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  1. Huhu i agree with you! i dont think i can bare to watch EH brokenhearted seeing DI with anyone else. His 7 years was enough. I hope DI will slowly seeing him more than a brother soon
  2. Happy to see this thread is getting more and more crowded filled with many love thoughts for this drama! Made me feel i'm not alone with all of these mushy feeling after watching all the episodes. I really really love the plot in this drama, very promising! hoping the story development will go even better in the latter episodes. Im rooting for the main leads!! So curious to see EH reaction when he knows about SJ and DI 'casual' relationship anyone knows about the rating for this drama? Just curious..
  3. Aaa cant wait for the sub!!! Can someone please translate ep 5 preview pleaseee
  4. Hi all! Finally decided to post just because i love tonight's episode! Eun Ho unconcious drinking habit really hits me, i hope this drama ends good. Im really started to ship the main leads My fav part of tonight's episode!!
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