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  1. leechalee said: angelangie said: leechalee said: @angelangie most times i go to copy a TaecGui image url... i see your name lol
    daebak! :-bd see my name? what u mean lols i see your name in the url... your photobucket album... you have "ALOT" *Baek Ji Young tone* ;)) @leechalee
    before im a taecgui shipper im love guigui so i used to collect most of her pictures too lols

  2. BiruAngel said: Made the gifs on the WGM-TV - GuiGui's cut only.  They got GG to promote Season 2 of GWGM, HeePuff couple in particular (the other couple was not mentioned).  S2 should 'stand on' their own merit to 'earn' their popularity and not 'riding' on someone else's! :P 

    hmmm.......maybe she doesnt knows of the other couples given that her schedule are pretty full up :) and they probably mention to her about the Taiwanese CP that will be succeeding after her....which is naturally falls on her to promotes it.....and infact the English subtitles translating a little too much.....cause when they said
    "Please help to promote S2"
    all she answered was 'Sure' but the subtitles said more.... "Of course, I do not minds'
    hahahahaha......u tell me now :D

  3. Gui Gui updated her Facebook @@" still working??? poor gal i hope she got rests in between....she is after all just recovering from being sicks
    30th March 2014 - 1.15am (+8 GST)
    Translations: Today the whole teams was filming Scene 91...and me filming scene 59! Our director is honestly very very very the very very very good!! He is Lin He Long he had become Mei Dai's idols! This hair styles is done bye me! hahahahaha...

  4. chinlylin said: Gil Noona said:



    Never seen butts like these, which butt cheek is Taec's? It might suprise you. Think U got it, think again.

    cr: owner

    The way u put it, I have to go with 3rd from the left I'm with you @torreydinh.. I'm guessing he's 3rd from the left..

    I'm with you two.  Nothing from recognizing his butt but just because Taec tends to be in the middle usually. :D hehehe mine was a lil different it was because i saw this pictures before and also i remember taec wearing red jacket hehehehehe....but i dont remember the pant color so i go with @torreydinh unnie :D =))

  5. Lmangla said: Lets chat!

    Q4: there was magic from the beginning. but who do you think realized it first? Taec or GuiGui? answer will be both at the beginning but it mores like sensing it first......
    remember when gui gui first saw Taec....she felt a sense of familiarizations  that she couldnt really explain and for that he felt the whole room light up as when Gui Gui very first reactions to him was a small laughter covering her him that laughter is the light :) so yea the magic was senses but not yet realized till later when and how Taec felt when gui gui said 'No' and gui gui was after the honeymoon i say lols :)

  6. Lmangla said: Lets chat!

    Q3: do you think Taec was being sincere when he said "I miss you" in chinese during BTS of ep 6 at the hair salon. after all, he could just be being polite?
    what do folks think?

    hehehe ok lets do questions by questions so i wont bored you girls up lols....
    yes he is sincere.....he might sounded off as he was actually doing some booking on the pad and also concentrating on booking the ticket for him and Gui Gui which definitely needs some concentrations as you wouldnt want to book the flight for the same flight twice now would you as i know you are not able to do cancellations and that will be costing some money which we all knows by now that Taec is a JJandori hehehehe....
    besides Gui Gui is a random flash mob that always pop into his head or when things triggers....just imagines if he never thought or in a sense misses uri Gui Gui you think that he will talks about Gui Gui whenever they had the times to Junho or WooYoung as they mentions? and WooYoung even told us that he tends to mimic how Gui Gui talks lols........and yes she almost has the very whiny tones in her voice remember??? :) 

  7. Lmangla said: meant to post this earlier.. but my phone died...

    Q1: if Taec had been paired up with a noona in the show, do you think it would have worked?
    ans: no. from his appearances in variety shows, he seems to be someone who really minds his manners with seniors and so a noona pairing would have been confusing because he would be constantly minding his Ps and Qs and would not be even remotely dorky. also as @packmule3 has mentioned, he really enjoyed being professori and leading GuiGui. with a noona, he would not be able to lead instinctively since he is not bratty or 4D to just take over..
    Here my answer in green.....if Taec is to be paired up with a noona i might not be into the shows....i will still watch it cause i be curious about since to be honest GWGM did get pretty big coverage and big ad and with all the conferences and so i'm always curious to see how a WGM works....and now with a taste i guess you guys know where i ended up right lols :)

    Q2 - do you think if guigui would have been paired with a guy who was quirky, playful, witty (is this what they mean by 4D), would it have worked?
    ans: no. as it would have been like watching two hyperactive kids running in the playground and after a while, the kids and the parents watching (the audience) are both tired. so she needed someone like taec to counteract and balance her.
    hmmmm Gui Gui with someone quirky and playful and witty? hahahahah....well i say they will kill everyone belly and the cast will be having their camera straps to them all the times lols cause they will definitely be out of hands....and im pretty sure maybe the cast will have too much fun laughing that they probably forgotten they are filming lols....but while she is playful and witty and quirky she needs someone who can really looks after her to penetrate her daze of playfulness as if not then we probably be seeing two playmates instead of husband and wife lols
    conclusion: seems like we are all in concordance ~ PDnim did a good job in this match-make. :)
    hahaha i say we should all applaud PDnim in picking up and he is the modern day cupid :D
    strangely enough, PDnim does look a lot like this cupid....
    AGREED 101%

  8. packmule3 said: angelangie said: chinlylin said: angelangie said: so i have a job for @ChinlyLin unnie again hehehehe...heard that this one will be publish on April :D

    cr:  Choc 恰女生

    Roger that @angelangie :D @chinlylin unnie you will love it hahahah she look so pretty....and girlish here.... :)

