here said,, -Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards Finally the news that can make some amend!! He did win, right? please don’t give me false hope guys!! Congrats, LSK! Now I’m eagerly waiting to see the video for him getting the award and giving speech! and to everyone here, happy 300 pages!! Thank you all for being in this wonderful community and discussion forum, I really appreciate it
  7. Regarding this scene in ep.15, my first watch has left me with the impression of JA asked for the hug because she wanted to have a last loving memory of her ‘relationship’ with her ajusshi, since she knew that she will leave hogye (and Saman) for good. She resolved that after the deal she made with JDY. However, after my second watch (and my many rewatch afterward, hehe..), I also had some other thought that JA, being so ‘nothing to lose’ in term of her affection towards DH, might have offered to hug PDH because she really thinks that DH really really need a hug (mmhh..can I volunteer?! *ahem. no? okay.). For this offer, she could be meaning it as a friendly hug. She was fully aware on how Dong Hoon’s life was hit, blow after blow. So DH appeared to be a person that really need a hug. So I guess if that what happened, it’s interesting to see that scene as showing the dynamic of their relationship, as ‘JA offered to hug PDH for a “platonic” reason (at that particular occasion)’, while DH has rejected the offer because he saw a hug between man and woman as a romantic gesture, period. He thinks that if they ever hug each other then it should be to show the whole world that they are in A ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP. Here I don’t have to remind everyone of the hug they shared in ep.16 right? It’s true, however, that the hug scene in ep.16 could be a source of another discussion, even among shipper, but I’ll talk about it some other time, haha.. Have a great week everyone, (and in PDH’s voice) let’s be happy!
  8. hi guys, soo glad to be back and able to talk to you all again Anyway, I’ve been happyyy: - to see the fansite where my post in this thread about the My Ajusshi’s timeline could contribute a bit to @h2ogirl and @sadiesmith ‘s post there, since I was a bit sad that I couldn’t show my love to the drama through any contribution in the fansite, so there now I can see my name I’m soo happy haha..thankss to fansite editors - to see our beloved drama got nominations for some awards, and LSK for the best actor, oh my dear,,now I realy really want him to win! and yess I agree to some wishes here: red carpet pics please! greedy me, yeah - the news on the possibility of a drama remake of My Ajusshi, I took it as the sign of how chinese producers see it as a compelling drama, interesting enough to attract viewers, hence they want to remake it. I would loove to see a japanese remake, since I have several jdrama that I love which I can see its crew would be able to tackle KWS’ tone of directing,,but chinese remake is fine, I take what I can get, as long as it will spread the love for the drama. I admit that I can be 99% sure that no other actor than LSK would be compelling enough as Park Dong Hoon for me, since I’m very much biased about him and also because his acting as PDH is just up up there that I doubt that some actor could be able to top it. Mark Chao is a chinese actor that I like, so that could be one good factor to make me want to check the remake, if there should be any.. Some thought on recent discussion: - I am sure that I could never, and would never, want to replace LSK and IU with other actors for their roles in My Ajusshi (the whole cast too, they are just perfect for their roles), but if I was forced to choose other korean actor with acting skill that I can accept to (try to) play the role of PDH would be Cho Seung Woo (Life, 2018), and for the role of JA might be Woo Jin Ah (Life, 2018). Cho Seung Woo has acting chop, but not sure about the ‘ordinary but attractive’ ajusshi vibe,,while Woo Jin Ah has that ‘simple (modest)’ vibe about her, but I don’t know about taking the early vibe of ‘dark’ Ji An. - bromance of DH and GD: I love it, but I also can see how the drama differentiate between the bromance and romance of DH and JA (yes, it’s a romance ), one thing for sure, DH admit his feeling on how JA is the ONE that helped him breathe, and confess about it to his brothers,,DH didn’t say ‘one of my two best friends’ or something like that, something that he can refer about the similar place and status of GD and JA in his life, they’re not the same for DH. so there, I see it as JA is not a female version of the monk. - agree with @t123han that the confession scene of the above is one that convince me much about DH’s romantic feeling toward JA, I can’t see it as platonic anymore,,the fact that DH himself think of not saying it to her directly because IT IS A ROMANTIC CONFESSION, while he was full with family and marriage baggages. It’s a too long comeback post, sorry guys, haha.. I’m wishing our beloved cast and crew of My Ajusshi the best for the awards!
