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  1. Waiting patiently to hear when Ko Soo will be in a new drama again! Miss him already! Wasn’t really feeling Heart Surgeons’ storyline even though it was an awesome drama in acting wise!
  2. I don’t think one wants to and/or could stop their self from falling in love even if it’s not right. It’s happening in this drama and in real life. Woo Hyuk knew Jung Won was married yet he still continues to be involve with her. It was kind of fate too, wasn’t it, that brought them together time after time in different encounters. Both Woo Hyuk and Jung Won are sinners but the sin is heavier for Jung Won since she can’t seem to get out of her marriage with Min Ho. It has showed that Jung Won wanted a divorce, I’m not exactly sure when, whether it’s before or after her affair with Woo Hyuk started. Still, she tried running away from Min Ho, flying out of the country but was brought back to Min Ho. I’m not sure how many times she has try running away from Min Ho but she did try in one flashback. She just can’t escape Min Ho! If she notify the police, will that work? Let’s say she went to the police and Min Ho was locked up for some years for physical abuse, sexual abuse and what not, during that time, could she run away from Min Ho forever? When Min Ho gets out, will he still be able to find her? Let’s answer these questions ourselves, should we!? I know this aspect, the romance, love between the male and femal leads, is bothering some of us who are watching the drama since there’s not much buildup, explanation on it but if we try to look at it in a different perspective and make sense out of what’s given to us in the drama, we may be able to see why they love each other. I think Jung Won stopped loving and try to get away from Min Ho who knows how long before she became romantically, sexually involved with Woo Hyuk.
  3. Awe, I was right! Soo Ho was there, he went into the office after Min Ho was killed and he was the one that ran into the guards! I really need to wait until the English subtitles are 100% before watching! Going back to continue finishing episode eight!
  4. Totally forgot about the helicopter’s wife, @anony12345! Thanks! Too many things are happening in this drama, I’m remembering this and not that, lol! And yes, you may be correct, Jung Won may of not donate her blood yet so her being pregnant, she will not be able to help the assistant’s situation. All these flashbacks are just ladders for the present and not fully follow through yet, I have to remember that. I don’t think Woo Hyuk care as to how Jung Won’s past is and/or how she’s connected to his revenge or what not. I think he has his own reasons, evidences to back himself up, we just have to wait and see, and/or him destroying the USB is helping Jung Won. But you may just be right, at the end, him destroying the USB and I personally think him getting involve with Jung Won may just backfire at him! With the twists and turns and the writer being so obvious, I have a feeling Jung Won didn’t end up killing Min Ho. She was going to but someone else did before hand. Lastly, where’s the will!? And who’s the old man Woo Hyuk picked up from the airport earlier!? I meant to ask that sooner but forgot about it. I think I have to go back and rewatch all the episodes!
  5. Wow, just wow! The end of episode seven! Didn’t expect that at all! Feels good to be all caught up with the episodes! Way too many good looking men in this drama! The assassin guy and Min Ho’s assistant! Well, that’s two plus Min Ho, lol! And Woo Hyuk! Still too early to pin point at only one particular person as to who’s the killer! I’m not ruling out Young Eun yet; the assassin order by the mother and uncle; Min Ho’s assistant; Jung Won and/or Woo Hyuk! It’s either one or two of them or another whole plot twist by another person we’re not even thinking of! Is the woman being held captive Min Ho’s mother!? The mother’s, uncle’s stand by man, assasin is monitoring the woman on camera so I wouldn’t be surprise if it’s Min Ho’s mother! Or is this another whole twist as well! Why did Jung Won wanted to tell Min Ho’s assistant that she’s pregnant!? What kind of relationship became of Jung Won and the assistant after Jung Won helped the assistant by giving her blood to his wife, sister, daughter in the flashback!? What’s the point of telling him!? She didn’t sleep with him too did she!? Lol! Is he like a brother to her now or what!? Is Min Ho still alive and it’s Min Ho’s baby and she wanted to tell him to go tell Min Ho!? Lmao! Oh my, I can’t stop thinking about this! Why does the assistant need to know that she’s pregnant??? I feel Jung Won! I think she didn’t go to the police regarding her situation with Min Ho because she feels bad for him and she loved him, she fell in love with him at a point in time. I think she love him and was true to him until she found out he was cheating on her with Young Eun. I mean Young Eun purposely wanted her to find out and she did. She probably stopped letting Min Ho sleep with her after she found out about their affair and that’s when Min Ho started abusing her and raping her! Did she started cheating on Min Ho with Woo Hyuk after finding out about the affair and being abused!? So Woo Hyuk is sincere about his love for Jung Won! I guess so! Fate keep putting them together!
  6. Soo Ho is not the murderer, @anony12345. He had a fight with Min Ho before Min Ho was murdered and from that which may left his DNA on Min Ho. I personally think he was at the scene after Min Ho was murdered though. I agree that after the first two episodes, the storyline’s been pretty slow and boring. So that sex video was of Min Ho and Young Eun huh. I couldn’t hardly tell who the woman is no matter how many times I watched that part, lol.
