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  1. YASSS!!! I'm so happy that she joined Namoo where her friend Geun Young is! :D Wishing all the best things for her. <3

    Like it said in the article " Even though Moon Chae Won recently received many offers from other top management companies, she has decided to partner up with Namoo Actors for our sincerity." 

    I had no doubts about the first part of the sentence and sounds like Chae Won's sincerity matches with the agency's. I've seen the CEO on 1 night 2 days and he seems like such a kind man. An example I would give is one of the actors there - Kim Joo Hyuk, his late father (also an actor) entrusted the CEO to look after his son like a brother. So I'm at ease now that she'll be looked after. 

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  2. Just wanted to share some of my favourite gorgeous fan-edited videos. :wub:

    MV credit to Moonjus. Song - Someone out of town by Yuna.

    "You walk by but you don't see me. Slow motion and so gracefully. Be my friend and I'll show you around. I'm in love with someone out of town."


    MV credit to AvadaKedavra Creations with Sam Tsui's We Found Love cover. "

    "It's the way I'm feeling I just can't deny. But I've gotta let it go. We found love in a hopeless place."



    MV credit to Escape Ina with Madilyn Bailey's cover of This is What You Came For. 

    "Baby, this is what you came for. Lightning strikes every time she moves. And everybody's watching her. But she's looking at you"


    MV credit to emma with Gabrielle Aplin's Start of Time. Includes ep 6 scenes. 

    "When you walked into the room just then, it's like the sun came out."

    The sun = someone who makes you happy. Also works because royalty = the sun


    Cr to  bugz.funny [2nd back up] with Barcelona's cover of Love Story. This one made me squeal so much! Also includes ep 6. Shows off Park Bo Gum at his most handsome. 

    "Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone. I'll be waiting; all that's left to do is run. You'll be the prince and I'll be the prince. It's a love story, baby just say yes"

    Cr to  Dreamer ENB with Birdy's Not ABout Angels. 

    "If your heart was full of love, could you give it up?"



    Cr to  DiosaUnica96 with Alex G - 4 am. 

    "But still I'd run for miles. Just to be near you."


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  3. Watching episode 6 has made my heart flutter so much! Our OTP is killing it!  :wub: From how Lee Yeong came for Ra on every time and I love how they convey their emotions to each other through their eyes especially in the parting scene. Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung have amazing chemistry together! :wub: I love OTPs that speak through their eyes and keep this up, they'll be one of my favourite OTPs ever! 
    How sad was Lee Yeong to see Ra On with bruises from being bound by ropes? And when he said to her to stay by his side, I just died. 

    In episode 5, Park Bo Gum had beautiful form in the underwater scene. You could tell he's a swimmer. Afterwards with Ra On's dream, with both of them having lost their mothers, it's so painful for both of them and I wish for these two souls to find happiness with each other. Of course, I loved all the festival moments from where he was shooting the target for her to make her feel good about herself. I'm such a sucker for lantern scenes - they're beautiful! I honestly can't express how much I love that he used his wish on her, that she'll be able to find her mother, saying that her wish is his wish. That is honestly so precious. Declaring that "this is my person" also made me squeal a lot harder than "she's my woman" because I feel like the former expresses loyalty and faithfulness more than the latter. 

    Also, of course, echoing everyone that Ra On's dance scene in episode was utterly mesmerising. The way she was able to bring back memories of his mother for Lee Yeong was so moving. 

    Above all, I love how earnest and sincere this two are and I just wish for them to be happy together! 


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  4. Thanks @Jillia for the link! :)

    For anyone who might wanna live stream next week, this link was the one that worked for me. KBS seems to have blocked many today. 

    For me, the best scenes today were when Kim Yoo Jung and Park Bo Gum shared the screen.

    I was sweating with Ra On in the "eunuch confirmation" test but it was quite funny how she got lucky and got the seal. Lol

    Lee Young is definitely gonna fall for Ra On who treats him like an equal although of course she didn't know his status quite yet.Who's that happy when their finger gets bitten? Lol. She treats him like a friend and he doesn't seem to have many of these. 

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  5. Thoughts after watching live and raw vids:

    I really love YJ's personality. The girl's so relatable. Love how she is so smart to throw away the phone so that KC won't be complicit in this mess. But was kinda annoyed at the police for not at least giving her a mask to protect her identity in front of the reporters. Now the entire nation in the webtoon world knows what she looks like so it will be dangerous if she crosses over to KC's world again because people will recognize her (a lot more than just the waiter). 

