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  1. labbit said: Lmangla said: labbit said: Preparing for party...if you need more wine to make us more micheoso....let me know 18170cd942d68eb5bda39a943a2afbf1.jpgI love sangrias.. @labbit -- when are you coming?
    share your Taecgui story...

    @lmangla I am here...thanks for organizing and invitation. What drew me to watch GWGM is one of my colleague..Initially she is a hongmina fan cos she is hongkie's fan and showed me Hongkie singing song to propose to Mina but I am not touched altho its a nice song sang by Hongkie...later she showed me the last epi of Taecgui and she mentioned how touch she is that Taec decorate the stations with their photos...I am really touched and cried. So from there I am stucked and onboard this ship. I felt so fortunate that I am not alone to be a part of micheoso family..
    no no you are not alone you have us here with you....and we are all as craze over them.....it been almost 1month since the last airing but still....here we are as strong as ever ..... if not more so into them......i only know one thing.....it been a very very long times since i can stare and stare at a couple pictures for so long...... :D and the more i see at them the more they interesting they are to me and the more they actually pull me to them :)
    **grabbing a glass too** :D

  2. cchris5 said: @Lmangla Eh, I don't know how JYP (Park Jin Young) became famous. All I know is that he is the founder or head of JYPE which is home to 2pm, 2am, Wondergirls, Miss A .....He is also a truly gifted composer and singer, wrote most of the songs for his groups. Eh, he is forty this year...anyone interested?? @Lmangla go easy on the soju....how are you going to last the whole party, huh? hahaha....no ganbei.....
    did i told you that i can actually tolerate acholol? and like @packmule3 im like a fish in the water for acholol so no worries....i help @lmangla at that :D

  3. Okie girls power off the theater room.....ALL OUT !!!! into the big spacious sitting room :D 
    @Lmangla....I go first.....what drew me to watch GWGM married was mainly Gui Gui.....when i heard the ever notty and cheeky to the boot Gui Gui might actually take part in this i promise myself if that she really take part in this....i will definitely watch it :) .....
    and secondly they released those pictures of TaecGui at the Jejudo ahead of times....it was a definite leak where we can see it at YouTube....and then i say hell im definitely going to watch this....cause you see....the very first thing that attract me to TaecGui is because they are so so so so so so PICTURE PERFECT :) and that what drew me to TaecGui on the very first :) 
    and here it is this is the very very very first MV that brought me to TaecGui and i said to myself DEFINITELY A MUST WATCH :D

  4. mm1312 said: A shout out to the Michoso Family!! You guys are great and full of positive vibes!! I'm new here obviously... I had stumbled on this thread not too long ago while googling on TaecGui one day, and couldn't keep away since~ Lemme see, may I volunteer to bring the Fermented Black Vinegar Fruit Drink?? :D I've actually went to a Korean market and bought it to try it out after watching Ep8, and hv been forcing my friend to Ganbei w/me since (honestly, I kinda like it... Hahaha) Hopefully no one is bringing that yet... I do hv one more question tho... I've never watched full season of WGM until TaecGui, is it an usual thing that the couple return the rings at the end, like Hongki & Mina did? If that's the case, I juz wonder how come we never had trace of that from TaecGui... (Sorry if someone has already question this before... I tried my best to catch up abt 700+ pages...) Thanks and see u guys at the party!!!
    welcome welcome.....welcome abroad the Micheosso Families :D and im glad you brought...that.....
    Ahhh Chincha......how can we forgot that ROFL.....thanks my lady for bringing that to us n lets us all GANBEI!!!! :D 

  5. mikoshine said: packmule3 said: Shermaine Leong Yi Fang said: mikoshine said: i think i should grill some more meat... more people are arriving... hahahaha 
    i almost forgot to bring out the side dishes... hahahaha... eat to your heart's content guys... there's more in this trunk that i somehow was able to turn into a cooler so that the meat won't go bad... :))

    Are you flying over to  the party  be careful  you get charge for excess  weight for this trunk. HA HA...  But if really overcharge we will help you to pay some of it the food look  good anyway not to worry.....  
    Yikes!! I totally forgot about this: Customs Declaration.  Just declare that you have Korean beef with you. They'll inspect your purple foot locker but we'll whisk you out of there in a jiffy.  No worries. We have Taecgui fans everywhere.   :)  LOL... don't worry girls... i made it through customs somehow...  :))   @mikoshine
    probably because i have alerted the customs ahead of you and i requested them to put a TaecGui fan custom officer there and they agreed....cause they will recognize the craze looks on all the TaecGui Families at a glance :D =))

