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  1. thanks it does but RL is what making it work most of the times too lols -2
  2. -2 hate to admit this....however most of us are facing stress now.....my sides not u guys ><"
  3. finally i took it up and watch this one first impression....GuWeiYi remind me of the guy in My ID is GangNam Beauty
  4. -2 honestly this one doesnt look that bad lols as long as he didnt put a long wig on
  5. right now....after work i switch off my computer and i dont feel like watching anything :x -2
  6. no will do....i have doubt when i saw that picture i was like is this really a girl? since i dont know who is Kim NamGil is so i guess i qualify as a fair judge?
  7. -2 its more than that.....the things they done or sacrifice for fame will have you cringe....entertainment world is not as black as it seems nor is it as white as some had painted it so either
  8. 560 actually there are many in the entertainment world that took drug....it is a way for them to numb their thought and feeling to a certain degree for the things they are force to do to make it to the top.....
  9. actually i like her first and then i went to watch 'Oh My Emperor' just for her
  10. -2 well u never know what happen.....entertainment world are a grey world after all......
  11. i like Zhao LuSi she is really cute and her acting is alive...well that is for me at least
  12. that is only right.....why diverted that and gave ppl the wrong version when the legend has it that FaHai never had any love relationship with GreenSnake however both seems to come to share some comrades feeling on some neutral ground after a while?
  13. -2 lucky me i didnt really follow either lols....i never did like AH before....though i do like SC some of the times and she does have some good songs on her belt i know they were together before n then separated before they got back together again and then got hitch.... im not sure how this going to affect them though.....however i do hope that SC leave him though :x cant stand unfaithfulness @sushilicious u think the two of them will get married at this stage? i like Kenneth Ma.....he is one of the actor that i felt is good......and at a stage he seems humble to me.....so i dont know about this news of him getting married with JW :/
  14. yes being artist is never easy.... they either film in extreme cold or extreme hotness.... not to mention sometimes the clothes they are wearing is not fit for the weather
  15. -2 i know what you meant....however i dunno why from the pictures and some of the pictures it seems to me that the manager is trying very hard to be part of the life she wasnt suppose to be..... i know....it just still feel so out......i mean from the image they gave out.....and i only start liking the guys after seeing him in 'Face Off' now i wanted to cross him off my watch list :x
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