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  1. 12 minutes ago, SC2019 said:

    I agree with you all that Allen Ren communicates a lot of emotions through his stare. With Seven though, because her eyes are really big, I couldn't quite tell what she was trying to emote during certain scenes when she was staring back at Lu Yi. Then I realised from what has been posted in this forum that she didn't realise or was somewhat skeptical initially that Lu Yi liked her - so it was a look of confusion.

    She was trying to portray "I can't believe it" or "Is this for real". Thanks for adding insights into those scenes!  :blush:


    And for those who said they didn't dislike the villain, actually I thought he was quite handsome (LOL), in spite of having one eye with contact lenses on. I wouldn't mind watching him in another show as a lead actor, another time.


    he does have one series as the lead....a guy with a heart problem :D hahaha..... tat was him as the lead :D 


    Title: Love, Just Come (2017) 


    and currently he is also in another drama called '决胜法庭 - Court Battle' as the 2nd ML.



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  2. 1 minute ago, Table122000 said:


    Yes, I am wondering the same. You may be correct that the whole season not a do over but only part 1 and then the rest will be new story.  They did that for Pretty Man 2 where the first half of the drama was a do over/reboot of Season 1 and then the second half of the drama was new material to continue the storyline. So it may be the same for this drama. I guess we wait and see. 


    I also hear crazy speculation about the drama plotline:

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    Some people speculate that perhaps Xia Lin have some kind of accident and  lose her memory of husband and baby.  The doctors tell LYZ to just let her alone for a while and that is why she now a famous actress in the preview. Then LYZ engineer them to meet again and the rest follows with engagement again, etc. Then somehow Xia Lin will remember everything and we will have the other part of the story with the ex-classmate who try to break up the marriage. 


    I guess it's possible since I've seen this type of plotline used before in another drama.  It was a bit different but the same type of thing where the wife died and the husband was so traumatized by the death that he forgot he was ever married and had a baby son. The psychatrist tell the grandparents not to bother the husband and raise the son, so the baby live with the wife's parents and the husband parents just pretend he never was married. Eventually, he remember everything and was reunited with his son.



    we know for sure if the fans is that crazy in their plot lines....who knows.....maybe the production love such a crazy plot lines?

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  3. 7 hours ago, mspilgrims said:

    Why is that? They don't have terrible voices after all. We lose a little in my opinion, even if the male voice is astonishing beautiful.


    during filming it is not easy to get their voice clear and also some times when it is times for the dubbing the artist might not be free so they have the dubbers stand in however sometimes they dub the whole cast mainly they want to sync the ascent and slang to make sounds like they are from the same city.


    7 hours ago, mspilgrims said:

    Changing subject, I forgot to say how cute Jin Xia is when she starts to look intently at Lu Da Ren and says, more than once, how handsome and imposing he is (and she's damn right, by the way!). I giggled every time! I think it's when he realizes she's head over heels for him. The way he returns her gaze let me speechless... Allen Ren is a very good actor!


    hahaha yea there are times JinXia is the besotted fool and was smitten with LuYi... :D they stated in the interview that JiaLun have eyes looks that kill :D 


    7 hours ago, HopelesslyHooked said:

    Tell me about it! His deep, steady, gentle eyes whenever he looks at her!

    Need to remind my self every time that this kind of gaze ONLY happens in dramas :smirk:


    hahaha yes only in the drama....in real whenever they look at each other they always laugh and they cant be serious with each other ... u have to watch the interview to realize that they became friends thru UTP and also mentioned that they are glad to have the opportunity to remain friends too :D 


    both actually admitted that they are the same types of person :D 

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  4. 7 hours ago, yueyyo said:

    Yup in the book, he's sure got bolder after he has revealed his feeling to her and she returned his feeling and want to be married to him.  He figured they were going to be married so he kind of treated her like she's going to be his wife in the future.  I just read the chapter where she came into his room while he was changing his clothes (how many times did she do that I lost count).  She said he shouldn't change his clothes in front of her and he suggested she can do the same in front of him to make it even:D.


