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  1. hello... i still can't get over... OMG... my heart Han Shang Yan x Tong Nian Wishing for Season 2
  2. im from cebu too... nice too meet fellow cebuanos here

  3. this drama want me to throw all my things here i was soooo arrrrgggg.. the last scene of ep4 when president was ask if you are dismiss in your position before becoming the acting president and he answered yes...he already reveal his weakness on live TV and because of this, his credibility as the acting president was already shaken and now added new villain to his lists how will he overcome this? on the next episodes i hope he will meet kang ha na the female NIS one.. she know the real truth... acting president park moo jin is a smart one.. although he doesnt know about politics im sure he can learn and make his bold move. its so hard for me to follow and at the same time to like a political drama... but to think im getting hype with this one and it surprises me... im not really into this type of drama but the thrilled and suspense plus the actor portraying really got me excited... see you next week... President Park Moo Jin (Ji Jin Hee)
  4. Igutu is Half-Nweantal and Half-Saram(human) In Tagon's case his father was Saram and we kinda understood that his mother is Nweantal. And during his one on one fight with EunSoom he was cut by a knife and the blood that shown on Tagon's injured leg was purple, and this is were it was revealed that Tagon is indeed an Igutu
  5. Ep11 Recap Tanya's curse on Moo-Gwang will now came true. Nweantal's will be the one that will kill him brutally. When their fellow Kin was in grave danger our good nweantals to the rescue....
  6. yeah... i was wondering the blue eyes that nweanthal has... she sure hides it... but good thing the remaining nweantal saw the good thing on some Saram which is Chae Eum's clan and they didn't harm them.
  7. Episode 10 Recap Tagon saw the Totem Markings with the message about "Aramun Haesulla came down to us in a form of an Igutu" which is I expect as Saya's scheme (but not really sure if my translation/understanding is correct) Chae-Eun meet and finally knew who Tanya is, and now she will find out EunSoom is alive (YEHEY) Mubaek and the head of Bachidoore tribe saw Nweanthal (do they have some connection with the young girl?)
  8. SAYA= Yeah i think so too, And in my guess the only reason why Saya wants to be Aramun is to overpower Tagon. For all he thought he was his father with the same blood and the only Igutu's left, but i guess at the same time he might have the idea that Tagon wasn't his real father, the fact that he wants to dominate Tagon just for the reason he wants to be released from his possession. EUNSOOM= Eunsoom's imprisonment will make him grow stronger, i laugh soo hard when Kanmoreu not saving and turning him down talking that EunSom is weak hahaha... I wonder if tonights episode we will get Kanmoreu into action and rescuing our Aramun from the prison. We all know that where Aramun is Kanmoreu is there. TAEALHA= One thing I'm wondering if Tagon will tell her about Tanya's true identity or will she be deceive by him. How is she going to react when she heard the news about Tanya as Asa Sin's direct descendants, she already feared her by knowing about Saenarae TAGON= What kind of scheme will he make to use Tanya for his own advantage. I don't want the idea that he is going to marry Tanya for his sake. Saya and Taelha will definitely disagree with that. But the fact that he knew who holds the God's power will make him more powerful. MUBAEK= Becoming the double agent is something to look forward to, he holds the key for the restoration of the Arthdal's Union to set things right about the neanthals extinction that was cause by Tagon's brutal tactic. By the help of Tagon which he thought to be on his side. He might use this chance to get more info, "It's a double pleasure to deceive the deceiver" And i want to see a scene where Mubaek and Tanya will have a chance to meet each other. Like we all said, lets connect the dots. NWEANTAL= The rise of nheantal will feared Saram, and chaos will happen, but the one thing im getting excited for their arrival is there encounter with the Igutu twins. Did they follow them individually while they grow up. Do they know who they(the twin) was? They were being hiatus for a long time. Did they prepared for an attack, now that they already inform Saram that their are survivors. I wonder they are the only survivors left? THE NEW FOUND TRIBE= I have no idea how will these tribe function, i saw Chae Eum (the one who help EunSoom) as being part of these tribe and the other girl. Will these tribe help the three heavenly objects EunSoom(Sword), Saya(Mirror), Tanya(Bell) ??? EP10 PREVIEW
  9. This mystery left me questions after the first episode was airing.. they wipe out all the Neanthals and i was wondering what happen to these two kids.. Rottip and the other kid suddenly missing after Asa Hon flew to IARK, she left them both. After episode 9 questions has now been answered. Both of them are alive and kicking... hahaha The Rise of the Neanthals are now ready to fight some Arth-Union's Asa Ron's scheme will now become real and everyone in Arthdal will be in grave danger They both sense Saya.. or did they knew all along that he was Ragaz's child??? So many revelations happening in just one episode... I'm looking forward for the next one...
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