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  1. try maplestage if you are able to understand mandarin, if you need subtitles, you can find them in youtube. i check on the link later when i get home to see if the official youtube channel have them
  2. 528 exactly i always see him as Teddy Bear
  3. @triplem i always find guys who can fight are way cooler and guys who are all act cool and a softie insides is actually a teddy bear -2
  4. im seeing it thru Novoland official weibo though....so far nothing is there....we know for sure when i get off work
  5. Seven promoting Mac303 lipsticks in her weibo
  6. im not seeing anything on this....even though it does circulate around that it was suppose to air today....however Baidu and Weibo seems to be quiet about this airing currently.
  7. some translation done by fans posted in Twitter
  8. 534 i remember him in another series / webseries that i watch and i find his image similar
  9. 534 i love baby in general but definitely not their butt lols.... and the smell......they always smell wonderful .... i had been taking care of baby since i was small so i guess i grew up with babies i love these smell the best....u only get to enjoy it for around 1 year and not more than that lols
  10. sometimes to these ppl....truth is very much the devil they never wanted to face.... one thing i like about this series is that there is no hidden identity so far....all are reveal front point one....and no hiding from each other.....so if they fall in love ...it will be upfront...
  11. stills of our leads in the filming released looking all serious and trying to get into the characters
  12. thanks...yes they always smell nice and cuddling when they are young....when they got older, they kinda get away from you especially boy lols 526
  13. Janice updated her Weibo on Jun/17 with pictures of herself in black n white pic Jun/17/19 - Janice Wu Weibo
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