    oh i remember this very well... :D and in the drama they change to LuYi told they need to get JinXia to have a better habit as she barged into the room as he was changing and told her to help him get dress hahaha :D where JinXia was actually mumbling to herself that he must have gotten so used to treating her as his maids that he cant let go of that habit


    7 hours ago, yueyyo said:

    Me too and I am sure we are among the many in that boat.  Many were fond of him because he threw our favorite pair together in solving all his intrigues and trouble makings.  I also liked him because they didn't try to justify him being the way he is.  He was just the way he was.  His screen time was just the right amount.  Sometimes they give the bad guy way too much screen time.  It doesn't hurt that the actor plays his role so well.


    hehehe they name him the captain infact of the YiXia CP :D hahahaha....


    yes this is why i love the way it was written....he just look at you and say 'Yea I'm the bad guy, so?' it was like he was born to be that way to take advantages of ppl and to be the way he is......he doesnt look at it as something just something he love to do it.....as long as he doesnt get caught and no one hold that evidence, the rest he doesnt care...to him ppl are just part of his chest piece that he love to use....


    in this drama i say his appearance is pretty decent even though he doesnt appear as much in the book lols...i think in the book there is only 2 appearance?


    7 hours ago, yueyyo said:

    I noticed from the pics you post of the bad guy versus the good guy while being captured for their wrongdoings.  The bad guy gets his hair all uncombed while the good guy only gets a few bang pieces out of place:D.   Some fans were joking that Luyi was very well fed in prison and looked all glowing and healthy.  I guess prison retreat gave him some time off from duty and other worries.  All he needed to know was his JinXia was waiting for him:D.


    hahaha yes....they actually compare DaRen prison looks with the rest of the cast....where the rest of the cast actually got beaten up and all :D however he look pretty much polish you know.....


    of course he is well fed, JinXia been feeding the officers money to ensure he get better foods :D 

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  5. 14 hours ago, lizzy23 said:

    so... I was just checking weTV app and it says coming soon for Well Intended Love S2! :love:

    But the description for the drama is the same like the one in mydramalist, and mentioned about their son:

    Xia Lin and her overbearing CEO husband - Ling Yi Zhou are enjoying their married life with their little son, but what will happen once Yi Zhou's ex-classmate makes appearance and tries to steal Xia Lin's heart?


    I'm so confused on what's going to happen in S2 now. So does that mean the whole season is not just a do over, meaning they'll do a do over of S1 first then continue the storyline?



    lets wait for real till the drama start airing as most said that it was just a reboot not a continuation 



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  6. 39 minutes ago, rose_loves_ice said:

    @HopelesslyHooked Yep, it says, “我等你,” which says, “I’ll wait for you.” :D 


    I’m positive both were dubbed. TSY’s real voice sounds different than the one in the drama. 


    i think they found a good dubbers, while both sounds arent really theirs it feels like theirs just a lil out of tune hahahaha.....i have no issues on the dubbing for the first times :) 


    2 hours ago, HopelesslyHooked said:

    Thank you @AppleBanana ! I've guessed as much, just want to be sure.

    This drama is really one of the few that give me butterflies.


    welcome in joining us :D yes it give us all the butterflies we needed :D and missing too.....right now im still in the after effect of the drama....still cant really let it go just yet :) 


    5 hours ago, mspilgrims said:

    Hello to everyone!


    I'm reading your comments for a while now and enjoying every post! Thank you for the extracts from the novel, I'd like very much to read it if one day someone of good heart is going to translate it in English.

    I'm currently at episode 40/41, following the series on youtube. Unfortunately I don't read or speak Chinese.


    What to say... I'm totally in love with the drama!!! I started to watch Under the Power after Royal Nirvana and it was really refreshing after such a tragic story. I find the two main leads acting terrific: both Jin xia and Lu Yi are well portrayed and my romantic side has been satisfied so far in a way that I couldn't imagine. Even if there is only a kiss in all the series, the viewers could feel the strong attraction between them growing episode after episode. Their interactions are often hilarious, I love how Jin Xia  upsets Lu Yi's life again and again. He doesn't even know that he's totally falling for her and she is rather oblivious of her own feelings despite she's always sticking to the Da Ren!


