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  1. Find Yourself had drop to Top 4 for Feb/20 rating 1. New World 2. Court Battle 3. Prefect Partner 4. Find Yourself. 5. Promise Keeper
  2. the right setting with everyone look pretty much like the Brocade Officer **ahem** our money face JinXia
  3. Hugh Jackman reached out to the boy who was bullied at school after his mother posted a vid she took him crying
  4. i see....then maybe when i was in office i couldnt access as well....might tunnel to singapore for server then since we need to leave the HK server free for ppl working from home in China & HK -2
  5. okie this is not so good....after you recover doesnt mean u wont be re-infected....
  6. hahaha luckily i just pump my petrol yesterday
  7. True Next Person waiting for her /his drink
  8. well like @40somethingahjumma said.....we are currently watching Miss Truth....the story is pretty entertaining and also the case too... actually i prefer the male lead than the 2nd one....to me the male lead made his intention very much visible to the FL from the beginning while the fiance is actually hiding something lols
  9. True Next Person cooking dinner
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