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  1. spicystrawberry said: So I re-watch Ep1 again. I really love the part where they intro themselves. Anyways, Taecyeon mentioned that he hoping that his virtual wife height is 168cm. It always stuck in my mind. I always wonder why not just say around 160.or between 165-170 but no. He just said 168. So I wonder around Soompi and went to one of Kpop Idol page. Sigh~ the page opened and it written Im Yoona, height 168cm. >< it was like the God telling me some thing. U guys knw what I mean?? I was so curious after watched Ep1, then pop! 168 height belong to ahem! @spicystrawberry
    did you actually know that gui gui said before that her ideal man height is about 170cm??? hehehhe as she mention and said before that 175cm is honestly too tall .....so lets see Taec is 5cm taller than her ideal types and she is 5cm shorter than his ideal type.....
    another coincidence????? :x
    i think mine is the 20th .....the 21st will be into page 1000th count and see

  2. mikoshine said: packmule3 said:
    EDITED: @mikoshine: I heard there was an earthquake in Cebu this week. I hope you and your family were safe.
    yes, there was and it was quite a big one too... a lot of the old churches here were destroyed or damaged... :( thankfully, my family and i are alright and the house is still standing strong... the only thing that fell in our house was our oven toaster but it's still working though... hehehe... but thanks for the concern @packmule3 :) glad you are safe and sounds.....send my regards to your family and stay strong and stay safe will you......the church building may had fallen but the belief is still in you :)

  3. packmule3 said:





    Ok GIrls.....i managed to upload the vid....faster go watch it before it got taken out k..... :) enjoy :D

    This is the making VID for TaecGui duet 'I Love You'

    faster :D


    WAAAAAAAAAAA :(( can't believe I found it!!!! The saying that goes "Find and you will find"  and "patience is a virtue" is really true :))
    @angelangie moderatornim! Don't you dare edit and delete the clip! It took me forever to find them and go through the pages up to page 763!!! arasso? :D ;;) Uh oh! @angelangie might ban me :-SS I hope she won't get mad at me with what I said [-O<
    I'm just you know...wanted to find that as per @packmule3...you understand my hardship in finding it, right @angelangie?  :D;) ;;) :-* >:D<
    Edited: And that's why we can't find it on YT...it says "Making Shhhhh" and not tagged as Taecgui hahahaha and she said never to share it so that it won't be taken down...Thanks Angie, you really are an angel :x :-* >:D<

    How did you find it? No, I remembered it was called "Making Shhhh" so I searched for it that way. But I kept on getting weird XX-rated youtube videos so I gave up. But thank you. Will watch it later. Gotta go.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=aDSoqihoxog

    @packmule3 unnie 
    cause i put the vid under no link no hint and no tag....cause i dont want it to be found that why :P

  4. id="watch-headline-title" class="yt" style="margin: 0px 0px 13px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-size: 24px; color: rgb(34, 34, 34); font-weight: normal; overflow: hidden; white-space: nowrap; word-wrap: normal; text-overflow: ellipsis; font-family: arial, sans-serif;"OKCAT(옥캣)_OKCAT SONG(옥캣송) Making Film

    find anything familiar??? hehehehe i did....testing u girls ninja skills :D

  5. BiruAngel said:



    okay, I figured out why that leopard/music note dress pic looked strange to me --- just the previous day, she posted pics of herself from her trip to that sun/moon lake with her family. then the next day, these pics show up -- hence the difference. instead of a gradual weight gain which people won't notice, it looked kind of dramatic... maybe she was just being bloated and having some water retention like it happens for lot of women because you know....
    I noticed GG's face always get bloated when she's stressed or cried.  See the pic right after she cried (on the right) and left pic is when she has stopped crying. 
    Stopped crying                                                            Crying


    yes when they were filming for PLMIT, Arron had mention before that Gui Gui always has a water retention issues with her face that will usually bloated if she cried or something.....so when i saw her bloated i usually waited till i get the full pictures to know whether she is bloating or fatten up lols.....
    another good points u girls can refer to is when they were at Jejudo....before the swims or before they were playing with water....you can actually see that gui gui seems pretty normal but after the swim her face had bloated up too............. @biruangel will you mind getting the pictures lols......cause i'm in office right now :)
    Edited: Okie Got it :D @biruangel thanks dear and sorry for the trouble :) notice her face rounded up?
    Before going into the Poolpool004_zpsb9390bbd.jpg

    after going into the poolpool022_zps0db871a5.jpg

  6. pluie625 said: angelangie said: more of Gui Gui in the shows 'Hello Baby' :D
    cr: as tagged
    angelangie said: so taec say he dont put makeup on his face???
    then excuse me what that brush doing there??? dusting dust i gather?? :D
    hehehhe =))
    cr: as tagged

    They look simply beautiful creatures of God... that's made to be together...

    They even tilted their head the same way and same directions lols :)

  7. drft said: bladerunner said: Lmangla said: is it me or does GuiGui look different in that leopart print/music notes dress? it almost seems like she is older or she has put on weight.. strange...
    I think she gained weight and some people are calling her fat in her weibo.oh wellShe just post this on her facebook:
    (ok, time to start healthy diet.)

    :)) she is still very cute!
    I honestly have no idea how people can say this is fat. I've seen fat... especially here in canada and usa! I noticed some weight, but it's good weight... sheessh..
    i posted into her FB after her that 'Just good for hugging' :D

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