    Besides, both the solving cases plot and the political one are well executed. The bad guy is an awesome actor as well and also the other characters are enjoyable and have their own depth. And what to say about the combat scenes? Really well done and not so much with the typical flying people of the wuxia genre (western people are not used to this kind of action scenes). I also like that our FL is not a damsel in distress but she joins every battle with no fear.


    I'm dying to finally watch the other missing episodes with subs, although I've already spoiled myself the ending.


    I wish a good day to you all!




    actually this is the first times when i watch a drama i dont hate the bad guy infact i kinda like him :D 

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  7. 2 minutes ago, Sushimi said:

    Oh why? I just ended school. Just got home :glasses:






    good is i ended the day and had a dinner with a friend.....bad is she is facing some hard times and i really couldnt do much except helping her a lil with her debts and treat her to a dinner

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  8. 11 minutes ago, thanie said:

    @Lawyerh, WHAT is Kindle??? Same with Wattpad?


    I prefer the real/actual/physical books rather than the softcopies in an online platform. When you buy a buy from a real bookstore, it gives you a sense of ownership


    Answer to @angelangie: TRUE. It made me think so hard WHAT TO TYPE after I submitted my comment and I saw your comment...


    Next Person: Is listening to a kdrama OST right now. I do. Hahaha


    False hehehehe....im listening to an ambulance siren right now that just pay by my apartment front :P 


    Next Person: thinking on who to annoy next

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  9. 4 hours ago, ktcjdrama said:

    Agree with you that the woman does not seem ready with the relationship. Maybe that’s why they broke up. But anyway, my main concern is where is the ex-husband? Any possibility of them getting back together? I have a friend in the US, he dated a divorcee with two kids. Head over heels with her. Wanted to get married but the woman wanted to wait till kids a bit older before remarrying. Long story short, they got married soon, but in less than a year got divorced because the ex-husband came back and wanted to get back together. The woman agreed because she wanted her kids to have the original family unit, thus the divorce. My friend was so heartbroken then, although he is now happily married to another woman. 


    well im not sure they are still together now....and no ideas where the woman ex is....we dont ask u see unless my cousin told me himself....however he usually dont....cause in a sense he knew we wish him to get someone closer to his age.....however we dont want to object just because we feel it isnt right as...we are not them...maybe they feel they are compatible?


    4 hours ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

    Is it "wanna taste"? Lol I never took him seriously. He was pretending, he never cared about her really. @angelangie are you watching it too? I disliked it after 4 episodes and gave it up. It is too toxic and a bit dark.


    Unasked Family is more suitable to my taste, although feminists would hate it lol. Still it is realistic to some extent because some women are like the heroine (she is like a doormat to her inlaws). I watched movies and soap operas from different cultures so that is not new to me.


    i watch on it a bit at the beginning cause the girl ability to come up with something good tasting caught my attention and however it started to go down hill after a bit so i had given up lols....the guy and the family is a lecher...and the woman should wake up and just walk away



    32 minutes ago, mouse007 said:


    @triplem @cenching @angelangie I have to say I’ve never dated anyone younger than me. They were just too immature. The youngest I’ve dated is someone my age but I usually prefer men who are at least 2 yrs older. I find them to usually be at the same level of maturity. But maturity isn’t dictated by age. There are those who are younger but are more mature and then there are those who are older but are still immature. I think a relationship will work regardless of age as long as both parties are realistic with the challenges they face and both are committed to making it work. 


    hhahaha very well said my friend.....anyway now i dont have to worry about another just my mother and me :P 



    7 minutes ago, Sushimi said:

    ......Hi all...Honestly don’t know what to say but..erm...hi! How’s everyone’s day?




    erm good and bad i guess lols



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  10. 5 hours ago, Lawyerh said:

    Not yet. Maybe soon? Haha... 


    Next Person. Prefer read actual book than using Kindle. Tell me guys, own Kindle good? 


    True.....holding a books is always different then holding a tab / reading from the computer


    Next Person: staring at the screen thinking what to type next

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