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  1. lovely couple stills and tonight it will be the finale run for VIP members
  2. hahaha....somehow after seeing the preview i find their interaction seems cute
  3. actually she didnt really change for the guy, it was more like she start taking more notes of her appearance than just letting it go......besides the guy seems to be one of the best thing in life for her too....not to mention she actually score better in studying too and also she want to be someone who can measure up and somehow i see this more like the process of growing up
  4. im not able to guess the first one since i havent watch any kdrama recently lols.... i remember 'clean with passion' cause it kinda the sign is there lols
  5. 2nd one sounds like 'Clean with a Passion'
  6. @Shiori Me pls check the directory before creating the thread, this thread had already been created, i will lock and delete the thread you had created
  7. WangKai wrapped up his filming in 'Hunting'
  8. No one is absolutely right and no one is absolutely wrong in a situation, there are 2 sides to a coin if u guys want to settle this, settle it in PM, any more post that is done on this subject will be remove Regards, angelangie,@Go Seung Ji @LyraYoo @Rebby
  9. Dont you want 3 guys fighting for you? hehehe another high school to U and growing up romance that you might like @Jafstar @lynne22 @UnniSarah
  10. Sandra for Belle Event day as their spokeperson
  11. Guys or should I call you guys sunnies instead? Pls all take a step back, and take a deep breath? You guys are fighting in between yourself...some ppl used of words might not sit well with another....like one of you guys have mention, all of you come from a different back ground and different environment, so choice of words / interpenetration will also happen. I don't speak prefect English either, so when I feel angry with what someone said to me...I walk away first and come back later, and when I come and read again, there will be a different meaning that somehow surface to me. So guys remember this, what seems wrong in your eyes might not be wrong in another and what seems right in another person eyes does not look right on another person eyes. After this reminder, any more unrelated or arguing that we found will be taken out.
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