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  1. this isnt bad to be honest....i enjoy it...the cases are short and it werent draggy
  2. Chen PiPi in white is damn cute lols sorry guys i had been caught up in family issues so i wasnt around much... @epinklyn i saw your tag in a thread.....i have no times to really go thru to translate for you yet.....give me some times i had just briefly browse thru soompi these 2 weeks ....RL had big stuff going lols
  3. rough idea is that they will review the drama every 15th of the month to see whether the drama itself meet it criteria for airing. @liddi had also provided the translation for the below 网传因限制古装剧的激烈反应和舆情,古装剧四月份可以逐步上线,不过需要拿到上线许可才能进行排播和宣发,而且要控制数量占比。★每月15日前网络平台要通过地方局报广电总局月度播出上线计划。★控制古装剧比例,现实题材占年度60%的播出规划。★未拿到上线许可的,包括发行许可证、上星许可、备案、龙标等,不能提前排播和宣发。对以上要求,各平台都写了保证书。 The news I've read so far do not indicate the ban to be anything beyond June. In any case, the latest news is that due to the uproar from the ban, the restrictions have been eased and dramas can gradually aired from April onwards provided it obtains broadcasting license and the platforms adhere to certain restrictions: - the network platform should report their monthly broadcast programs to the SARFT through the local bureau before the 15th of each month - control the proportion of costume dramas, and the reality theme accounts for 60% of the annual broadcast plan - Shows that do not get the online license, including the issuance license, the star license, the filing, etc., cannot be scheduled and announced in advance Apparently the broadcasting platforms have all signed a guarantee letter to adhere to the above conditions.
  4. @sugarplum892 i have merged your thread to this thread, thanks. @bluehibiscus i had updated the directory to the correct link, do give me a ping so that i can update the directory accordingly for all new threads and also to avoid duplicate
  5. hmmmm.....i wonder is it they did this is to ensure that the modern theme drama is getting that much attention too? as it seems to be that their period drama seems to have more attention than modern drama sigh my list of wait is going to get longer :/
  6. u sure u want to do the sugar diet? u were suppose to be on diet with me
  7. i wasnt so sure when i saw the title lols.... the title speak of comedy? or suspense i wonder?
  8. u sure i will be managed to keep you sane and not drive u up the wall further? im afraid u will have more than just @cenching to hold on too lols...u will have the whole thread going berserk
  9. yea....it looks like some suspense or mystery file feeling lols
  10. 696 yea i miss the grandma
  11. if u planning to have more on this....pls post more details.....if not we will proceed to close the thread, thanks. u can update the page starter with the details from the below 2 link https://baike.baidu.com/item/黄靖翔/10872359 https://mydramalist.com/people/13150-huang-nate
  12. pictures of Vin Zhang released by Jaywalk Studio of him attending the event at TSL event at ChongQing and also some of the fans taken pictures Cr: As tagged
  13. i seems to hear that they will stop all wuxia, period drama from airing till Oct?
  14. luckily they didnt pull this off..... there been another strict ban ><
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