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  1. 442 lols oh well.... some said i have a devil tail though u might want to watch out hahahahaha
  2. 448 @USAFarmgirl well the main reason i choose this picture because it look stern in a way.... my own pictures wont do the trick lols.....there are times i need to be stern but no one will take it if im to put other pictures.....in a sense i can encourage and im willing to mingle with most just dont want to be taken advantage of hence the DP i had been told im too goofy?
  3. im going to do that but u need to wait till im off work....i cant do that during work lols but i can tell u one thing.....Song YiRen complain that Chen FeiYu love to hit ppl as his negative habits and Chen FeiYu retorted that 'Only with you' lols......well he had already been sleeping with it as long as i can remember lols....
  4. 458 @Dhakra hope im not too late lols.....hope u have the best times and also that things will work out for you.....go for it and slack up a little @Sejabin i dunno about you lols but sometimes i relish in times alone even though it is a holiday i miss times being by myself....not sure how long had it been....im always surrounded nowadays that there are times i wanted to shout 'Pls leave me alone'
  5. **ahem**.....maybe he still doesnt think any other way than SangSang belong purely to him that what i hate the most lols....i need to drag myself out to go and fetch my grandma home too and that disrupt what i had in mine...staying the whole day behind my computer and on my ipad reading and responding to you guys
  6. thanks... as far as i can see most of her character are associate with 'cute' in a sense....maybe because she is cute to begin with
  7. 470 lols luckily I didn’t insult pineapple head if not I have @kokodus coming after me with real pineapple lols
  8. Im curious too lols it’s just like she doesn’t changed lols
  9. There a spoiler button ... it’s looks like an eye just click on it and he spoiler will be out... u don’t have to come up with it yourself
  10. Image Cr: @pangia Male Profile: Chinese name: 陈飞宇/ Chén Fēi Yǔ English name: Arthur Chen Birth Date: April 09, 2000 Nationality: Chinese Height: 188 cm Occupation: Actor Female Profile: Chinese name: 宋伊人/ Sòng Yī Rén English name: Irene Song Birth Date: May 07, 1993 Nationality: Chinese Height: 160 cm Weight: 36kg Occupation: Actress
  11. Image Cr: As Tagged Profile: Chinese name: 宋伊人/ Sòng Yī Rén English name: Irene Song Birth Date: May 07, 1993 Nationality: Chinese Height: 160 cm Weight: 36kg Occupation: Actress TV Dramas:  TBA 网球少年 / Prince of Tennis (齐樱 / QiYing) 与其微醺何不醉 / Instead of Tipsy Why Not Get Drunk  (He BuZui / 何不醉) 2018 将夜 / Jiang Ye (SangSang /桑桑) 时光教会我爱你 / ShíGuāng Jiàohuì Wǒ Ai Nǐ (林鹿 / LinLu) 2016 女娲成长日记 / Nǚ Wā Chéng Cháng RìJì (Feng XiaoXiao / 风小小) 最美不过初相见 / Zuì Měi Bù Guò Chū Xiāng Jiàn (Lu JiaJia / 卢嘉嘉) Additional Links Song YiRen's Weibo
  12. image Cr: as tagged Profile: Chinese name: 陈飞宇/ Chén Fēi Yǔ English name: Arthur Chen Birth Date: April 09, 2000 Nationality: Chinese Height: 188 cm Occupation: Actor Films:  2010 Sacrifice / 赵氏孤儿 (Young King) 2017 Secrets Fruits / 秘果 (Duan Bowen) 2019 With You / 最好的我们 (Yu Hai) TV Dramas:  2018 Ever Night - 将夜 / Jiang Ye (NingQue /宁缺) TBA Legend of Awakening - 天醒之路 / Tian Xin Zhi Lu (LuPing/路平) Additional Links Arthur Chen FeiYu's Weibo
  13. Profile: English name: Leo Wu Native name: Wu Lei 吳磊 Birth Date: December 26, 1999 Occupation: Actor Years active: 2002 - present Weibo: https://weibo.com/u/2142058927?refer_flag=1001030101_ Remarks: He is also well known as China Nation's Little Brother Dramas:2006 The Young Warriors 少年杨家将 2006 Chang Hen Ge 长恨歌 2006 The Senior General Chen Geng 陈赓大将 2006 Five Disciples of Master Huang 黄飞鸿五大弟子 2007 The Legend and the Hero 封神榜之凤鸣岐山 2007 Tears of daughter-in-law 媳妇的眼泪 2007 The Sword and Chess of Death 魔剑生死棋 2007 Shun Niang 顺娘 2008 Pearl Love 新还君明珠 2008 Wealth in the Heaven 富贵在天 2008 Rather be a Woman 宁为女人 2008 Big Pearl 大珍珠 2008 Life and Death 生死谍恋 2008 Mother Married for Me 妈妈为我嫁 2008 Chuan Niang Wen