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  1. Ouuu, did care taker Ms. Jung at the hospital texted Seok Heee to come back home. At the end of episode four, when lawyer Yoon came into the hospital to tell grandpa that grandpa have all the rights to pass his shares to Seok Hee, care taker Ms. Jung closed/locked the door then grandpa is awake later. Is Ms. Jung one of the people that grandpa trust and mentioned about having more than one person he could rely on at the beginning of episode four in the flashback car scene with the butler before the car accident.
  2. Lots of good questions, guys! I love it! @Sirry Usly, I think Seok Hee’s grandpa is her dad’s dad since they all have the same last name, Mo. While we’re on this topic, I wonder, I really do wonder, if Seok Hee’s dad is her grandpa’s biological son, if he is, why don’t her grandpa give her grandpa’s shares in the company to her dad instead of her in the will. What is the true relationship between Seok Hee’s grandpa and dad? Is Seok Hee’s dad an adopted son or son-in-law to her grandpa? Or her dad is her grandpa’s real son but her grandpa think her dad is lacking, not a good person to take over the company? I find Seok Hee’s dad to be a pretty interesting character. I’m going to finish watching episode four and will comment more later.
  3. I’m loving the first two episodes so far! It’s my first time seeing Im Soo Hyang act and she’s awesome, love her character! It’s nice to see Lee Jang Woo again after My Only One! The storyline is great! I wish the drama is already done airing! Can’t wait for episode three!
  4. ymiss

    Ko Soo 고수

    Waiting patiently to hear when Ko Soo will be in a new drama again! Miss him already! Wasn’t really feeling Heart Surgeons’ storyline even though it was an awesome drama in acting wise!
  5. I don’t think one wants to and/or could stop their self from falling in love even if it’s not right. It’s happening in this drama and in real life. Woo Hyuk knew Jung Won was married yet he still continues to be involve with her. It was kind of fate too, wasn’t it, that brought them together time after time in different encounters. Both Woo Hyuk and Jung Won are sinners but the sin is heavier for Jung Won since she can’t seem to get out of her marriage with Min Ho. It has showed that Jung Won wanted a divorce, I’m not exactly sure when, whether it’s before or after her affair with Woo Hyuk started. Still, she tried running away from Min Ho, flying out of the country but was brought back to Min Ho. I’m not sure how many times she has try running away from Min Ho but she did try in one flashback. She just can’t escape Min Ho! If she notify the police, will that work? Let’s say she went to the police and Min Ho was locked up for some years for physical abuse, sexual abuse and what not, during that time, could she run away from Min Ho forever? When Min Ho gets out, will he still be able to find her? Let’s answer these questions ourselves, should we!? I know this aspect, the romance, love between the male and femal leads, is bothering some of us who are watching the drama since there’s not much buildup, explanation on it but if we try to look at it in a different perspective and make sense out of what’s given to us in the drama, we may be able to see why they love each other. I think Jung Won stopped loving and try to get away from Min Ho who knows how long before she became romantically, sexually involved with Woo Hyuk.
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