    And can I just fangirl over how pretty both leads are - Han Hyo Joo in the interrogation scene (this is ridiculous!) and Lee Jong Suk really looks like a manwha character. 

    Also really love the kinda brother-sister relationship between SB and YJ. He was so concerned for her well-being that he tripped and fell on his knees. Also erasing out the 'to be continued' part to prevent her from being dragged into the webtoon world again. Bless him. I'm so touched. 

    Nearing the end of the episode, I knew that KC was gonna cross over to YJ's world but I had shivers with the way the scene was executed. A perfect combination of acting, directing and music. 

    Really appreciated Lee Jong Suk's acting when he got told that he's a manhwa character. At the beginning, seems like he was kinda in denial/fact not really sinking in despite her disappearing before his very own eyes (for him that's just confirming she's from another world) but only when he was talking to his show producer, he started to process it more and realized the truth that there was indeed something up with this world and time froze. 

    But how horrible must it be for someone to be told that they're a fictional character? All your emotions, thoughts and experiences are invalidated just like that. It must be devastating for someone to hear. 

    The poor boy's gonna go through an existential crisis next week and a lot of suffering. :(

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  6. Really loved this episode too. It's really entertaining. 

    Was swooning so much when Kang Chul picked up Yeon Joo in a bridal carry style and also when he held her waist when he was kissing her. Such a sucker for those moves. 

    I was freaking dying both when she revealed herself and also when she shouted out "saranghaeyo". So much second-hand embarrassment haha and the look on her face says that the girl knows she's getting desperate to find her exit out of this webtoon world too. XD

    Is Yeon Joo  a webtoon character in Kang Chul's world? She didn't get hurt by the bullet. So does that mean will Kang Chul be less prone to injuries if he crosses over to Yeon Joo's world? But it doesn't make sense that YJ didn't get hurt. Are either of the worlds even real?

    Also Dad seems to be freaking out a lot after the fight scene between KC and hooded guy. Who is that mysterious entity and does he even have a face? Was Dad destroying the screen because he was really scared that the guy may enter the real world? For some reason, it doesn't come across as him being frustrated and scared at KC in that moment. 

    Really loved SH's skirt too and thanking the writer that she tried to stop KC from shooting YJ and having enough empathy to put jealousy aside. On the other hand wasn't too impressed that his bodyguard didn't make much of an attempt to stop him. 

    I had my issues with the shooting scene but got over that in TK2H but boy, he better grovel for forgiveness again later on. 

    On the other hand, I really did like the connection when she asked him to be careful and mentioned that she's a fan of his. 

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  7. Backtracking through this forum now. I apologize in advance if some of you are getting an insane amount of notifications from me. 

    Thank you @Rania Zeid for creating this thread and posting goodies especially the beautiful tumblr posts. Absolutely love the bridge scene -  I keep rewatching it. 

    Will come back with thoughts later on after watching ep 2 subbed. 

    @an-naum Hyo Joo's episodes on 1 night 2 days season 3 are ep 119 and 120 I think. You can watch it on kshowonline. Sorry if it's off-topic but also for those who like Hyo Joo now in W and wanna check it out. :)

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  8. 30 minutes ago, chyantrils25 said:


    @evergreen i knew it,i recognized you hehe i was once active in 1N2D when Hyo Joo was their guest:D


    Oh wow, you must have a great memory! :D Thanks for remembering me hehe. The episodes where Hyo Joo guested 1n2d were very fun! Joon Young's singing the 1st OST of this drama isn't he? I wonder if 1n2d is the reason why. 

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  9. 19 hours ago, chyantrils25 said:

    annyeong and welcome to our WORLD! welcome.gif 

    hmmm were you happen to be active from 1N2D thread?.....looking at your profile pic i assume you're an active member from MCW's thread?(HyoJoo's close friend:))

    Thank you for the welcome @Rania Zeid, @chyantrils25 and @sakura2016.

    @chyantrils25, Yes I love 1N2D and I dropped in on the thread from time to time. I'm definitely most active on MCW-related threads here on soompi. Here to support Hyo Joo now - CW's bff. :)

    Anyway my two cents on the drama now. I think this is the first episode of a drama in ages that has captivated me and I wanted to watch the 2nd episode straightaway. The story's really interesting. Visually it looks great especially the bridge scene (it really looked like a webtoon with heightened reality) and the backgroud music from Signal music director works well. Can't wait to see what's in store for us next!

    And oh wow this thread moves fast. Jumped 9 pages from the last time I visited. 


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