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  1. -2 Thanks for the updates! this is good news and prayers will definitely still be sent!
  2. welcome to soompi dont worry about it....if there is a S2 im sure it will get some hype about it.....as the series was a hit in China too
  3. yes yes that the one thing i feel and couldnt find the right sentence to describe till you said it out.....
  4. lols it isnt bad mainly i watch it for GuiGui one of my favourite artist despite her acting not being top notch lols
  5. Guys.....i want to stop you guys from further discussing about YangMi divorce here....as honestly it is getting out of topic....a small mention here is fine... however this thread is for the drama.. not for YangMi personal life..... i can always created a thread solely for YangMi and you guys can have the discussion there if you guys really want it however i want to stress.....healthy discussing and no arguing k?
  6. lets hope so....the series he did on 'The Four' movies was good.....with good fighting in between and comedy too and they film it at a go.....1,2,3 i had to stop all my reading recently as i had been giving watching drama a miss till now lols so if im to pick up reading again i will be missing i need 2 screen at my desk top lols
  7. antis will always be anti..... lets not feed their ego by discussing or give them the lime light they so call sought after
  8. exactly....i dunno i like this peck on the cheek instead....it felt so meaningful at that spot at that moment
  9. -2 was just too tired yesterday and having a headache yesterday out of the sudden.
  10. 168 @kokodus sorry my eyes can barely open tonight....i need an early rest....i do it tomorrow night k ....
  11. 172 @abnoch prayers that you find bairama
  12. -2 it doesnt make me feel old.....however it make me reflect on my life......
  13. yes it is different but i usually dont read books on drama that i enjoy as i want them to be solely stand alone.... i might pick the book up sometimes but usually i leave them alone
  14. should be......i dont have much times when i help sugarplum to posted some of the info insides..... its an adventure types of drama.....where 4 friends got together to rid the world of evil...... which ever is wrong let me know so i can go dig or based on my ideas to synopsis it out later
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