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  1. to be honestly....ZLY is really good here.....however the chemistry in between JiHan and ZLY is really not up to a point where I will go gaga....something just seems off with him.... ZLY is the main focal point for me and she really lead the show.....that for is for me....i hope i didnt step on any toes?
  2. good for you hehehe but sometimes im too lazy to read books and even for drama i really enjoy i seldom dig out the books to read either....
  3. thanks for starting this @sugarplum892 was going to do it but i was travelling and it hard with out a proper computer lols
  4. 416 Reporting from hotel lols
  5. usually im the opposite....sometimes when ppl bash i will go for it.....and to be honest i quite like that version....ChenXiao is pretty much over the top a little on certain thing and one thing that i dislike the most was the hands got chop off it was really very fakey lols.... however i like Michelle portrayal in this adaption...it is pretty much a very different Xiao LongNv which was the usual cool demeanor we are so use to it.....something cute and naively cute....instead of the usual cool and naive mixture we are use to....
  6. wait for it to release over 12 first lols cause im up to 12 however 12 is not a good note lols and i have to wait till next week lols
  7. nope it is a cute story....of course there are some angst parts of the stories but overall it a pretty cute and cheesy series with good chemistry from our OTP and the 2nd OTP, the last one is pretty cute too definitely NOT if it is a sad story you wont see me still so hung up over it
  8. honestly while she is a villain there are times she is really cute on certain pace lols...it was like she want to be evil but dont have the bravery to do it either.... -2
  9. my brother enjoy this version though lols....he was involve with the YangGuo and GuGu that he was happy when they got married for real
  10. 478 wow that is great but hey they do give it their best shot
  11. greeting of 2019 from the Flipped production team with sweet stills of our OTP
  12. it really stunning right? i went thru their weibo and i saw alot of hard work into those arts.....that the artist got into making up the prop and all.....i wonder why is taking it so long....probably cause this had to do with China History and recently they are stricter with this kind of period drama to ensure that they follow it closely.
  13. yes.... 2017 is the beginning of all things....then following by Return of the Condor Heroes and then Heaven Sword.... however there is a version of ROCH that got alot of complain which was star by ChenXiao & Michelle now husband & wife (2015 version)
  14. u are probably fill with so much spoiler that you dont even have to watch it....i wonder what holding the airing though....
  15. is this the kid that play LiYu's son? cause the kid stated how lucky he was to be in the same acting set with Song YiRen again
  16. 与其微醺何不醉 / Yǔ Qí Qéi Xūn Hé Bù Zuì released gif of the 4 main lead posting for their characters stills i suppose
  17. she is at her best in TMOPB i love her the most in there
  18. yes usually they will only confirm when they start shooting or have an official ceremony
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