    Hmmm... Is this magazine already out? You better buy it quickly before it becomes a collector's issue. :) Having Guigui on the front page is a good thing, but I think the editors missed a typo. On the left: is there really a word "SRPING" in the Chinese vocabulary or is the caption supposed to be "Spring New"? Is this a troll? It's not April Fools yet... :)10153882_10154014101080038_1527050037_n_

    i think we might have it in MSIA im going to search for it when it April :D

  9. leechalee said:



    OkCat Facebook on Sat, Mar 29 at 7.33pm (KST: 8.33pm)Caption 

    Shall we dance, tonight? 

    too hot for ya TY OkCat? :)) uri Gui Gui can dance! i wonder who would win a dance battle between GG and TY? i vote for GG ;))

    actually this vid does proof that her weight fluctuate see this was when she was 18? or younger? but she was a lil meaty ...but still she is she and i love all of her :) 

  10. chinlylin said: bluemoonlight said: These were shared by one of the GWGM staff today since Season 1 is re-broadcasting in Taiwan soon...
    The 1st & last pic, I've seen before...but maybe the middle 2 are new? Either way...Taec & Gui Gui are so cute! Miss them... :x
    cr: GWGM staff's fb It already started to re-broadcast in Taiwan.  Don't know when exactly but maybe sometime earlier this month?  When I was flipping through the channels last week, HM were on their honeymoon.   @chinlyLin unnie yes the spec pdnim stated that Taiwan is very lucky since the S1 is rebroadcasting there now that was stated in his fb and the pictures was actually projected before....though seeing uri CP is always will honestly never bored us even though we have seen the pictures for eons times

  11. sophora said:









    @sophora, thanks for that info on Guigui and Aaron Yan. Let me reflect on that a little bit more...
    By the way, do you happen to know of any reason why breakfast would be THAT important to Guigui? Yes...I know we all have to eat breakfast, but I'm known to skip breakfast and just drink coffee if I'm pressed for time.  But with Guigui, breakfast seems to be a religion. She MAKES time for it.  Is there a, uhmmm.... health reason or something, for her to do that?
    @packmule3 - Hi unnie! I think I read before in this thread... Someone (can't remember who and at which page) mentioned that GuiGui had some gastric problem in the past (not sure if it was because she didn't eat regularly in time or what...) and that a doctor had advised her that she shouldn't skip breakfast...

    But then again it's from my memory, which may be failing me... Anyone to verify my news? Thanks!
    I'm sorry, @chocolateicecreamcupcake. YOU WERE the one who gave the info on the "You're the chocolate" ad, not @sophora. It figures... lol. With a name like yours, you would know about chocolate.  Thank you. I'll edit my earlier post. 
    @packmule3 - Ok I know this is like 10 pages back but... Unnie you were right it was @sophora who gave the initial info about the chocolate ad by Aaron Kwok... Hence my reply to her... It wasn't me who brought up the youtube video of the ad... Must have been the way I posted my comment and how ti linked to @sophora's comment...

    Sorry @sophora that I accidentally took your credit!!
    When I first read your post I was like  :-O  what's this about?  Had to backread, lolI am so blur that I don't know what's happening half the time (just half of the time, sophora?  Really? :)) )No apologies required really (especially when it's an accident)  :)  >:D<   
    By the way, here are some other Aaron Kwok ad/MV that I had came across, thought we could reminisce together :)) (I haven't seen either clips before, but I have heard of the seeing the clips almost made me fall out of my seat too lol)Edited to add: spoiler not working, wae....Hopefully the final edit: spoiler seems to be working now, but have no idea how or why...could it be the font?   Cause everything else seem to be the same...Maybe this will be the last edit? Ladies, I have just realized there is a link between Aaron Kwok and uri couple, and the link is Show!!  Show started his career by impersonating Aaron Kwok; & Show as you all know is a friend of uri chick and is now staring in a drama with her.  Ta da!  LOL, isn't it a small world?! :))

    honestly i dont want to add Aaron Kwok to Gui Gui admirers list which is not possible lols since both of them never meet each other yet hahahahah Thanks God
    you see aaron is someone who love someone by appearances and yes he admitted to that....and i salutes him for admitting it but he is not someone i will think to match up with gui gui not to mention the big age gap :D =))

  12. @packmule3 unnie your posts had brought forward the memories of Gui Gui during her BR interview where they asked her
    'What will you do if your husband is dissatisfied with you?'(Or something along this lines)
    with no hesitations he said 
    "Then should we just get divorced?'
    from here i was able to sum up that she is someone who will not drag it out if nothing is there...if it meant not to happen she is not someone to press her lucks or to push on as a hard sell where we get to see sometimes how some girls will always pester the guy in hope that he will one day give in to her and accepted her...however not uri Gui Gui and of course she doesnt wish for that but if it happen...she will be someone who let it be and not put the guy into a spot :)












    Lmangla said: q2 - do you think if guigui would have been paired with a guy who was quirky, playful, witty (is this what they mean by 4D), would it have worked? it will works...actually gui gui is someone who will break any ice that places right in front of her...but also at the same times.....she probably get bored after trying too hard on her parts :)





  14. Times passes without us knowing was only just last year where we seen TaecGui for the first times in the press con 28th March 2013 and right now it just only passes 1 hours after the conferences making it 1 years and 1hours 7mins lols....and times roles on too without stopping.. :)
    Honestly it a miracle that we are all still here and still shipping them as hard as if they are still airing :) Happy Conference Days guys :) ops belated i mean lols