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  1. True! not only inside out......back to front and front to back also!!! Next Person: about to take body measurement
  2. -2 hahaha that hairdo was too extreme that im laughing every times i saw it
  3. yes that two is my passion while they are airing....i still cant get over SongYun and JiaLun chemistry their chemistry is too good for me to let good
  4. i will still take out any illegal link site lols...... cause any live streaming that is illegal is forbidden and it will put the whole forum in trouble if it is come across by the production or airing channel
  5. business opportunity for HuaWei
  6. Under the Power drop to Top 3 for Feb/20 rating 1. iPartments 5 2. PB 3. Under the Power
  7. i think if they said it will air on Feb/29 its pretty relevant as the non-member episode 55 will end on Feb/29
  8. false no preference next person: shaking her head at someone
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