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  1. XiaoZhan wrap up filming 'The Oath of Love'
  2. Vin for Sulwhasoo popup store event at Chengdu
  3. well as far i as i can see....usually every single little misunderstanding that occur will get clear up on the next or following episode so we will be left hanging lols usually i dont watch drama that just got air however i couldnt stop myself for this....i kinda really really love it....and the feeling they generated is honestly just like the very first love that couldnt let go... some said they will only start dating next week....and YouNian will be having another love rival by next week too lols beat me i dont mind having another one to keep our YouNian bottling more vinegar well i will be spending times with mom so it will be impossible to really honestly watch it however i might just try lols to keep myself alive while enjoying my trip too
  4. -2 ohhhh that is also my fav!!! i like octopus better than squid
  5. Hu Ge on China Profiles Magazine - Issues 509
  6. actually the confession is great however the after effect of the confession is even greater !!!
  7. this is what i call fate lols....they even have their family photo shoot together
  8. lols im in love with the drama....too bad i wont be able to finish it and i will miss this one drama during my trip lols
  9. i say 5% lols....it suppose to be a happy ending this is one of the snap you can capture from the opening theme song.....and also this is a remake of a Thai Lakorn that have HPE lols....i say its probably only maybe not even 5 might just be 1?
  10. definitely lols.....i dont think he is denying....maybe he just doesnt realize it....however come on....you arent that blind are you lols....i mean YouNian
  11. Turbo in Blueberry for Shanghai Film Festival
  12. the story was basically about how a first love will turn out and also how someone will do their damnest to get what they really want....and somehow in a sense maybe changes in a person should be regarded as good sometimes when you change for the better.... then some ppl will say by being 'better' what is the metric....does changing your appearance make you better? or why arent you happy with what you have? or maybe you can just be you? there are many different ideas or perspectives on how ppl take.... just like what @Jafstar said....it a fine line we always toe about....every girl want to be beautiful....not for others however for themselves....sometimes being beautiful make u feel good right?
  13. i didnt like the hairdo at first too....however slowly the hairdo kinda grow on you....i mean 'me'
  14. tonight YouNian will confess lols....however it isnt the confession we all wanted....anyway i take what i can get....and be happy first
  15. @Kimberly Amor are you watching this? lols you should you should if you like the genre like 'All I Want for Love is You' this one is cute too.....and really just like 'First Love' i need someone to spazz with me on this hahahahaha.
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