  9. @noklek on the reasons why I like PDH, others here have said them all, and I agree with them (“manly and hot bod” included!) in my own words, I like him because he is a very kind person, and I think the world now need more people who are kind to others, willing to help others sincerely, no hidden agenda, the world really could use people like PDH who respect others no matter what their social status is,,so for me it’s like Dong Hoon’s character help to keep my faith in humanity,, and of course PDH being attractive just add to his positive side (shallow of me, hahaa),, one last thing, I admire people who can be a good influencer for others, and the way Dong Hoon’s character (especially for being kind and sincere) touch Ji An’s heart so that she grown into someone better, willing to change to be a better person, that’s really get me, I love him for that,,of course Ji An also has influenced Dong Hoon to grow into a better person too, now they’re just perfect for each other #foreverashipper I have read the updated interview translation in the fan site, again thank you soo much for the hard work guys,, I really enjoy reading it, many many thanks @justamom !
  10. aaahh you’re right, that calendar, so it’s not that usual 3month-based page calendar, instead it’s the one with a highlighted month in the middle, sorryy didn’t know it was and about the bold sentence in blue, thanks for the info, I didn’t know the monsoon more likely happens in the summertime. also on the other point you made, one about PD KWS you pointed out here, yes I was also in doubt that PDnim would skip several months unnoticed (not shown in the drama), I was hesitant to come with that conclusion, but previously I took that as a possibility of him asking us the viewers thinking of the month/season skip by our self,,you know, since the viewers are super smart and all if this even making any sense, I felt like I really think of Dong Hoon and Ji An as real people in real life, people I really care about their happiness and wellbeing, so reading your analysis i was even happier since that means DH and JA was not apart for more than a year, I am soo happy for them, *Ireallyamaweirdo hahaa.. @oldschooler wow that analysis on how the sequence of interviews by company might be one way of showing DH character’s growth is really interesting, and I agree with you that it is, since I remember back then in this thread some posters have been questioning how DH has been shown with little character development/growth, compare to JA, and I think now after reading your post, Dong Hoon as a subtle person, has also had a subtle character growth, and the drama chose to not showing it in obvious way, but viewers could still caught it through the interviews too.. guys, I just love the fan site, really really a good job of you who worked hard to make it, thankss!
  11. wow, the DC Inside comment on the timeline in this drama is really really interesting, now it has intrigued me to make attempt on mapping the time line so eventhough I have wanted to follow japanese broadcast as my rewatching schedule (which this coming friday would only be up to ep 7) now I couldn’t resist to try coming up with the whole timeline of My Ajusshi. I’m recollecting ep 1-16 clue that I can remember, and through rewatching some parts, and also using this new mindblowing information mentioned by @sadiesmith from @justamom digging the other rabbithole , plus my general knowledge of seasons in Korea (which could be incorrect): Spring (March-May), Summer (June-Aug), Autumn (Sept-Nov), Winter (Dec-Feb). Now here it is (with a risk of embarassing my self if it doesn’t make any sense My understanding is that In general the drama covered 2 years and 4months: starting Jan 2018, all the way to the first quarter of 2020. Jan 2018: ep 1-6. (winter is still apparent, with snow and all) (ep 2-3 DH commented how JA is 'underdressed for winter' or how cold it must be to wear a very short socks). Feb 2018: ep 7. (scene of JA got her Feb paycheck). Feb 2018: ep 8. (still winter, but soon over, means still Feb) (JA and DH walking home together after their first smile together over beer drinking. JA told DH how she hates winter, but DH said that it's spring soon). Late Feb 2018 (winter soon over): ep.9-13. (note: DH still wore winter jacket when taking grandma to elderly assissted facilities). (ep.12: JA running with the Team Three from work for the last subway, she could survive with t-shirt and jacket,,so was DH who only wore trench coat outside, no more thick wool coat, and no more winter scarf). (ep.13: the weather is no longer that cold. walking together, JA halfly teased DH on he's walking slowly now when they walk together,,and DH said that it's