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  1. yes i read Mandarin not very good but passable lols..... no they havent as yet.....no clarification how the lines really works but i have yet to really go into all the character descriptions....im still held up on things for now....i try to make times and make more updates for you guys soon when i find the character descriptions....usually Baidu also have pretty much info....i alternate in between 2 sources majorly
  2. well i enjoy the first episode.....so i will probably stick to it i love best when YooBaek was taking a bath and Halmoni just walk in on him
  3. i dunno....im comparing them to the one where HuJun was staring it....i love that version best i tell you.....so this honestly doesnt look very convincing for me to sit in :x
  4. use YouTube to search for the below, with the Chinese Lettering, I do not think u can find the English Subtitles for now no one is subbing them yet. Time Teaches Me to Love 时光教会我爱你
  5. hope not....i had seen somewhere stated that this will be in 2019?
  6. i actually love the way she stood her ground with NingQue most of the times....while she knew that NingQue did most for her....and he take care and cant live without her....however she will not nego on the ground of letting another person in between the two of them....either ...he take only him and leave the rest alone or he can have them and not her at the same times....
  7. 192 yes however from the preview we will have her confessing to her husband who and what Driver Kang is to her.....i hope that WDR will stand by her side in this .....after scolding her for not telling him so that he can go thru this with her together instead of her suffering it on all herself....
  8. hahaha just for fun....see how tall our JunMo hat is? He stood the tallest because of that hat
  9. however seeing them sometimes does make me appreciate my life better and that i'm not living in that period any more where woman are treated like trash
  10. to be honest all is the same.....either naive character or strong character meet the strong and they bicker and sparks fly lols
  11. 194 @stargazer187 however seeing EY tearing into her and also questioning her finally on why she is so eager to drive a wedge in between her and DoRan is very satisfying though
  12. hahaha yea i guess we are living in the modern world so having a strong female character kind of make us able to link with it...
  13. so nice....he got to hug SongYiren seeing her hands in his make it so intimate
  14. sometimes if i ever imagine myself being one....i want to be throw into the cold palace away from all those fighting!!!
  15. i saw this on weibo......however the cast doesnt look very interesting to me lols
  16. because he murder a person...which was suppose to be accidental according to my mother....some said Driver Kang didnt do it.....but my mom said yes.....and when i was watching it ..... it did happen that he did it....so i'm confuse lols as i can see it was accidental and he was desperate as he need the money to save his wife..... he was suppose to be in life sentence however he got out because he was on good behavior...
  17. sigh....that why i dislike palace stories alot....as sometimes it reflect heavily into our daily life... :x
  18. There are a couple more that is quite nice.....but it involved some reincarnation too....which i find nice....
  19. yes some of the plots are getting old to be honest....they need something fresh to liven it up a little....which was why i tends to jump from drama to drama..... sometimes i skip to cdrama, jdrama or even Taiwanese Hokkien(Chinese dialect) that have tons and tons of never ending stories....just to get a gist of something different..... DaYa actually is a very cute girl however her roles isnt cute! lols.....and without her i guess we have nothing to move on....to me she wanted to be the center of everything and she want thin to revolve around her.....and wanted to show her superiority however what i can see is that she seems to be failing badly and instead of showing how good she is....it is starting to show how bad she really is... however much thanks to her....that we have things moving out into the open....so now we have Driver Kang & DoRan relationship to be expose and since EY had kind of push DaYa away, she thought that by going to Master Wang she will have herself back in good favor again....and to me this we need to thank her for again...as without her doing this....Master Wang who is ever the compassionate man he is....will be more understanding and he will try his best to save his son feeling seeing how much his mother had come to rely on DoRan during her dementia state...... we are seeing Driver Kang being driven away...however he will be back i trust? that seems to be the direction of the show in the first place.....and now with DoRan confessing to WDR about her father....i want to place my bet on WDR that he will stand by DoRan sides......and I hope I'm not disappointed in that....
  20. well i remember because that clips was translated by me
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