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  1. Lol though I have to admit I am a fan of Park Shin Hye (she is already taken so I have no idea why there are stans who would still push for that ship even though I used to ship another tumultous k-drama pair involving her which has long sunken) and Ha Ji Won and used to be an avid SeGa shipper (even though the latter pair will still hold a special place in my heart but I've already knowledged that they are nothing more than just working friends while they were doing that SG drama together) and honestly those kind of crazed shippers really make me embarrassed. Since I am well aware of being in the midst of all that shipper war drama issues and I can only hope that such a case won't happen to this thread too later on. Actually a long while back before Hyun Bin and Ye Jin even collaborated, there were some chinese fans on a chinese fansite I just lurked at once in a blue moon who have started a thread there and mentioned how fitting they would look together when they pointed out that their personalities complement each other too and I couldn't agree more at that time when I read that since I always thought they have similarities for sure not just the way they smile and all.. ; but they also seem to match each other aura/demeanour-wise. Now this dream of BinJin working together and possibly even developing their relationship into something more is finally coming true and I only hope for the best for these two in their upcoming drama.
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