  7. My guess may be right! So either Soo Ho was set up or he was really there at the scene like I suspected from the beginning! I feel bad for Soo Ho but at the same time, I don’t, lol. Let’s see how his character is going to play out.
  8. That will be too easy of a storyline if Woo Hyuk did that, @clmgh0st, lol. And if Jung Won was actually the killer, that’s too obvious, lol. Heck yeah, Min Ho knew about their affair, being the person that he is, he could just kill Woo Hyuk. But then there wouldn’t be any more storyline to continue the drama, lol. There are no cameras in that room and if I was reading the English subtitles correctly, the other cameras were erased/gone, something like that so anyone could be a suspect. Hmmm. I don’t know, Woo Hyuk seem like a pretty smart man, not afraid and such. He was eyeing the direction of Jung Woo’s car and the building pretty hard in episode two or was it just the camera work for us, lol. If he was able to kiss Jung Won on the stairs with see through glasses, I’m sure he could kill for free, lol.
  9. I agree, @clmgh0st on your thought that Jung Won may be using, playing Woo Hyuk! I was thinking the same. As to the reason why she’s using him, I’m not really sure but it may just have to do with the article that he wrote about her which led to her marrying Min Ho. I’m wondering what’s the actual connection here. I have a feeling that Woo Hyuk may be the killer. I think he did follow Jung Won and come in time to save her and kill Min Ho. Lol! Woo Hyuk asked her in the interrogation room why she didn’t ask for help regarding Min Ho assaulting her in the parking lot but she said she’s “okay with being the only one hurting”. Is she okay though? I don’t think she is, with her pain and all, and her running to Woo Hyuk. Also, why can’t she just leave Min Ho, why, what’s the reason why she keeps staying, lol. I think the man that the two guards ran into during the scene when Min Ho was killed, I think that man was Soo Ho. The way that man carry his posture, attitude and personality have a Soo Ho like feel, mommy boy, frustrating, frightening, scare, don’t know what to do. I think Soo Ho was there after Min Ho was murdered and he freaked out. I may be reading into this too much though. On a side note, Yoo Ra is too pure and innocent! Hmmm. I think there’s more to her character and she may not be all that innocent. I’m suspecting her, lol!
  10. You’re welcome, @zenya22! Yes, this drama is too good, I have to keep talking, lol. Yeah, I rewatched parts of episode two and when Jung Won first came into the journalist/reporting office as the newest member in the flashback, one of the members, a lady recognized her resembling someone and Jung Won acknowledged it as Jung Won the actress so I’m assuming she’s already an actress before entering Myungshin Daily, the entertainment report company where Woo Hyuk worked in the past. Then when both Woo Hyuk and Jung Won was eating in the cafeteria, they talked like they already knew each other before hand because of each other’s taste in food or something??? Also, when Jung Woo first came into the building walking with the unnie and Woo Hyuk was coming down the stairs with his sunbae or something, he recognized her too??? So I’m assuming Woo Hyuk knew her as the actress since he’s an entertainment reporter at that time and he wrote an article about her. Then he met her in person at Myungshin Daily after she stopped acting and is married because she did mentioned about the article he wrote about her in the cafeteria as well. Hmmm. I’m watching episode three at Viki without any English subs and the first scene is so good already!
  11. Is anyone watching episode three live? I’m really looking forward to as how Woo Hyuk’s article on Jung Won being sponsored by a chaebol came about into real life in terms of her marrying Min Ho!!! How it all happened and why Jung Won decided/has to marry Min Ho.
  12. Wow, just wow! Love everything about this drama! The cast, the storyline, everything! Gosh, so good! And wow, I was shocked! I didn’t think the storyline will end like it did in episode two! And omg, what a crazy storyline, lol! But I love it! So real, the affair, unhappiness, abusing and such! The cast is phenomenal! I can’t remember who Jang Hee Jin is and/or play in The Village but wow, I’m really liking her character, Han Jung Won in here! It’s only two episodes and she’s nailing it for me already! Park Si Ho and Kim Ji Hoon are so good! I really like Jang Shin Young’s soft and quiet character in here as well! I can’t wait for episode three!
  13. Is there really no love line in this drama at all!? I can feel love connections every where! Lol! Oh well. So far, so good! I’m really enjoying this drama! The storyline is not new or anything but refreshing! Ko Soo is so good looking! I love him so much!
  14. Omg, it’s airing tomorrow, so exciting! It’s finally here! Is anyone watching live? Please please summarize and capture screen pictures if possible, if anyone is watching live! @sonamu, The Empire of Gold was bomb, no love story and hardly any actions, just the actors expressing and talking, saying dialogues yet so good! Ko Soo was so good looking in that drama!
  15. Same here, I was hoping for a triangle love story between the three main leads but it’s okay. I’m sure this drama will work out fine. Cross didn’t have a love story either and it was awesome! It’s getting closer, can’t wait to see Ko Soo!
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