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  1. he is great in 'The Legends' too just too bad about the ending :x
  2. they dont live in that environment and it was their first times being thrown in that kind of situation.....just that it was coincidentally YiBo was holding a banana when the blank look attack him lols
  3. 504 yup.....it will be on DongHwa and FengJiu
  4. BaiLu for Bazaar Jewelry - Oct/2019 issues
  5. Profile: Chinese name: Bai Lu / 白鹿 English name: Bai Lu Birth Date: 1994 Nationality: Chinese Height: cm Occupation: Actress Active Date: xxxx to present Films:  Tba TV Dramas:  2018 TBA Additional Links
  6. 502 anyone here follow the 'Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms'? lols the pillow book is rumor to be premier next year on Jan/2020
  7. lols....me hangover from playing games lols -2
  8. yes it was basically like every episode have like 5-10mins appearance for her since the drama mainly focus on Tennis after all
  9. Tencent had bought all copyright for XiaoZhan dramas, they will be holding and investment promotion on Oct/30
  10. u might be right.....this thought cross my mind too....the moment i saw Bosco reaction to seeing the FL again when she walk in as the new intern....
  11. not too bad either , i went to get manicure done lols....the last one i did was like 8 years ago lols -2
  12. same...i cant wait to see it.....her last one is Prince of Tennis show a different side a meek and docile YiRen hahahhaa and i miss my feisty YiRen
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