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  1. 314 @mouse007 sometimes as the saying in Malay said 'Malang Tak Berbau' where bad things happen without a twitch
  2. didnt really notice that lols.....im bad with noticing all these things sometimes unless they are very obvious
  3. i say all is speculation....im not sure about nic tse divorcing Wang Fei.....he is obsess with her
  4. 314 @triplem u do travel alot lols
  5. dont kill me i really dont know i listen it from my sister too lols what with the expression?
  6. but i guess this production were great, they produce 2 or 3 pairs of lovers from the series alone i know that ChenXiang and MaoXiaoTong had broken up though
  7. er.....i thought Yang Mi was said to be involved with Zhang DaDa who is 4 years her junior and she is pregnant which was why they need to announce the divorce?
  8. i love him in Whirlwind Girl
  9. u guys still watching this? maybe i should lols i miss GuiGui
  10. 316 yup we did it was really enjoyable
  11. yup gotta agreed, very much the different however we cant really blame her....it the production that wanted something different too
  12. 320 @dotonly thanks just got back today no i'm not lols.....wish im that rich lols .... i was in Singapore for a business trip to visit the customer with my sales personnel and WAVING TO EVERYONE!!!! Hey miss you guys
  13. im just back myself today lols 3 days later than you lols...... @thunderman1 u said u like cheesy.....but i think like @vietgurl4ever206 mentioned we might have a sad ending though i'm keeping my finger cross for now
  14. lols sorry for being later i was away for holiday and just got back today lols Yes XiaoNai was damn obvious lols.....and WeiWei is just too shy
  15. to be honestly....ZLY is really good here.....however the chemistry in between JiHan and ZLY is really not up to a point where I will go gaga....something just seems off with him.... ZLY is the main focal point for me and she really lead the show.....that for is for me....i hope i didnt step on any toes?
  16. good for you hehehe but sometimes im too lazy to read books and even for drama i really enjoy i seldom dig out the books to read either....
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