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  1. labbit said: angelangie said: Piping Rahardja said: 130713-wgmg-gui-gui-fb-page-9-630x630.jpis that taec ring.....? i just want to know... thank you.....

    Taec ring is gold in color......not too sure if that is taec ring
    This is her wedding rings of GWGM...think she took this pic during the period of the filming..not so sure if they return the rings because I guessed this must be v v ex...Think I read somewhere Guigui brought all the gifts Taec gave her to Taiwan but I not sure if the rings is included because she do not wear it anymore and so is Taec's.

    there is actually two sets of ring they wore......one is with the big diamond lols....and also during the interview with iQiyi she did said that she brought everything back and the fans that asked did also mention the ring.....and she said yes she brought everything back....so my guess is that if she really does brought everything back...and also did brought the ring back maybe it the smaller one and not the one with the big diamond ring ROFL :D

    if you actually check there some differences to the ring she wrong in the collages and the ring they pick and also during their exchanging ring ceremony :/

  2. lamey said: Hey yo girls!

    Just wanted to ask if you girls know anywhere to download FULL episode of WGM ? I've decided to download it so I can watch it anytime I want and dont need to wait for it to buffer. Since I think Im gonna rewatch again and again haha!
    try it thru the dailymotion or wonderful generations they should have the full set :)

  3. i felt what you mean @Thet....about getting too attached....as in the entertainment world sometimes things are too hard to predict as their world is another set of complications that we the outsider dont really understand about....or how clean and how dirty it goes....we are never even sure about it too....sometimes things happen sometimes they dont.....and i hate to get attached to anything....as letting go is almost like ripping yourself off......
    and honestly i hate it when ppl said that Gui Gui got to attached to Taec and that he is indifferent to her and everything...i had said before and again that Gui Gui is honestly someone who is very expressive about herself and there is nothing much for her to hide as to her....she is what she is....and that will be it....for to her there is nothing for her to hide....and being the fact that GWGM is about being yourself to your another half...or how will you treat your other half.....so she did her best to project how will she felt with other half and how she will live with her other half too....
    the major attraction to me at the very least is that how i felt about them....Taec dont hide how he felt....or even when he is annoyed he projected it out honestly.....as the same as gui gui even though he might be more subtle about it....from the beginning we felt the barrier dividing them....and how they stood apart when the filming stop and so on.....i do not felt that is a cold shoulder as mention by @tygg but if you said it a cold shoulder i will not abuse you if your thinking.....but i will said it more like each giving each a space to breath....two prefect strangers that do not know each other fully but is force into marriage....how do you think you will react to that yourself.....
    but gradually as the filming roll on and proceeded....we can felt them more at ease with each other and that they do joke and tease around each other on and off....and how each do their stuff together and how each greeted each other when filming or before filming start....no two individual even though felt the spark at the very first moment....will actually attached themselves to another with just a look.....even though their interest is perk....they will gauge and contemplate what their next move to be...slowly and slowly we can actually felt that their attachment towards each other grows and consume not only them but also the audience.....
    to me...TaecGui had actually represent the process of falling in love together....and how to build a relationship between two prefect stranger into two prefect pairs....

  4. charliew said: Whatever happen between Taec and Gui, I will leave it to God because He knows what is the best for both of them. Even tho i really want them to be real but once again He created them so i will leave everything to Him. I only want the best for GuiGui. She is a real true person, she has a pure heart. She deserves the best. But i wont stop praying for them to be together  :D

    this one of the most cutest moment.....Taec was the one that pointed out the duck....and when guigui her every guileless self just went to grab it.....it head came off and Taec reactions was that 'You kill me!' im not sure how many times i play it lols...
    but did you girls notice one thing? the placing of the duck and how Taec said it....he pointed out that the duck nearest to Gui Gui is him while the duck closest to him is Gui Gui....lols and yes he is the one who said the duck is them....there are so many thing he can said about the duck but he said that those duck are them.....as it is also chinese believe that Mandarin duck is also the love symbol in between two lover :)

  5. em00 said: has anyone else wondered why the global version didnt have the MC commentary like the regular version does? i think it would be more interesting if the had the MC for the global version too!  @em00
    i actually didnt watch the regular WGM till recently.....honestly i wonder how it felt to have the MC commentary like that.....but im not sure.....cause it a lil hard as i think there will be language barrier for the MC as well :) so maybe that why they didnt put it there....or some other reason....never really dwell on it....maybe if they put the MC commentary it will be more well received in Korea ??? not too sure since this program was set to aim for the global market :)
    so honestly im not too sure how i felt having someone else commenting away while we watching......what about you?