because the weather is no longer cold). March 2018: ep.14. (JA left hogye, standing on the street with cherry blossom above, so it was early spring=early March). March 2018: ep 15. (JA lodging in JH's place, hand casted, calendar shown March). end of March-April 2018: ep.16. (Haimoni eating choco pie with JA, falling cherry blossom (sparsely), it’s full-fledged spring, end of March or v.early April). (haimoni died: 10th of April;note in her urn vase). end of April 2018 or up to June 2018: ep 16. (scene in JH room, JA said to JH that she needs to go, not staying in hogye, because DH couldn’t come to the bar if JA still there. the calendar shown month 4-5-6) (could be end of april, May/June when JA left for Busan, farewell hug). Sept-Nov 2018: ep.16. (after the farewell hug, raining in omma's house, it’s likely in autumn). (means several months has passed since JA left for Busan, hence KH asked DH how is JA doing, which DH said he didn't hear anything from her). [my heart..breaks for him and her, *sob*] Dec 2018-May 2019: not shown in the drama. Jun 2019-Feb 2020 (9 months): ep.16. (from summer 2019, to autumn/raining 2019, to late winter/snowing 2020, showing through KH's room, the weather during his heartbreak and break up phone call moment with YR). March-April 2020: ep 16. (DH thriving as a CEO in his own company, JA transfered to HQ, presenting report of Q1 to her supervisor). April 2020: ep.16. (reunion of JA DH, JA said that she was transfered to Seoul since last March, so that scene is taking place after March). (but it should be fitting of second spring in DH’s life, hence it’s still spring: April or May 2020). phew! that’s long.. so, what do you think guys? now my heart breaks again imagining how hard it was for the two lonely souls being apart from each other for that long sooo glad that they finally meet again, my heart mended
  12. Oh my my..that magazine shot, thanks @arctichare, the japanese viewers are seriously spoiled with all these pics and interviews, if only I could speak and read japanese, but who am I kidding I was giggling hard because of that @t123han ‘s tips on handling My Ajusshi’s withdrawal symptoms,,the list is just awesome! ,,and I’m guilty on almost everything on that list! that could mean I’m a weirdo too a shout out too to a brilliant post from @oldschooler for an analysis of symbolic DH‘s relationship with drawer. I’m amazed on the level of writing that you and many posters here have, you guys’s post are truly enjoyable to read I actually didn’t intent to post anything this week since I was busier in the last couple of days, but it seems I can’t leave this thread too long, my withdrawal isn’t over anytime soon I guess, so you’ll still see me once in a while haha.. I was in ep 5-6 rewatch, that scene in ep 5 when JA woken DH up in the subway by kicking his foot, I remember back in this thread someone commented that that could be the first ‘kindness’ JA did to DH without any other ill intention, and I think so too, she was slowly starting to care about this ajusshi, earnestly. after that foot-kicking she then walked out of the station, with DH trailing behind, I really like that scene, the camera capturing her face, I think that JA looked soo pretty there, symbolically it might be doing-good-thing effect? she’s getting prettier and prettier, couldn’t imagine how hard is that for our ajusshi lastly, I’m still hoping our beloved cast and crew of My Ajusshi will at least be nominated for the Baeksang, and if not then you’ll see me shedding tears in this thread sometime in December
  13. Hi all, happy Monday! rewatching My Ajusshi with the same schedule as Japan broadcast, last Saturday up to ep.4. during this rewatch, I felt that the humour in this show which came mostly through of SH and KH still cracked me up. *ep 2: SH narrated an ajusshi story who is miserable with no money and wife, and he is sure that story could be made into a successful tv drama, then KH nonchalantly said that SH just need to give it a title ‘my own miserable story’, and SH was like ‘how did KH know that it is about me??’ oh Sang Hoon, *ep 3: money lender agent that came looking for SH, and SH successfully failed to pretend that he isn’t SH with KH exasperated. that scene might be something that has been repeated many times in a drama comedy (with a spot-on backsound), but here in My Ajusshi it never failed to give me lol time. about ‘temptation for DH in the form of JA’, I’m sure that in early as ep 1, the foundation of that temptation has been laid on, in that ladybug incident. DH seen JA’s face upclose and personal during that incident, so I’m sure that then and there DH has silently acknowledged that JA is pretty (first step of temptation: physical attraction). note: another person who has closely ‘examined’ JA face (similar close range with DH’s) is YR in ep 16, and she also thinks that JA is pretty but of course she could say it outloud, unlike our poor boy DH I also wondered on how DH has (un?)consciously chose JA over chairman, ep 3/4 where chairman invited DH to eat together..DH said he already had dinner plan (while gazing to JA). I was actually amused on how JA steely gazed could be part of DH’s rejection to chairman’s invitation, but my shipper heart could not resist to think that DH has actually wanted to know more about this young lady through a dinner date, hahaa..