Hui 船娘文慧 2008 Xue Zhong Hong 雪中红 2008 Spring Comes and Goes 春去春又回 2009 Justice Bao 新包青天 2009 Mysterious House 深宅 2009 Home with Aliens 家有外星人 2009 Cook a meal Nv'er Hong 难为女儿红 2009 Niang Qi 娘妻 2010 Who Knows the Female of the Women 谁知女人心 2010 Feng Yu Diao Hua Lou 风雨雕花楼 2011 Love is a little Blue 爱情有点蓝 2011 Naughty boy Xiaotiao Ma 淘气包马小跳 2011 Horizon True Heart 天涯赤子心 2011 Utopia Office 乌托邦办公室 2011 Family Reunion 团圆 2011 The Emperor's Harem 后宫 2012 Little Heroes 自古英雄出少年 2012 Grandma love me once again 奶奶再爱我一次 2012 My Mother is an Angel 我的妈妈是天使 2013 Winner 怒海情仇 young Chengyi 2013 Niang Xin 娘心 2013 Promise not to shed tears 说好不流泪 2013 Red Sedan Chair 红轿子 2014 Stepmother's Spring 后妈的春天 2014 The Romance of the Condor Heroes 神雕侠侣 2015 Pal Inn 仙剑客栈 2015 The Whirlwind Girl 旋风少女 2015 Nirvana in Fire 琅琊榜 2015 The Legend of Qin 秦时明月 2016 The Imperial Doctress 女医·明妃传 2016 Far Away Love 远得要命的爱情 2016 The Classic Of Mountains And Seas 山海经之赤影传说 2016 The Whirlwind Girl 2 旋风少女2 2017 Magic Star 奇星记之鲜衣怒马少年时 2018 Fight Break Spheres 斗破苍穹 2018 The Tomb of Sand 沙海
  14. Cr: as tagged Profile: English name: Hu Yi Tian Native name: 胡一天 Birth Date: Dec 26, 1993 Birth Location: HangZhou, ZheJiang Occupation: Actor, Model Years active: 2016 - present Weibo: https://weibo.com/1993hyt?from=feed&loc=at&nick=胡一天啊&is_all=1#_rnd1517641339848 Dramas:2017 Rush to the Dead Summer / 夏至未至 2017 A Love So Beautiful / 致我们单纯的小美好 TBA - Handsome Siblings / 绝代双骄 TBA - Go Go Squid! / 蜜汁燉魷魚 TBA - Youth Should Be Early / 青春须早为 TBA - Unrequited Love / 橘生淮南·暗恋 (Starts Filming) Varieties:2018 Twenty-Four Hours Awards & Nominations:2017 Tencent Video Star Awards - Most Promising Actor - Won 2017 9th China TV Drama Awards - New Generation Young Actor Award - Won 2017 Cosmo Beauty Ceremony - Beautiful Idol of the Year - Won
  15. Profile: English name: Shen Yue Native name: 沈月 Birth Date: February 27, 1997 Education: Hunan Normal University Occupation: Actress Years active: 2017 - present Weibo: https://weibo.com/u/5331040243?refer_flag=1001030101_&is_all=1 Dramas:2017 A Love so Beautiful 2018 Meteor Garden 2018
  16. Details: Chinese title: 三生三世枕上书 / Sān shēng sānshì zhěn shàngshū English title: Three Lives Three Worlds The Pillow Book Genre: Romance / Period / Myth Episodes: 60 Screenwriter: 梁振华 Liang ZhenHua Directors: 杨玄 Yang Xuan Broadcast Period: TBA Cast: Dilreba 迪丽热巴 as FengJiu 凤九 Gao WeiGuang 高伟光 as DongHwa 东华 ChenYan (Baron Chen)折颜 as Chen ChuHe 陈楚河 Guo PingChao (Dylan Guo) 郭品超 as Su MoYe 苏陌叶 Liu YunXin 刘雨欣 as JiHeng 姬蘅 Liu RuiLin 刘芮麟 as Yan ChiWu 燕池悟 Wang Xiao 王骁 as Si Ming 司命 Li DongHeng 李东恒 as Lian Song 连宋 Yuan YuXuan 袁雨萱 as 成玉 Cheng Yu Huang JunJie 黄俊捷 as 白真 Bai Zhen Synopsis: In Mandarin (Credit: Baidu): Preview:
  17. Profile: English name: Seven Tan Native name: 谭松韵 / Tan Song Yun Birth Date: May 31, 1990 Birth Location: Luzhou, Sichuan Education: Beijing Film Academy Occupation: Actress Years active: 2005 - present Weibo: https://weibo.com/xiaotan16?refer_flag=1001030101_&is_all=1 Films: 2008 5.12 Wen Chuan doesn't believe tears 2012 A Recording Pen's Confession 2012 Republic of China's Police 2012 Caught in the Web 2013 Switch 2013 Silent Witness 2015 The Spring of My Life 2016 Love O2O Dramas: 2005 Live Your Days Peacefully 2006 I'll Wait For You at Heaven 2007 Wild Chrysanthemum 2010 Lohas Family 2011 My Passionate Youth 2011 Empresses in the Palace 2012 Master Lin at Seoul 2012 The City of Fog 2012 We Love You Mr. Jin 2012 Happiness Attack 2013 Mother's Glorious Days 2014 The Master of the House 2014 Happiness Please Wait For Me 2015 Warm Men's Love and War 2015 The Whirlwind Girl / 旋风少女 2016 With You / 最好的我们 2016 The Whirlwind Girl 2 / 旋风少女2 2017 The Fox's Summer / 狐狸的夏天 2017 My Mr. Mermaid / 浪花一朵朵 2017 Faceoff / 特化师 2018 Under the Power / 锦衣之下 2018 The Eight / 外八行 Awards: 2016 22nd Huading Awards - Best New Actress for The Whirlwind Girl 2017 2nd Asia New Media Film Festival - Best Actress (Web series) - The Fox's Summer 2017 2nd Golden Guduo Media Awards - Best Actress (Web series) - The Fox's Summer
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