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  1. @charliew unnie i cant tell you for sure.....but i do know this MBC section director always on post after TaecGui or most of the times....he is probably also a TaecGui lover like us lols :D who knows right......we can never know for sure....
    and if you girls see me not responding much is mainly because the internet here sucks a big deal :/ kept disconnecting :/

  2. yokalana said: WE ARE MICHOSO AND WE LOVE IT!!!!!

    hahahaha you have the first couple stuff the same as me lols.....looking left and right....making sure no hottest on my neck breathing fires....silently looking at @bluemoonlight and @amylove with a docile peace sigh ROFL..... :D
    but unlike you....i know of gui gui and thought to myself.....OH No.....who is so unfortunate to be pair up with her....cause she is well known for her prank and i honestly love her....and not to be disapointed she kept giving this mental breakdown to Taec which i totally love it.... lols =)) and i honestly love the way they totally troll and jibes at each other.....it is just too sweet and too heart warming.....while some ppl find it funny.....i find it funny and sweet and heart warming to watch.....
    while Taec some times felt like strangling gui gui for putting him certain situations that he rather not want to be.....he looks after her and take her whole too besides doing all those stuff she forces on him.....maybe in a sense it his way of protecting her.....and accepting her too....as we had always felt they are honest to each other....and they do not change each other but introduce what they are to each other instead and hoping for acceptance....and i remember @acourant mention before....being in a relationship sometimes is all about compromise to make it stick....and in TaecGui we found that alot....how they accomadate each other characters and also making the other party learn not only themselves but also the culture they are living in :)

  3. chinly Lin said: angelangie said: chinly Lin said: angelangie said: @chinly Lin
    OMG.....BUBBLE TEA!!!!! ***********GRABBBBB ONEEEE************

    eeeemmmmmmm...........***sigh***......I'm alive now!!!! :D Since you love bubble tea, if you ever visit Taiwan, there is one that is made with real milk not powder.  Taste different but still good ^^
    oh dont worry Jie i be visiting Taiwan....just not sure when ROFL... =))
    my mom love the hokkien series that taiwan broadcasting over here in Malaysia :) so mom had put that on a must visit list for me to take her go....lols tell me the stall name and i save it :D so that when i when there i will definitely look it up....btw Jie do you have WeChat? add me??? :D 
    so in case i go there i can just pm you :D  Seriously?  Does she understand Taiwanese (hokkien)?  I can understand it but I'm rusty speaking it ^^I'll have to get back to you with the stall name...got their menu at the office.Unfortunately I don't have wechat but if you do ever come by Taiwan, just message me.  I'll pass you my phone # directly ^^ i understand it too....being a hokkien myself....though taiwanese hokkien a lil diff from ours but after watching the series day in and day out ....it not that hard to pick up their differences being raise in a pure hokkien family myself :)

  4. i have so many fav pictures of them that it is giving me a hard times to actually choose my fav....but i guess i will pic 2 lols.....the first one i love is their total eyes contact as if absorb into each other and the whole had cease to exist.....taec taking total control over gui gui....and how guigui hang on to taec for her balance and the way she hold on to him.....as if he is her only anchor :)

    this 2nd one is because of the way Taec resting his chin against gui gui head.....you know you will only do this when you are damn comfy with one another :) and for 2 prefect stranger who only happen to work 14 days together even though the broadcast is thru 15 weeks??? it a wonder at how fast they are really comfortable with each other :)

    okie girls power off for me....i be taking a nap in one of the room...need to wake up to work again 6 hours ><" yawwwwnnn not to mention i just got off work 1 hours ago sigh

  5. Shermaine Leong Yi Fang said:



    Angie, I manage to invite George Cronney to be  your  Yatch  driver, since you have

    also booked  a Yatch station  for us ?  He is a good driver recently he  was in the  news

    that he  water taxi  steer straight  into Venice in Italy and he is under police investigation.

     So  you can try his skill to be your driver to drive you around, since  you have work so hard .

     if you don't take him Charliew ,  Em, Mikoshine, Bibdep, Lamagla   and others will rush to take

    him grab it fast     .  

    lols unnie as long as you are happy you can even invite the devil himself....i prefer not...you know how devil work dont you? lols they tends to keep the good and cool stuff to themselves lols.....

  6. minshariff said: @packmule3, thanks for the invite. I am kinda of new at this and so I'm totally clueless about how to post pictures of food etc. You ladies surely know how to partee. I see so many delicious food. I am still trying to catch up with the thread coz it is moving too fast for me.I have so many pages to read. BTW, please update me briefly why are we having this party? Whatever we are all celebrating GAMBEI!!!!CHEERS! I am still hoping for some good news or evidence of them dating.... Have an awesome weekend all!
    hehehehe we just here to celebrate for being micheosso together and also to get crazy.....actually it just a reason for us to be totally crazy and letting our hair down too :D hahahahha so how crazy are we ??? totally i should say rofl :D

  7. bibidep said: Shermaine Leong Yi Fang said:

    Hey Bibidep (Hannah)


    Where are you, is your tent built,  I can't find your tent,?