(I should say that I only approved this slight leaning into emotional affair of DH and JA in early episode because I couldn’t be more confused and upset on how YH could be so calm on having emotional and physical affair with JY ) ok, ep 5-6 for the next Fri-Sat thanks again for you guys who keep developing and updating the fansite, the last one I read and enjoyed so much is the one with parallel of the affair, a really good one! and please could someone help to confirm whether the location of the kiss in ep 3 is the one when DH rceived JA’s farewell call? I seem stubbornly sure that it’s the same place hence the camera paning and emphasing the spot in that heartbreaking call in ep.14. Have a good week everyone!
  14. I’ve rewatched My Ajusshi countless time but since the news broke in this forum more than a week ago that My Ajusshi will be broadcasted for the first time in Japan, I have restrained my self from rewatching it, determined (painfully) to wait until today to watch ep 1, as the Japanese viewers do: watching this gem for the first time, and excited to look forward to watch 2 episodes per week nothing from current kdrama offering excited me (but I planned to watch Life on Mars after it ended). My drama watching plate is now only filled with jdramas and wuxia, so to fill kdrama routine I rewatch some of my old favourites like Drinking Solo (romcom with lots of hearts), and On the Way to the Airport (georgeous cinematography, and I need some good cry tidbits on current discussion here: 1. my own observation among my social circle: I found it amusing that tv drama about noona romance can be so well-accepted, while I notice that in real life such romance has actually be seen as critiques-prone, sometimes can even go on to nasty comments from people on the couple’s social circle. On the contrary, ajusshi-young woman romance in tv drama drawn controversies and strong opposition, while in real life that kind of romance is seen normal, common, and could be so encouraged..tsk tsk.. people are hard to be understood,,really 2. I’m part of people who is a bit worried about how drama could affect non-adult viewers’ perception. My country almost has no-filters when it comes to what kind of tv show that can be accessed by everyone (adult and non-adult), so I think tv should stop making trashy show that teenagers could be mislead into. In that sense, yes social control (social critique) can be helpful. It’s good that there are some people who are critical about drama glorifying ajusshi prying on young women. but since that’s not what My Ajusshi is about, it’s still upsetting me that this wonderful tv show got flack on sin they didn’t commit. I just hope that the crew didn’t get too dispirited on having such backlash, even months after the show ended. Why coudn’t the nasty commenters stop? Seriously these commenters should just have a life, seems they don’t have any now, on a lighter comment, after some firsts because of this show (buying OST CD, countless times rewatch, reading fanfics), I’m now even following MNet Japan’s twitter account because of My Ajusshi, and struggling with inaccurate translations of every tweets, later I might even nag my only 1 japanese friend to translate it for me, if I ever found a tweet that indicates major update on My Ajusshi, I still couldn’t get enough of it (bonus if it involved DH JA being loveydovey) So any news update just like the post saying the japanese reception has been good is much appreciated, you guys are the best!
  15. I ordered through Yes24, and it arrived in 35 days. yes I did count per day since I was a bit anxious waiting for the CD, a newbie here, hehe..My much younger workmates who are veteran for kpop goodies were reassuring me that it should be normal for anything ordered from korea to arrive to our country in 1 or 1,5 month. so hopefully yours will arrive in no time, a month or so is normal for goodies delivery time. otherwise you can just check with their cust service through email, I heard their service is quite good. All the best!
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