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  1. Okie girls....this is going to cause a stir.....how true im not too sure but i got the news off this websites.....it just a very brief mention for both couple for the GWGM so lets us all keep our finger cross??? this new is posted by someone into gui gui facebook and thanks to @minwooluv78 unnie for finding it out :D
    if this is true i tell u honestly even hongna fans will jump in joy and same here :) so girls u can actually skip all the article and just zoom into the one that i had highlighted just for us :D

    cr: http://english.khan.co.kr/khan_art_view.html?artid=201309031948307&code=710100

    Foreigners, the Mainstream in Korean Variety Shows
    By Gang Ju-il

    Foreigners are dominating the silver screen. Foreigners who used to appear as "condiments" in TV shows are now dominating our living rooms as the mainstream in variety shows.

    Sam Hammington, an Australian comedian starring in Sunday Night: Real Men, an MBC variety show, is currently starring in 6 programs including the shows scheduled to be aired.

    Four foreigners including Sam Hammington appear on Island Village Teacher, a new reality show which will be aired for the first time in September on tvN. They include Brad, the drummer of the Korean band Busker Busker; Abigail, who appeared on Chitchat of Beautiful Ladies (KBS2) in 2010; and Sam Ochiri, who appears in the skit "Delicious Korean" in Gag Concert (KBS2). This is the first show with an all-foreigner cast, with no Korean host.

    The four foreigners have been staying in Ho-do, an island off the coast of Boryeong, South Chungcheong Province since August 29 for a 5-day shooting of the show. They will teach the students in the island elementary school English as native speaking English teachers.
    Eight people from Turkey studying Korean will appear on MBC's pilot show Welcome. They will live together during a selection process after which the show will choose one student who will receive a scholarship to study Korean in Korea for a year.

    We Got Married: Global Edition which airs on MBC Everyone is creating a stir overseas including China and Thailand. Taecyeon, a member of 2PM and Gui Gui (Wu Ying Jie), a Taiwanese actress and singer appear as a virtual couple portraying the life of newlyweds along with Lee Hong-ki, a member of FT Island and Fujii Mina, a Japanese actress. Thanks to their popularity, they are expected to join We Got Marriedon MBC from the new season later this year.

    The number of foreigners taking part in various audition programs has also increased. The Russian sisters, Alina and Kacha appeared in Superstar K, an audition program for singers on Mnet and Jaylon, Marco and Tevin Cole have appeared on Dancing 9. Sayuri Fujita, a Japanese woman who first debuted on Chitchat of Beautiful Ladies (KBS2), is currently appearing in a number of variety shows.

    This phenomenon reflects our reality in a multicultural and multiracial age. The Ministry of Security and Public Administration announced on August 2 that the number of foreign residents in Korea as of January 1, 2013 increased by 2.6% compared to the previous year to 1, 445,631. They account for 2.8% of the total residents registered in Korea.

    The "globalization of broadcasting" also contributed to the change. Now that overseas viewers have easy access to Korean TV shows through new media outlets like YouTube, the borders have collapsed. One person from CJ E&M said, "These days when we produce variety shows, whether or not we can export the show abroad is an important factor to consider. In the case of Island Village Teacher, we decided that the show would be easy to export since the topic of a foreigner teaching their language in another country was a situation which could apply to any country."

    Even in shows with a number of foreign stars, we can look forward to unexpected situations and laughs. Jiang Bo and Bruno, who appeared on the KBS variety show, We See Korea in 1999 proved this by displaying various unexpected moments.

    Kim Jong-hoon, the producer of Island Village Teacher said, "Foreigners are not fluent in Korean and they haven't completely adapted to the Korean culture. So in some situations they can't help but be very honest. This feature goes well with real variety shows." Choi Won-seok, the producer of Welcome also said, "Since the stars are students who studied Korean in Turkey, their Korean is less fluent than the foreigners we usually see on TV. The innocent and talented foreign students will provide a different kind of entertainment."

    Gim Gyo-seok, a pop culture critic said, "In a multicultural age, it is meaningless to divide people according to their nationality. We should watch and evaluate them based on whether they are entertaining or not as a TV personality."

