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  1. Profile: Chinese name: Luo YunXi / 罗云熙 English name: Leo Birth Date: July/28/1988 Nationality: Chinese Height: 177cm Occupation: Singer/Actor Active Date: 2010 to present Films:  2015 The Spring of My Life ll 最美的时候遇见你 2017 Dragon Force ll 钢铁飞龙 TV Dramas:  2018 Ashes of Love ll 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Flip in Summer ll 夏日心跳 Additional Links: Weibo Link
  2. thanks lols.... my Malay is a flunk.... i always flunk it i only felt i got the last part correct lols which prove im right lols
  3. Locust swarm under control?
  4. True: i prefer staying at home Next Person: Just reached home
  5. Under the Power maintain Top 2 in the Index Net Play for Feb/19
  6. OOOOO..... @triplem good or bad?
  7. scary to hear this when you know you are in the same town where the incident happen
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