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  1. actually they werent very far off the mark lols Zhao LuSi is 20 and Riley is 23 they probably look young hehehehe
  2. actually im greedy... i like guys in all profession but of course when a guy in uniform they actually slay
  3. i love the siblings r/s portrayal that how i envision siblings relationship should
  4. im like Seven lols....and Ren Jia Lun is a plus......and im also waiting for this series......been waiting since last year
  5. talking about FuPei....i was like this guy is kind fickle in making up his mind....he like one thing and he thought that everything will wait for him... and when the thing was no longer there he tried to fight for it .... that is a credit i ought to give it to him even though i think he has left it too late.... MoMo was there all this while waiting for him.....her indication of liking him is as clear as crystal ice.....however he let it stand still....was it due to his dad? even though im not seeing him stepping down from his dad over bearing styles.
  6. some of the translation in Viki is done by fans i think hence that why not all the translations are up to par not to mention i always felt sometimes some of the translation doesnt do justice to original language by itself.
  7. huh....u can stitch with your HP? is that even a game? lols
  8. 708 snitching or stitching my dear?
  9. oh that is nice lols.......usually i go for raw one as like u....sometimes i wish i could go in to fix the subtitles when they are a miss hahahaha
  10. Mobile Legend my dear er that only pass for me for a certain period....it wont stay long for me lols -2
  11. u havent started on it yet too? i just had the times to really read thru things.....been busy since beginning of the month till now
  12. 668 well i play games instead lols
  13. wow that is fast......nothing was reveal and here i am hoping for a glimpse of making pictures
  14. -2 unfortunately by the times i get home.....im honestly too tucker out to even lift a finger lols
  15. i laugh my head off with his confession styles i was like....who the hell can figure that out.... not everyone is a physic genius like he is lols and the team.....honestly lols they are all the cute 3 lil musketeers
  16. hahahah well whining about it sometimes help you to destress lols so dont me too seriously lols u can just laugh at me as sometimes i whine about it so that i can destress it off as it will help me to cope with it lols -2
  17. so this is the airing schedule last date of airing is May/16 they are only giving us 24 episode of fluff lols
  18. thanks it does but RL is what making it work most of the times too lols -2
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