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  1. 19 hours ago, lynne22 said:

    Thanks for all the updates angie.. sigh... My heart went out to all the victim and their families... 


    yes they are the one who are suffering the most.....being quarantine is not nice.... :x  


    i was quarantine from office 2 weeks ago because i was down with flu lols

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  2. 5 hours ago, HopelesslyHooked said:

    Thank you!

    From the body language I can slightly guess what the clip is about, but what exactly are they talking about?




    well.....JinXia asked for LuYi help to open the bottle and then LuYi said he purposely close it tighter than usual.........and after that JinXia said ....actually she always give LuYi the chance to show off....and break the brick to show him how strong she is :D  

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  3. 14 hours ago, MARY JOY TAN said:

    This kind of news really irks me. The competition in Chinese entertainment for top spot could really be tough and even fans from other celebs are attacking other teams. Directors and writers were defending her on these issues. All her antis should better behave it will eventually make their fave look so lowly. 


    this types of ppl honestly need to get a life...


    i mean u can dislike the person...and all u need to do is just tune out of her project....why must you lash out at ppl just because you dont like her?

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  4. 18 hours ago, lynne22 said:


    @angelangie Saw some discord because of EN2, Personally speaking EN2 failed because of the script.. NOT because of the change of actors.. sigh.. while I don't plan on fully watching it (I still saw some clips lol) I still think its a shame how much it was toned down... 




    yes the main reason it fail was because of the script and also the prop and how the setting is badly done.......the one scenes that had turn me off EN2 totally is the beach scenes.....honestly cant stand that :x

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  5. 9 minutes ago, triplem said:

    @angelangie he was fortunate to hv survived . But I feel sad he had to be left alone at home . I Guess no choice 


    yes very lucky....sometimes when we see their relative cage them all and all i guess they honestly dont have a choice as they did it to avoid them hurting or killing themselves since they were not able to judge which is the right thing to do and which is not

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