  6. @yokalana @tango92
    do join me lols.....but i leave it you girls first....as i need to get a shower first as i need to clear up another batch of works in 1 hours times and i need to get it done for another 8 hours.....yup ((reality suckss.....graveyard again tonight :) )) .... so that means that room will be my solace while i work and enjoy you girls chit chat....and currently we are play episode 10 since @tango92 had pick that....
    well unnie we cant do much about that tent ..... it bounds to come off lols..... @129alphabet do get to the house should you? lols.....take a dip of anything on the tables....the food will be there thru out the weekend :D
    and more are in the fridge so girls dont worry eat your fills should girls n guy which is @drft ....are you sure your gf / wife okie with you spending times at a girls only party or maybe you should bring her along :D we wont mind that just to convert her....promise you that she will be intact and in a piece when she left here :D

  7. bluemoonlight said: 129alphabet said:


    wrote: AHHH!


    ...why did you have to do that?! Yoochunnie, Jaejoongie,


    Let's forget the surprise guests...I'm gonna bring JYJ instead!




    ... that means you'll be alone in that tent...haha


    Waaaah! Unnieeeeeee :((

    In that case... Can I gave Junsu-Oppa in the tent with me instead?????? :-D

    Andwaeeee 춘호야!!!!! 두라와!!!! ㅎㅎㅎㅎ Hahaha...so fickle! Okay, no crying at the party allowed...so I'll let you choose, Junsu-oppa or Junho-oppa (wait, are you older than Junho)? :D  Choose wisely...hehehe

    all of them are too young for me lols...............not for me :D but i dont mind seeing a hunky in front of me....just please no shirt tearing allowed!!!!

  8. bouquet78 said: @angelangie,....finally. .finally..I got my cd today. Soooooo happy!! :)) but I am too busy to hear and watch it. I will do it this weekend...saw your post on our prince charming and princess might join the GWGM new season again...wow..I really really hope that this is TRUE. I will keep on praying and hope all our prayers are answered!! and we can watch our prince and princess again....this new season is going to be TaecGui "real" LOVE story.. :))
    wow u took you a bit longer to receive the parcel.....but im glad you got it alright :D

  9. Lmangla


    looks like people should be arriving soon for the party... ooh, I am getting excited... can I put on some music and start dancing? what should I play? 2PM?

    I am sure that many would be super tired of seeing this but like me, if you are too lazy to go back and find out how exactly to write your party post -- here are the instructions yet once again... have you figured out what you would like to say? have you picked your favorite MV? do you know which socmedia interaction tickles your imagination? or do you have a super funny story to share about how your family & friends made fun of you for being micheseo?

    The instructions for the party post:

    1. Begin a post saying "we are micheseo and we love it!" or something on why being micheseo is super awesome

    2. In your post, please include
    of the following:
    It does not need to include all 5. just pick and choose and include those you are interested in...

    • your favourite TaecGui moment

    • what drew you to this show and TaecGui, warm wishes for them

    • a link to your favourite MV, picture or fanfic of TaecGui
    • your favorite socmedia interaction that made you laugh or makes you wonder what is up with these two...

    • a funny experience that happened while watching TaecGui, for example what your family thought or reacted while watching you watch this show.

    3. If you have volunteered to bring food, please post a pic of the food as well...

    still confused? here's an example. this is my post: http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/comment/26373182/#Comment_26373182
    looking forward to reading all the party posts!


    Hun i just fire up DBSK first lols

  10. yokalana said:

    Gals, since it's going to be BBQ beach party I think flats shoes are more comfy to us, so below are another flats silver shoes for your choice (you can pick whatever you like....) hehehe:

    This one looks like the girl version of taec's shoes:

    Or this one? I like this one personally :)



    i like this one too lols....simple and comfy :D thanks darling :D

  11. Thet Witch said: Lmangla said: @angelangie -- stop working and come join me as one of the hostess for the party! I am sitting alone with a fridge load of soju. @charliew has gone to the airport to collect a SUITCASE of durian.. I thought she was going to bring one durian, maybe two. now she says a suitcase. why do I have the feeling that she is going to come back with like 5 suitcases or more of durian?!!!

    I can't list my favourite moments either because there are too many, but there are other stuff you could write about.. I have given some helpful hints and instructions. So post girl!

    EVERYONE -- I know its early but don't wait till Saturday. Please feel free to drop in. Its friday and we are partying here in this lovely paradise...
    btw, where is @packmule3?
    right here hun....we going to throw on the virtual feeling rofl....so just imagine u are there lols........we going to have a virtual party hanging up..... :D

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