    JenL,  has you touch down, I can't see you either, don't miss the food..  Yummy  Yummy,

    We are having having fun  here too...... don't miss it


    Yes, I'm here but I had no tent to stay in, it a little too cold for me to sleep in the tent hahah.  Getting old get cold easily hahah.   I'm surprise that the party still missing a lot of shippers, may be something come up at the last minute that can't make it.
    unnie come up to the house....what u doing in the tent lols @129alphabet brought that so she can be naughty with the special guests @bluemoonlight was suppose to bring....thought if im not wrong they probably got scare off when @bluemoonlight told them what going to happen when they reach there ROFL 

  8. leechalee said: Annyeonghaseyo family.. got back from the hospital starving.. gonna have a feed (hospital food is so gross I feel like I havent eaten since thursday) and  back read since I'm waiting for my Oysters and the kegs to be delivered.. had to hire another taxi to bring them here as there were no Van taxis available when I landed lol will post the pics (or attempt to anyway) when I finish.. ohhhh its officially sunday here now but... the party doesn't finish til sunday midnight right?? :)) :)) everybody.. GAMBEI! ^^
    glad you made it hun :) dont worry about bringing stuff...there still alot left here and i had brought enough oyster to feed everyone too :)

  9. wow....a lil of gui gui news....
    they are talking about the Goddess of these girls in your heart.....and the most pretty one around China, Korea, Hong Kong and Japan of the Asia girls....and who is the top beauty and everything.....i recognize some of those korean one and of course isnt it nice that gui gui are in the list 
    @JenJ can give a better translations?? :D
    cr:  as tagged
    as well? :)6f04edbfgw1e8e4vtgr11j20hy0ip41r_zps68cd

  10. Shermaine Leong Yi Fang said: Lmangla said: shermaine -- the water is amazing but I wouldn't mind watching those friends of @belle do a 2PM dance, especially from that ADOTY video... maybe we should ask them to practice and then we can all sing and dance along later... :P

    I am ok, but you better check with Angie as she  has mentioned those boys are too young for her after she dpn't enjoy it how?.  She like to  have her feet soak  into the sea ...  


    Jen;  why are you eating dinner alone, come to the beach and more food here....

    unnie it okie for me....u girls can enjoy it lols.....i just let walking about to ensure all the food are still fresh :)

  11. Shermaine Leong Yi Fang said: angelangie said: okie im putting my silver flats away and going for flip flop and a T-shirt and a short pants....hell im going to sit by the plank and plunge my feet into the sea water......and twirl around the sea water with my legs and the water are so clear :) with the breeze playing with me.... @lmangla you going me??? :) 
    putting the flip flops besides me first for now....and im wearing the pink one :D
    i love casual attires and this si what im going to wear :)


    Angie, why are you doing  this alone to sit by the plank and plunge your  feet into the sea water......

    Belle's  has brought  along her bunch of macho boys  right,   just  pick one of them and ask him to  accompany  you that will be more  fun .........

    heee heeee...

    er unnie.....those guys are too young for me.....lol and honestly i like single life alot alot alot hahahahha i can do as i please which is the main point why i love it so :) besides im not alone there unnie @lmangla is right besides me and we are enjoying the breeze together :)

  12. okie im putting my silver flats away and going for flip flop and a T-shirt and a short pants....hell im going to sit by the plank and plunge my feet into the sea water......and twirl around the sea water with my legs and the water are so clear :) with the breeze playing with me.... @lmangla you going me??? :) 
    putting the flip flops besides me first for now....and im wearing the pink one :D
    i love casual attires and this si what im going to wear :)

  13. Shermaine Leong Yi Fang said: Lmangla said: Shermaine Leong Yi Fang said:

    Last but not least  I am addict to this  Micheosso  family and my even my daughter sms me  yesterday whether am I still having my crazy food party now.  I  returned her sms  and said yes indeed is still on you want to join us. 

    =)) I started laughing when I read the last bit of your post -- you told your daughter about our crazy party? she must think we are all indeed micheseo... but hey, we are micheseo and we love it! make sure you tell her that you had a ball and yes, the food was indeed awesome.
    My daughter has requested me to get a her ticket to  fly her over for the party  not so much on the food but   one of the shipper Belle will be bringing   along her  bunch of macho   handsome  boys over  for the party that why I  guess she want to join the fun now like us Michesoso   .  HA  HA  ....... 
    unnie tell her she better make it fast.....cause the boys are all almost taken ROFL =))
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