  6. Lmangla said: BiruAngel said:





    part 2: digging through GuiGui's FB
    so this was very interesting.. I was under the impression that she posted links to every episode preview but she didn't. previews for episode 10, 12 and 13 were not posted..
    its really interesting that in the beginning, she just posts the links and tells people to watch.. but as the episodes gain, there seems to be more personal messages attached to the links.. read through and post your thoughts...

    april 19
    posts youtube link to ep 3 preview
    I remember watching Oh! (translated by google)
    Remember to watch wow! (translated by bing)

    ep 3 -- again, will take google translate. "I remember watching oh!" -- this is the episode where she got the shoes. so the first real personalized comment and she is remembering something that she mentioned as really significant

    @Lmangla   Can't read Chinese but can understand basic verbal words.  So i got help from google translate. ..... I tend to agree with your comment & analysis except for Ep 3.   GG actually wrote/meant :  Remember to watch oh .....  i.e remember to watch the episode  :D biru angel -- how come your google translator translated it differently? so strange.. mine translated it as "I remember watching oh!" and it sounded like something someone would say while reminiscing...
    dont rely on those Bing and Google translation 100% i usually only use it to translate certain words which i dont fully comprehend as they do it in a direct sense and while most language are constructed differently base on their noun and grammars and also base on what comes first and come second.....so it will sounded very weird.....and most of the sentence will not make sense.....
    which also one of the reason why when two different ppl with two different languges background are talking to each other sometimes they will cause a certain degree of misunderstanding

  7. Lmangla said: Part 3: digging through GuiGui's FB -- these were the pictures that I remember we all got excited by, though some I cannot remember why..can someone remind me how this was connected to Taec? I know there was a "miss you" somewhere but guess it was uploaded on weibo perhaps?

    july 27
    朋友的牌子Sexy music 1981!支持支持,帶起來•••
    Friends of the brand Sexy music 1981! Support Support with up • • • (translated by google)
    Friend makes Sexy music 1981! Support support, · · · (translated by bing)

    july 30
    Good morning, coming to my hands, I caught you anyway! (translated by google)
    Good morning, quickly came to my hands, I catch you! (translated by bing)

    july 31
    This birthday gift slept in my bed! ! ! ! (translated by google)
    This birthday went to sleep in my bed!!!! (translated by bing)

    aug 5
    caption: OMG

    aug 22
    Two quilts ghosts to scare people. (translated by google)
    Two quilts ghosts, scary. (translated by bing)

    P.S. -- didn't see this before but notice that the caption for the last picture reads TWO quilt ghosts.. interesting no? any thoughts?
    @lmangla lets see if i can make sense on it for you....
    the very first one happen where the hat is happen because taec was posting his script and he cover his lower half his face and guigui cover her upper half of her face with the hat :)
    then on 30th July gui gui posted her hand open wide as if to catch something in sync of Taec posting various pictures looking for GonWoo his WAY characters which he reveal where is he in the very last photos :)  so in a sense instead of go looking it more like Gui Gui said 'Just hand yourself over will you'
    while on the 3rd pictures usually you will only have that types of pillow when u missing someone or there someone that you really want to hug :)
    the 4th pictures i cant remember??? anyone??? =)) sorry after working for almost  16 hours straight with only 4 hours sleep in between and now working again....im honestly more brain dead than most lols....
    5th one was the most probably the best to interpret and easier to interpret which @packmule3 unnie done it wonderfully and it happen also after taec play with the shower curtain and guigui play with the blanket :)

