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  1. The magnae a.k.a "dancing machine" ^^;;; Full Name; Lee Taemin Nicknames; Taeminnie Birthdate; July 18, 1993 Hometown; Dongbong-gu, Seoul Height; 175-179cm Weight; 50-55kg Blood Type; B Family; Parents, Older Brother Favorite Color; White Favorite Food; Steak/Beef Favorite Artists/Role Models; Michael Jackson, Usher, Justin Timberlake Hobbies/Specialties; Dancing [Popping], Piano, Mandarin, Listening To Music cr; as tagged. Taemin's SM Audition cr; SHINeeSarang @ youtube Taemin dancing to "So Bucc" cr; Ladychan @ youtube Taemin's First International Forum
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