  2. bladerunner said:

    Welcome @wishstarz and @mimitski12

    Mimitski, I am also from Bay Area/CA.
    Nice to see another local here.Waving my hands....
    All these party food photos is putting my life in the hell.I am on diet and have to achieve certain goal before deadline.You guys/girls are making it ultra mega extremely difficult.I have to scroll page super super super fast to avoid those yummy yummy images.ugh.........
    @bladerunner unnie dont worried im preparing  yummy yogurt for you....and i promise you it nice very nice and it healthy and it wont mess with your diet at all :D

  3. @Lmangla @packmule3
    since like our party is going to be a very big one from the look of it.....i order a docking station to be extended too :D so that we can contain all the people there :) all we need now is more tables to carry those dishes and more chair i think will be okie since we will all sitting with our foot stuck in the water i had ensure that the water is shark free of course

  4. Lmangla said: A reminder for what you need to do for the party!:

    1. Begin a post saying "we are micheseo and we love it!" or something on why being micheseo is super awesome
    2. In your post, please include any of the following:
    • your favourite TaecGui moment
      what drew you to this show and TaecGui, warm wishes for them

      a link to your favourite MV, picture or fanfic of TaecGui
      your favorite socmedia interaction that made you laugh or makes you wonder what is up with these two...

      a funny experience that happened while watching TaecGui, for example what your family thought or reacted while watching you watch this show.

    3. If you have volunteered to bring food, please post a pic of the food as well...

    i have problem with the red highlight look what i did when @yokalana asked me to list my favorite scene.......i ended up......listing every single thing in the first 3 episode :/ @lmangla

  5. chinly Lin said: angelangie said: chinly Lin said:
    >< not here either....I'm not that young but still about 15 years to get there ^^

    wow that means i must call u unnie :D:D:D but u too young for me to call u Ahjummas lols Ha haaa  not quite that old to be called ahjumma for sure ^^ but are you a lot younger than me?  
    hahahaha not alot....just 3 years :D

  6. chinly Lin said: angelangie said: chinly Lin said: angelangie said: @chinly Lin 
    you arent dumping that fermented tofu on me...!!!! i warn yea....you better keep it away from me .... lols Ha haaaa  I won't torture you ladies with it.   :D  I'll bring what @Lmangla suggested.  Since I can have it any other day, I totally forgot about our famous bubble tea and steamed dumplings!  Yummy.  So, that's what I'm bringing to the party!  ^^ BUBBLE TEAAAAAAAAAAA i WANT I WANT and DUMPLINGS TOOO!!!!! now that something i will totally looks forward to lols :D It seems that some of you want the fried one, Guo Tie @yokalana @Lmangla.  I was thinking of the steamed ones, more of Xiaolongbao from Din Tai Fung!   :D  Either one is yummy.  Maybe we can have both?  ^^
    @angelangie...which page was it where you gave instructions on how to post pictures here?  Thanks in advance.
    @chinly Lin
    let me repost it here for you cause i cant remember either :)
    register with Photobucket.or any image hosting website that you are comfortable with first :)


































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































  8. BiruAngel said: Lmangla said: charliew said: Lmangla said: @biruangel -- satay is good.. but can I say no to the durian??????

    Wae.. durian is yum.. buttery.. trust me..lol @charliew -- sigh! oks, @biruangel -- bring it.. and you girls can enjoy... I will just run in another direction when you start eating ok?

    hah ha  I see totally why you'll run away when we start eating durian.  Thanks for permitting us to have a feast of durians!   For those who are not familiar with durian, the smell can be quite offensive if you're not used to it!  Some says, it smells like someone passing gas.  Anyway, yeah @charliew  we got our green light!    :D =)) @biruAngel
    dont worry i dont take durian either even though Im a Malaysian too lols

  9. BiruAngel said: Lmangla said: @biruangel -- satay is good.. but can I say no to the durian??????

    let's negotiate, it is ok if we have the durian outside on the wooden walkway?  will not bring them into the cottage coz @charliew already started packing her bag!   :D:D:D

    lols....im packing too but u girls know i be working on weekend but dont worry i will check in....hehehhe how can i miss such a party right :D

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