  8. @Lmangla
    actually i wouldnt make it her habbits to fully promote the show.....as she tends to do things randomly....she has this random ideas about how stuff should be done and will be done too....lols...at the times of promoting....she was wrapping up her shows in China for The Four so she is honestly more tight up with it....and while in between the last few episode she was settling down in Heng Dian for her latest drama job which probably means that she will have more times to promote in between.....
    while she was more subdue in between the episode instead i will say mainly due to the scandal between her and George as it was broke out during the times they were filming in Jejudo and not during the release periods.....so instead of the reason why she didnt promote in between i wouldnt say it due to the scandal between her and George while will be more to another fan wars going on in between her and Arron's latest drama lead partner which was actually spawn from the fan and she was by far the most innocent as at that particular times she was totally busy with filming and getting settling down in Heng Dian for her latest job........
    Taec did promote but he is more subtle compare to Gui Gui.....he convey his msg when there was earthquake happen during the begining of the airing of their GWGM and that means they are still filming probably almost towards the end of their filming.....that was actually his way of sending his concern msg to Gui Gui......as he cannot directly addresses her so they did it as his concern for the ppl there but also that means it included gui gui to begin with......
    @packmule3 unnie your floors is yours lols and any of you that felt like to contribute too :)
    yes you are right on that...it does serve as a reminder to her fans to remind them to watch the show as a form of support for her :) and of course Taec :)

  9. 129alphabet said:

    I may be delusional to a point of no return (just like many of us here) *cough* @angelangie *cough* =)) but I think more than the "relationship"; it's the feeling they have for each other that we claim real; that even if they are not together as lovers, it still can't be denied that they share a mutual felling for each other :) @129alphabet
    hmmmm you sure u have the right person....cause im pretty sure @packmule3 unnie have me down on the most rational teams among us :D
    hehehehe :P ......

  10. @Lmangla
    since you said you are of age and need something stronger to make you boost up here we go....and dont worry....see i have one refrigarator full of it....that should cover you till you finish with everthing that you suppose to right :D
    and Kiddoss.... yes i mean those underage one....dont even think of sneaking in and grab a toast....i cane your back sides for your parents lols

  11. @packmule3
    **clap clap** lols...unnie you really do have a way words that you make me sit still just to read your post....you know im never one to sit still at the same spot for long i always hope about which was the reason mom always told me....i just so interested in seeing how you can be cope up in the office for 8 hours straight without going crazy which i absoletely not going to tell her that it a pure torture just so she can smirk right into my face ROFL....well i guess you can say me n my mom are Tom and Jerry too lols ....
    actually i love it very much when.....guigui pop the balloon on KwangHee for saying that 'He might not have a very good face.' and she was like 'You say oppa no have a good face?' and taec was actually smirking at that when he saw the cold sweat appearing on his forehead at how Gui Gui took offense to that.....and he love it so much that he repeat it to KwangHee in Korean which is absoletely not necessary at all.....as KwangHee had understood it perfectly fine when Gui Gui was pointly looking at KwangHee and repeating what KwangHee had said about her oppa in a defensive mode.......
    and the next thing we knows is that ballon popping.....which taec whom happen to be in the middle took some measure of it and almost burst his ear drums and gui gui main concern was for her oppa and totally ignore KwangHee even though he whine about it....and he was punish again when he was leaving a msg at their msg boards which Taec was happily standing a lil further away.....
    and you are exactly right unnie....it their silent way of communcating....the way they tease each other with their post and everything though their private msgs will be more towards the sweet sides which they totally not going to reveal to us....however the way they goes at it....is honestly driving most of us up the wall with guessing games lol....come to think of it....after this we might all ended be a certified physiology doctor after all....without actually having to go thru all those thick books and sat for endless hours pouring thru books just to get the cert lols.....

  12. honestly having someone like taec for a partner isnt that bad....
    he take care of his spouse and partner without a questions asked and no further request was needed....he did it as if it part of his habits and he did it as if he like to do it too....see how he took the towel for gui gui and how he help her into the robe.....actually i will say how he wore it for her lols....gui gui was busy talking and taec seems to be more concern on the facts that she will catch a cold if she is not kept warm fast :)
    you know comes to think of it...it not so good for us the single ladies to watch this so much hahahahha the standard for our partner seems to be climbing up another notch after this ROFL :D =))
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  13. @packmule3
    unnie here we go again....Taec the one that always get things done and Gui Gui let him did it....when he said lets get out of the pool she without a second word agreed to that and also at the same times she lean on taec's arm and put it on him that he is suppose to get the two of them out of the pools, she make it his jobs to do it....and viola like a champ he did it with no second words :) 
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  14. awwww....sweet Taec in actions lols....
    but when gui gui was doing the doggy styles of swimming she is really cute there lols :) 
    even though i got to go with majority that this is the first times i see ppl go into the swimming pool fully clothes.....arent there a regulations that you are not actually allowed to do so?
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